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Her backstory was the scene in Naruto, both the original and Shippuden, that most impacted me out of anything else I've seen. How she met Minato, to how she struggled with everyone, to literally everything that happened after she fell in love with Minato was what defined her character well in the anime and manga. Plus, I really liked it when Naruto commented on why she is so pretty! All of those episodes and chapters had to be the best I've seen and she is simply a really amazing person! You'll see what I mean after watching it all, or reading it all.

She has such a brute strength behind her cute face. It's funny how she used to beat up all the boys who tried to bully her, even older ones. She has incredible life force that she could survived from the extraction of kyubi. No one else survived that, even Naruto who also shares the same Uzumaki blood (if no one hadn't been there to save him in the first place). She just died too early, otherwise it will be fun to see her beating up his son when playing pranks. She deserves more recognition here.

Kushina is one of those strong willed characters. She is willing to give up her life for the whole village. As an Uzumaki, she could stand up for herself. She is one of the most beautiful character in Naruto. She had to face hate in the academy because of her red hair, and the nine tails inside her. She sacrificed herself for her village and her child.

Shes beautiful, kind and a great mother. She would be a wonderful role model to anyone. Although shes short tempered, that's okay. Shes incredible in so many ways! Minato is lucky to have her as her wife. Plus, she has pretty red hair. I don't understand how those mean bullies didn't like her hair

The most realistic character of all. Beautiful, powerful, humorous, loyal, kind, loving and proud. The one who can always be trusted. The one who can always bee relied on. The one who can protect the world...

Kushina should be in the top 5 at least! Even when she was bullied as a kid she was still able to stand up for herself- even Minato saw how strong she was. I love the story of how she fell in love with Minato, who helped her live a happy life even when she was the nine tails jinchuriki. Admit it, at some point you wished she and Minato hadn't died. She's an awesome mom and has the most beautiful red hair!

How is Kushina not at the top in 2nd place she should replace sakura not only is she kind and strong but her charm is heart warming she sacrificed her self for her village and child Kushina is truly the best.

I'd vote for Kushina. This hot blooded women is someone to be respected no kidding. Coming into liking by the 4th hokage at first sight. Even though she was named 'tomato' she persevered and look where that for her. She became the wife of minato the 4th hokage and the mother the the 7th. Truly she is a powerful and deserves to be on top. Even giving the 'honor' of being the 9-tails jin. Her being an uzumaki effects the magma/maybe anime in many ways. Sorry if I give some wrong info. I don't watch the anime but I do read the magma.

I think Kushina should be on the top of this list! She is an amazing person, as a mother to Naruto and lover to Minato. She is selfless and pretty and deserves the highest position available, Believe it!

What a beauty.. ! I would love it if she were my mom.. Naruto's so damn lucky to a mom as beautiful and caring as her... Such a red-head.. And the way she cutely ties her hair with a pin...

Why is she in 7th place I mean have you guys seen her as a child. She'll kick anyone ass if you call her a tomato. Also she is very beautiful and I don't think she should be in 7th.

Even naruto told that he wanted to become cooler than his father and stronger than his, mother.so I support KUSHINA.

Best female character Naruto's Mom without her Naruto wouldn't exist and Pain would destroy Hidden Leaf and Tobi/------- would take over the world beside she's cute

She is the best female perfect girl for me (even if I don't want to get married) brave, headstrong, strong willed, pretty, endurance, nice hair, and special chakra

Kushina is the perfect woman I ever see, she is beautiful, brave, cool, cute, she is perfect! She is cutest woman I ever see, with her beautiful red hair exactly

Kushina gave birth, had her tailed beast ripped out of her (which would have killed literally anyone else, even at full strength) fought the Kyubi and survived even after having been impaled for about ten minutes, long enough to see her son to safety. What a badass!

Why is Kushina here, even if we don't know much about her we know she is cute and a lovely person. She is strong and intelligent and also caring because she was willing to die for Naruto. And I can't let her be this low. VOTE FOR KUHINA!

Agreed kushina should be better ranked. How bout Guren? She should replace one of these characters here. She's better than mei, anko, info and temari.

Kushina should be at the very least number 3! If not, she should be first! Kushina is an amazing character and she was willing to sacrifice everything for Naruto. She's really amazing during battle. There's a reason she's called the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero for a reason.

Kushina is the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful, most gorgeous, strongest, prettiest, cutest and best girl in Naruto.

She's the most beautiful mom ever!

No! Not #6! She is like Naruto and Sakura in one. She deserves to be number 1, in my book. She got about two episodes, and she's already the most-loved mom ever (expect my mom, I love my mommy). But she can kick butt, has the special chakara, and wasn't called the prettiest girl in the leaf? And she had the awesome nick-name.

Kushina is so cool. Instead of needing Minato to stand up for her she beat her bullies half to death.

She needs to be at the top she is the top mother, she died to protect her son!

She like to express herself and her heir goes with her colour