Hinata Hyuga

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Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


HINATA IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER OF ALL because she is so loving, caring, strong, and A ANGEL hinata is perfect girl for every guy to have she can cook, clean, loving and loved by children and also she understands sasuke more than naruto because she and sasuke had a hard time in their childhood like their father not paying attention to them but only one person (well in hinata's case her little sister anywhere) and only had one person to support them sasuke (big brother and maybe his mother) hinata (mother and neji) and they lost people who cared about them the most sasuke lost itachi and hinata lost neji so that is why I think hinata understands sasuke better than naruto and hinata is also so determine to prove to people that she can fight and she's not weak like what people think she is that is also why I love her and I hate haters like sakura's fans man you can suck d**k alright because hinata is waay better than sakura and sakura is the definition of bitch and hinata is the ...more

No words can make say that she the best because she all ready is and might be one of the most important naruto ch here

I will admit. At first, I thought Hinata was just a bland character but as the series progressed, I could see her blossom into a full fledged shinobi. She's a strong character too. She can stand up for herself and is actually very powerful, offensively and defensively. Many people dispute whether Hinata or Sakura is better. Sakura to me is alright and everything but here's one situation that I think tops Sakura. Not her standing up against Pein, though that was very brave. Not her fighting alongside Naruto against Madara and (SPOILER ALERT) Obito, though that's another good point. It's simply that she saw Naruto for who he was before any body else in the village did. Sakura pushed Naruto around and would never side with him back then. Ino did the same. Naruto was lonely, in pain and suffering. Hinata, on the other hand, loved him and cared about him. Shy obviously, but still cared about, loved and respected Naruto. As her character grew, so did her love for him, to the point that she ...more

Sakura is one of my least liked characters on Naruto. She may be good some moments, but shows as a total weak link at all the other moments. While Hinata is a cute, strong, sweet as candy shy girl who is an amazing character in my opinion. Pesonally, I don't care if I offend any Sakura fans, because I know that loud, annoying, cry baby, obnoxious girls shouldn't be defended. Hinata always loved Naruto, and Almost every single person on Naruto had a sad or dramatic background... But Sakura did not, at all! Her childhood was filled with friends and family. She had no one die, she never saw a gruesome death, she was never faced with a lifethreatning situation, she was was never bullied or knew that her parents hated her, she never has a lifetime trauma, she just had a new friend, a big forehead, and picking daises in a park. I've even had way worse than that, and I'm only twelve, and a girl! Yet Hinata had a childhood where she was thought of useless, worthless, and her own father who is ...more

Sakura was bullied by ami and some kids when she was young before she met ino..

Hinata is not only my personal favorite female character, she's also the most changed and improved throughout the series. She goes from someone who used to always give up and become depressed on missions to someone who leads a battalion of troops in the 4th shinobi war to learning that the fate of everyone on earth rests on her shoulders and choosing to face Toneri alone, leaving even Naruto behind. She's becomes a quiet beauty combining kindness, strength, and determination. There's no one else like her. You can't talk about Hinata without bringing up Naruto. She's the first and best example of someone being changed and improved by adopting Naruto's ideals. She's the only one who supported Naruto from the start and the only one he opened up to about his deepest insecurities. She inspires him, makes him smile, picks him up when he's down, understands his struggles, empathizes with what it's like to be thought a loser and a failure, and she brings out the best in him. And he brings out ...more

HINAATA! :D I agree with my sissy! *points at the LONG comment below* hahah, & hinata is one of the most cute and strong female character I know in Naruto :) I liked her first time I saw her! I'm also a NaruHina lover and supporter :) don't worry sissy, it will happen! NARUHINA MUST HAPPEN hahahah (: in Naruto Shippuden is when I completely fell in love with her n_n I'm obsessed with NaruHina pics and I even made my own ones (sissy sorry I wont show them to you all mine ) I love her and its truth, she might be shy but in the inside she is the most strongest female characters! NARUHINA FOREVER! Everyone have a nice day

I believe Hinata would have made a better main character than Sakura, because not only is her past sad, but her fighting style is way more complex and just better in general. You gotta admit, Sakura stepped it up in Shippuden. She went from useless to not that useless. But Hinata? She's been amazing the whole series! Hinata battled Pain, while Sakura just kind of stood there, whining for Naruto to come and save her. And then what does Sakura do? SHE HUGS NARUTO! RIGHT AFTER HINATA CONFESSED HER LOVE FOR HIM. SAKURA. WHY. I don't even...
Hinata may not be the strongest character in Naruto, but I believe that she'll continue to get stronger, and she'll continue to love Naruto for as long as she lives.
Hinata is an interesting character that definitely deserves more screen time. She's #1 on this list for a reason.

Hinata Hyuga. She is a strong girl, which always wants to become stronger and stronger. She is a beautiful girl, shy and the main part: she always gives her best. Hinata is not as strong as other girls from Naruto, but she gives her best in all the things she does. When I first watched Naruto and Hinata showed up for the first time, I knew she would become even greater. Even though she is really shy. But when she fought Neji in the exams, she won my heart. In Shippuden she became even better. She became stronger, prettier and more like a woman. When she tried to save Naruto, I had to cry. Her speech was so amazing and even though she knew she would die, she had no fear to fight against Pain, just to save Naruto. She is my idol and in the ninja war, she even shows her best side. Not that she has a bad side, but she helped Naruto many times. When nobody knew what to do, she gently hit him and took Naruto back to his mind. I love how they stood side on side and hold hands. I love ...more

Kay, from the beginning of the series I noticed Hinata's personally, I acknowledged Hinata's strength, and well in that time span I ended up having Hinata as my absolute favourite Female Character in the whole series! I found her to be quite different. She made sure she made a difference in battle even though she started off weak, although her personality didn't change from being the shy, sweet, kind and gentle girl we all know and love as Hinata Hyuga to me it seemed just right- considering the fact she's a shy and gentle girl! Plus her courage in Shippuden went up during the ninja war so much- it made me love her for the more! And I always found it funny how she would just space out or do something ridiculous in front of her crush, Naruto. Although I believe everyone or at least some people like myself does something ridiculous in front of people who they admire. Speaking if admire I also really liked how Hinata never thought of Naruto as a chump or a loser or let down or beast- but ...more

Hinata is so gentle and kind. I love Hinata's character because she is an example that we can follow. She had low self esteem and ran away from her problems at first, but she wants to change and tries her hardest each day to become a better person. Neji is right she does not have he heart of a shinobi but she does have the heart of a beautiful person and she will prove her worth to those who doubt her.

I LOVE HINATA AND NARUTO. NARUTOXHINATA FOR LIFE you NARUTO AND SAKURA LOVERS. Hinata is strong yea shes shy but how cares people really. Shes sweet kind and knews naruto and how much she truly has feelings for him. UNLIKE sakura. I don't know I'm just saying Hinata could win in a fight with sakura but I think its 50 TO 50% CHANCE. If hinata would hit sakura's chakara points sakura would be down for the count. And if sakura would to hit hinata once. Hinata would be down too. So I think they both have a good chance people. HINATA rules HINATA rules NARUTO AND HINATA FOR LIFE BABY laugh out loud

I love Hinata because even though she started and incredibly quiet, shy, and meak over the years of naruto she has true developed into a true shinobi who is willing to fight for the people she loves, and Konoha! She may love naruto but unlike some other characters she is not COMPLETELY obsessed with him, in the sense that I mean she knows there is a time and place for it.

Hinata... Wow. where to begin? If I started a list with all the things I like about her, I will never finish. So why don't I save time and state this: she's unique. She's special. She's pure. She's the gentlest person /character you will ever come across. She's just too awesome. Loyal. Strong. Beautiful in her own ways. She doesn't need anything else. She may not be perfect but being perfect means to reach despair. There's no place for improvement if she's perfect so she continued to grow now. I can't wait to see what happens to her in the future :) GO HINATA! - Fher34

That's what I'm talking about! Hinata deserves to be No. One! She always do her best to protect the people who is dear to her. She's sweet, kind, cute, beautiful and more. Unlike sakura who is always crying 2-8 minutes every episode and always depending on Naruto (but she always hit him with no reason) She doesn't deserve to be a heroine of the show. And I can't believe some of her fans just said she's nice. Did that fan eat something horrible, Sakura is the meanest girl in Naruto she's gonna burn in hell if she kept up punching people. Seeing Sakura's face makes me sick.

Of course her personality is absolutely adorable but have you seen the way she looks! Full pink lips, large lilac eyes with heavy dark eyelashes, silky long black hair, clear milky skin and a small oval face with a pointy button nose. she has a tall neck with a petite but curvaceous frame with ample breast, a small waist and long slender legs. she is amazing women who can dance sing cook and fight gracefully. by the way I am a 17 year old British girl if you thought otherwise!


Hinata is the best girl character in Naruto of all time even at the beginning I still liked her character. When she gets knocked down she always gets back up until she can't no longer. And it's not just the fact that that she truly loves Naruto and would even risk her own life for him but also because she's truly inspiring too. Her character proves that even if your not the most confident or the most powerful you should never give up and even if your a failure to some people. Always stand tall oh and her relationship with Naruto is awesome and inspiring too her and Naruto are the best characters in the series

Hinata is perfect for Naruto and should be together with him because she never treated him as if he were a piece of trash. Hinata is way better than Sakura for the fact that Hinata isn't useless... Sakura is. Without Naruto's influencing Tsunade she never would have trained Sakura so she'd be weak and useless as always. Hinata would still be the strong kunoichi Naruto knows she is.

I'm not going to write a essay but my 1st favorite female character is Hinata followed by Temari who is amazingly cool. Shes kind, honest, strong, gentle and hardworking. Even though she faced hardship as a child due to her kind nature not being suitable for the heir of the hyuga clan she still tried her utmost best to be recognized. She doesn't judge people based on their looks or the rumours surrounding them but on them as a person and even though she loves Naruto selflessly she would always put her family first. Hinata is a character that is hard to find unlike sakura who is a relate able and more common and realistic character. hinatas only flaw is her shyness which she eventually overcomes when she gets older however not around Naruto.

Hinata is definitely my favorite character (other than Naruto) in Naruto. She, despite being still relatively shy (Naruto Shippuden), is strong willed, caring, kind, and just a really good person. Naruto may have inspired Hinata to choose the path of perserverence in overcoming her weaknesses but it is Hinata's choice to keep going down that path (plus that's one of the deep, complexly explaigned themes in Naruto, about self acceptance and unity). All in all, Hinata really is something special to me.

Hinata is a really amazing. She is kind selfless, and determined to be accepted despite being a failure to her clan. People always say she is weak but I feel this way because she is to kind and gentle to hurt anyone which just proves how nice she is. I love sakura too but I always feel that they are comparing these two too much. Your comparing a main character to a side character it is just one sided. To conclude I love both of these characters always caring about the ones they love in their own way. I just hope some one loves both of these characters too just like I am.

Hinata definitely the best female character out there. She is caring, strong and warm hearted. Unlike Sakura she likes someone because of their hard work, potentail and good will. Where as Sakura only looks for look that's how she fell in love with Sauske in the first place.

She has always accepted Naruto as a hero - way before anyone else (especially sakura)- and she has gone from a shy awkward little girl to a beautiful and confident young woman. What's not to love? Even if she doesn't end up with Naruto, she still rocks and is the only reason I watch this series

Hinata is my very first favorite female anime character. She is not like those girls that keeps on forcing herself to the one she loves. Hinata is just simply there for the one she loves even if she is just at the side at least she is there for him even though others will not recognize her. She really cares for others. Even if Naruto ends up with another character she will still be okay because Naruto will be happy. I really love her

Hinata is so nice! She cares about everyone and always finds more peaceful ways to solve things. I also love that she didn't care if everyone told her to stay away from Naruto because she watched him anyways. Hinata was the only one that respected and appreciated Naruto before he saved the Leaf Village too!