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Seh fight against Madara... and was a strong enemy of him. She could defeat everyone with her jutsu, seh use against Madara.

2: Shes a Akatsuki member. And all of this organisation are strong...

Strong, hot, kind hearted, and yet able to control her feelings. I love the relationship she has with nagato and yahiko. I mean, she obviously has feeling for yahiko but never forgot how important nagato is to her. She never lets people down, never forsakes her friends even when she doesn't agree with them - yet tries to carefully change their mind. And the thing she said about Naruto being the light and stupid tobi being darkness and how flowers will wither in darkness => they need Naruto... It was all so beautiful and laconic. She also has a strong sense of justice, tries to redeem her mistakes, is good at moving forward and make peace with her past and feel compassion even for her victims (at pain's invasion of konoha she did the killing but didn't enjoy it). Also, she is not the type to talk or speak too much, if she has something useful to say she says it, otherwise minds her business and follows orders or listens to others smarter and better then her.

Konan deserves to be the first, because she is one of the few characters like itachi and sasuke who keep it cool... Her personality is perfect ; strong, serious, smart, and very feminine as well. Not to mention she uses the most unique jutsu techniques in the series. Not everyone can fold that origami like her. Besides she is a member of the akatsuki, and nearly killed Madara/Tobi/Obito SHE CHOPPED OFF HIS ARM. Which seems impossible because of his teleportation techniques... Plus she was smart enough to figure out weaknesses to his jutsu. And she died staying strong to her beliefs, like a true shinobi.

Konan is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Honestly, no one, not even girls in real life match her gorgeousness. Aside from that, she is without a doubt the most powerful female in Naruto, considering how good she did against Obito. She is an Akatsuki, which automatically makes her cooler than most other girls, and her personality has to be one of the best I have ever seen. Konan is someone that I will never forget

Konan is so under appreciated. There aren't many strong female Naruto characters and when one comes along, she gets nearly no screen time and gets killed in the end. She is an akatsuki member for a reason. There aren't that many s-rank criminals to begin with and I bet that there are even less female s-ranked criminals. If she would have just gotten a bit more screen time, Konan would have taken the crown.

Konan is awesome! She is really smart and caring. also she is not girly like sakura. konan is really pretty and strong. she really cared about her friends. she should above sakura in the list. she is really loyal. it was really sad that yahiko had to die. however she believed in yahiko and carried forward his dream even after he died. SO KONAN SHOULD BE PLACED ABOVE SAKURA!

Konan is just incredible, she is by far the strongest kunoichi after all she nearly took down tobi, infact she is the only character to even come close to defeating Tobi. She had the strength to follow the man she loved and her closest friend. She had the strength to take on the strongest living shinobi even though the chances of success were really low. She is beautiful as well like really beautiful.

Konan can kick the crap out of Sakura or Hinata any day!
She's such a physically and mentally strong character, and she's powerful enough to be the only female Akatsuki member.
Why is she not wearing that crown up at the top?

Sakura stinks Konan is the best female character in all of Naruto. People only pick Sakura and even Hinata because they are more relevant to the series. But if you actually look at it, they are only there for the pairings. Konan is beautiful, incredibly smart, and talented. And nobody can really deny that since she got acknowledged by Jiraiya, Obito of all people, and Pain. I think that's more than enough.

Konan is extremely powerful, and when she fought Madara, Konan would have definitely won with her billions of paper bombs. I also think that the female Pain is really powerful too, and those two would definitely go into the list of strong female ninjas.

She's the only one who really has her own mission in her mind set. Konan is an original, well thought out character who isn't someone you would normally think off of the top of your head. She is amazingly strong, and I think she deserves the crown for best.

I like Konan because she is not like the other characters. She does not need male characters to survive. She is a dependent female, and has power like other male characters unlike Sakura who is usually protected by Naruto, or Hinata even though she is a sweet girl. Konan is beautiful in her own way, and I like her for that.

First I like konan because she's so beautiful and she's so strong and her personality is different she is more emphatic calm and level-headed than the other female characters in Naruto and she survive even she has an orphan when she was 12 years old

She is so pretty and strong, someone who knows the true meaning of peace, alongside with nagato and yahiko, she knew to stand up towards tobi even though she got herself killed. It's sad how the three-nagato yahiko konan all died at last but entrusted naruto for bringing in worlds peace

I fell that konan is the strongest female in the series because when it comes to the test of true strength, let's leave the fact that she was no caring or loving like hinata whose background is more blissful, konan took on obito one of the deadlest guys in the series and nearly won she showed intelligence, jutsu proficiency and speed when she battled obito while hinata was bullied by pain, sakura without the help of grandma chiyo would have been killed by sasori and temari was pushed to use her strongest jutsu when little konohamaru theatened her with a rasengan even tsunade was defeated by kabuto. Konan should be th strongest.

Konan is the most beautiful female character in Naruto series but it's very likely that she won't get the firs place because she had very little screen time and that's a shame, because she really is a lot prettier than Hinata and Sakura who are on the first and second places partly because they're main characters.

For all I know konan is femme fatale! There is a sense of balance in all she does. from here love to yahiko and her concern for nagato as her friend is all balanced and never over the top. definitely NOT like sakura who never had any mind of her own. in the anime I have seen all kinds of jutsu users, from wind, fire, water, earth to even taijutsu and genjutsu. but her paper jutsu is the coolest and kick ass ever. the most unique and dominant feature that konan deserves. she deserves the top place among the female characters. konan will forever be my heart's queen

I also would pick Konan because when they were little it seemed like she was a really good friend to Nagato and Yahiko but it seems like she's in love with Yahiko and Nagato and I agree she is hot

Easily the best female Character. She's strong, intelligent, rational, but not cold. She's not self-centered like most of the other characters in naruto and cares a lot about her beloved ones. In my opinion she's not only the best female character, but also has one of the best personalities in Naruto. - Ramyrez

Beautiful. Goddess. Kind. Friendly. Devious. Sweet. Excellent sister to have. Cute. Powerful. Hopeful. And has a clean heart. What else? She's perfect!

I love Konan... Her death is so sad... Sorry if I spoiled anything... Go Konan!

I really like how she attacks with paper, her voice in Japanese, and her dedication for her comrades. She was a strong, brave woman until the very end.

Konan for the win~! Shes deadly strong and is only the female in the akatsuki. In addition she can kill almost anyone as a girl I respect that =). Also she isn't all girly girl like other girls in animes

Konan is the best! She's strong both physically and mentally, beautiful, and a total badass with a sad past. She's cold, serious, stoic and powerful. Her paper bombs are just marvellous! Go God's Angel of Naruto! - Goku02

I have no words to explain her awesomeness beauty and her personality that's the best in the whole Naruto anime. Her eyes are perfect amber coloured and they are so magical! Her hair is unique and so elegant with a perfect flower she has 100 procent pure elegance and a pure beauty. HOW COULD IT BE POSSIBLE SHE isn't FIRST! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!