Top Ten Female Naruto Characters

It has finally arrived! I wasn't planning to make this list before, but I thought to myself, if I called it "Male Naruto Characters" why not make "Female Naruto Characters?" So here it is!!

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21 Ayame

She helps make ramen for Naruto! He wouldn't be able to survive otherwise. (She's also pretty hot).

Gosh WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I should have voted for her Hinata didn't need my vote anyways...

She is a strong willing person and will do anything for naruto and her friends.


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22 Queen Sara

Pretty beautiful if you ask me. She and Naruto had something in the the movie The Lost Tower. If only they weren't twenty years apart, then those two would be perfect.

Most beautiful character after hinata, kushina, and sakura.

23 Hanabi

I like hanabi she is the best I think because she always loved hinata as a sister and wanted to be like her and shes tough and never gives up even though she got kidnapped but still manage to be strong just like hinata and that's my opinion

She's a strong character and who is very talked up in the series, even if we never really get to see her fight. We can only assume she is stronger than Hinata in the original series and maybe even Neji.

I feel good that Hanabi is the Hyuga's heir now, because if Hinata won the fight, she wouldn't have gotten the time to spend with naruto and the others.

Hanabi is the best!

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24 Kushina Uzumaki Kushina Uzumaki

She is so beautiful.

Why no picture

25 Female Pain

She is extremely powerful, and also extremely attractive! I mean, she is basically one of the strongest paths of pain, and I am a huge fan of her. It is also very amazing how she could summon those extremely powerful beasts

I pick the female pain because her ability, style/appearance (even though it's the same as the other pains). Yeah she may be a corpse but she's pretty hot also. And her summonings are awesome. She also could't feel no pain which is pretty cool. Even though she didn't have a lot of info on her like her actual name and she died pretty fast she did cause a lot of damage in the Leaf Village

I think she is the most prettiest girls on naruto and if she wasn't emotionless I think she ll be cool.

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26 Fuka

Very sexy and hot and horny. No wonder why she lure her prey into kissing her

Fuuka is so sexy... but she is only in the filler


Nah Bruh Fuka should be number 1 and she is hot! '

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27 Samui

At first I was going to consider maybe ino or anko maybe even the Mizukage but then I saw Samui and I want insane she's defiantly the hottest Naruto character by FAR! Not to mention she's super strong and she has great "coconuts" if you no what I mean

The hottest girl

Samui is kunochi of cloud village

28 Mito Uzumaki

I adore mito she's one of the greatest woman in history plus she's cool. You don't see her bitching about the kyuubi she's my favorite character and at least she can kickasses!. Let not mention she is beautiful and strong she's not a kunoichi but a shinobi.

I think that Mito should pass Sakura, because of many reasons!

I love her hair and she a jinchuriki and she tsunade grandmother and she hashirama wite

I love mito she is are real goddess

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29 Fu

She is beast and she has a cute smile and awesome and she isn't a bitch of a flirty type girl like sakura

She is one of the prettiest girls in naruto

I love her personality and she is well balanced. Not overpowered, but not weak either

Hello? Strongest female Jinchuriki? While Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Temari are way higher up on my favorite characters list, Fu is definitely the coolest.

30 Amaru

I love her! Her bond with Naruto was amazing!

Who is she and were is she from in Naruto?

Amaru, I think she is the girl from Ichiraku's Ramen Shop.

31 Pakura

She was the hero of the hidden sand

The hero of the hidden sand and strong too

A her from sunogakure

Her kekkei genkai is awesome. she is awesome

32 Ameyuri Ringo

She is dope
You don't get in seven swordsmen of mist without being strong

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33 Suiren
34 Hana Inuzuka
35 Yugao Uzuki

She is totally hardcore! Yugao is very skilled in kenjutsu and even carries a katana. Not many ninja do. Plus she is Anbu. And she's even gorgeous! I mean purple hair. Come on!

Yugao is Ambu Team member

She's just too cool

She puts others before herself. She would do anything for her people. - Moonheart

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36 Sasame

Sasame was little and sweet. Plus she was persistent in finding her cousin.

37 Mabui Mabui

Mabui is really pretty

Smoking hot for such a minor role.

McManus is super hot

38 Fuu

Fuu is the jinchuuriki of Chomei (Shichibi) but she is still optimistic and friendly (over friendly actually). I see Naruto in her so much. It is so cute that she wants to make 100 friends during the chunin exam despite it is a conpetition/test.

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39 Hotaru

Hotaru is Utakata's student

I think this girl deserves to be in the 20's, because her bond with Utakata was amazing.And yeah she is really pretty!

40 Tonton

Tonton is a pig. I don't think pigs are very useful unless they are bacon or cooked. Seriously? A PIG is STRONGER tat Chiyo?

PIGS ARE NOT USEFUL? If you'll recall this pig got injured running important supplies to medical ninja during the war!

Really?!? The PIG? When I see a pig all I see is bacon... you have put bacon on this list!

Better than everyone below at least.

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