Sakura Haruno

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Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


sakura is strong intellegent confident and courages. she used to be so weak in the first part of naruto. than in naruto shippuden she gained strength speed and stanima. she is one of the strongest kunoichiin her age group and she has proven herself worthy. she has also gotten better in medical nijusu and can make antidotes. she can pick up a persons fighting skills in battle like that and can dodge lots of attacts. not only teamates think she is great but so does tsunade and tsunade thinks that sakura is the strongest girls of her age group. For other girls in naruto shippuden they lack lots of things so did sakura too at the begining but now she has steped up her a game to get her friend back to protect konoha and being able to get stronger all the time. through determination and strength sakura is one of the strongest ad most intellengent girls in her age group! people should put sakura as number one and not hinata... sakura has grown so much while hinata still isn't confident and ...more

Sakura is one of the most realistic characters of Naruto, and according to my opinion, the character in Naruto who has received the most character development. I have no clue why people call her useless or irritating. I mean, the mean girl character that she played in Naruto was only for humor, and no one can deny her role in Shippuden. She was the one to defeat the first akatsuki, I.E. sasori. She's an extremely skilled ninja and has one of the most awesome chakra controls in the ninja world, better than sasuke or Naruto's (kakashi admitted this). She saved thousands of lives in the war, which means, without her and her team, it would've been impossible to defeat the enemy. not to mention that she saved Naruto. She's trained under Tsunade, a legendary sannin and is the part of the next-gen sannin. She can blow up mountains with her fists, and has matured a lot over the time. Also, she is compassionate and caring (placed flowers for Lee when he was in the hospital). She does love ...more

Sakura has been my favorite female character ever since I started watching and reading Naruto, which was about a decade ago I think. The one thing that I really like about her is that she's relatable from a girl's perspective. She doesn't start out perfect like Hinata (Mary Sue, anyone? ) but changes gradually as she experiences more, like in the Chuunin exams where she came to the realization that she was pretty much useless as a shinobi.

People hate her because she was such a fangirl and that she only liked Sasuke because of his good looks (which is true) but her feelings for the kid do develop when he started saving her. Some will now ask why she doesn't feel the same way for Naruto, the only thing I can say is that the attraction really wasn't there for her. Sometimes, no matter how well a person treats you, you just don't get attracted. And come on, it's natural for a girl to be attracted to a guy who's good-looking and smart. She's a normal female with a normal mindset. ...more

Ok. So everyone mentions the pain fight for hinata and says that sakura did absolutely nothing. But Sakura healed everyone in the hospital, saved villagers from a giant centipede created by pain, and saved hinata's life by healing her after she jumped in to "save" Naruto from Pain. Sakura loves Naruto as a person, but Hinata has this awful, weird perspective of him and nearly worships him. They should not be a couple! Besides Kishi said couples like NaruHina are selfish. And how can people even ship NaruHina, when Naruto ships himself with Sakura? Don't get me wrong. I like Hinata, but she has absolutely no relevance to the show. She was born with all these special abilities and Sakura was born w/ nothing to parents who were not even ninja, and they were both weak in Part 1. Now in part 2, Sakura is more powerful than Tsunade, all thanks to hard work and determination, but Hinata has not improved at all and has never even been in a battle (excluding the one at the chunnin ...more

Part 1 in Naruto, she wasn't the strongest, she didn't fight at all, she was also a fan girl, she always cried, she was very annoying. But, she started to grow in Part 2, she was so strong and powerful, she was also very smart. She so beautiful. She is very talented. To me, she is one of the best kunoichi in her group. She has changed alot, she isn't they cry baby anymore, she can kick ass. She wasn't the fan girl anymore, she isn't annoying, and she fights in most battles, she isn't useless. She has developed alot. Sakura is the top Female Ninja.

Sakura compared to Ino.

Ino may be a bit prettier, but Ino is weaker. Ino is still a fantastic girl, but she can't do as much.

Sakura compared to Hinata.
Hinata may be nicer than Sakura, and she sweet and has a better atitude. But Hinata is too shy, she needs to be more tough. Hinata is really sweet and nice, but I suggest a bit more training.

Sakura compared to TenTen.
TenTen is prettier, but shes ...more

I love Sakura. She may be a whore and bitchy towards Naruto or whoever.. But on the inside she really cares about Naruto. I mean yeah sure I like Hinata but just because she tried to save him from Pain doesn't mean Sakura wouldn't have done the same thing. Well yeah sure she was stupid just standing there hoping that Naruto will win but at least she managed to save Hinata's life. She was useless in Naruto but in Naruto Shippuuden you could see great change. She's trying her hardest to catch up to Naruto and Sasuke. I'm a NaruSaku supporter. That doesn't mean I hate Hinata. I mean who knows after spending some time with another guy may change your feelings towards them? I like Sakura because she's different. She's a hard worker. And you can tell she doesn't like to show her feelings towards Naruto. Because she may be all violent and stuff to him but she's really worried about Naruto. And if Naruto like Hinata or whatever ten he would've told or talk at least about the confession ...more

I think that Sakura deserves the top because she's just one of the best characters, because of the fact that she's the one who relates most to us females, like the comment below said and because she's the only girl other than Tenten and Temari to actually rise up to a rank that high without having any special abilities. Because even though Hint had terrible family at first she still had the byakugan to help her rise. Ino the same thing with her family jutsus. Temari and Tenten at least didn't have very powerful teammates who is consumed by revenge or is a doofus (no offense) .

And sure she wasn't very strong in the very first part but what do you expect, for her to be some top notch girl when she's only a genin? Also she was bullied as a kid can't you be a little sorry for her? Also the reason she broke off her friendship with Ino? Sure did it for a guy but to also not be Ino's shadow. She probably would have been even weaker and even quieter than Hinata if she ...more

The thing I like most about Sakura is that she's a real character. She's someone you can relate with through the way she makes mistakes and little by little she improves herself so as to not fall behind her friends. People say she's useless but honestly, look at all the people she has saved. On the battlefield, she does what she can to support the others around her. And when she isn't on the battlefield, then she's a medical nin curing the people who are injured. In part 1, some would say she's annoying but I think she's was a very funny character who lightened the mood in a serious plot. Yeah she obsessed over Sasuke but didn't we at one point fangirl over someone we liked and get to know them. As she got older, that "like" turned into her wanting to Sasuke better and see the suffering he went through. She came to love him but not in a way that's obsessive, but the kind of feeling women get when they realize that they want to be by somebody's side and support them. You ...more

Well personally I don't actually hate any characters from Naruto.
But Sakura is my favorite, but I also like Hinata.
I just don't get what all the trouble is between Hinata likers and Sakura likers.
So yes Hinata loves Naruto, and in my opinion she deserves him, like really.
Sakura is indeed a bitch, but if you haven't noticed yet, that is her character, when I look at Sakura I see the most human and realistic character of them all. And please you forget that when she was all Sasuke obsessed that she was 12... Don't tell me none you acted that way for anyone, well maybe not on that big a deal, but still.
I'm a Naruhina, Sasusaku fan. But I don't mind NaruSaku, and it is wrong to say Sakura doesn't care about Naruto, she does, really.
Hinata loves him, and Sakura cares (maybe loves him).
About the strenght, please Hinata is really strong, I think she's well on her way to becoming one of the strongest kunoichi's in the village and possibly the world. But ...more

Being a mangafan I appreciate kishimoto's character sakura the way He portrayed her as being not perfect in part one n gradually showing hw a girl like her- self centered... Is being able to start seeing things in another perspective, start to care for others, etc

Many are saying hinata(she is fine as well) is the most popular these rumours are being spread by anti sakura fan
I don't agree with this statement at all just by voting or doing surveys on net wont prove so SAKURA is the most popular girl n is appreciated by many even otakus as they don't watch mangas anime like us but appreciate works of the mangakas try to analyze what the mangaka had actually wanted to do

N sakura's character is one of the most interesting one
Whre they show gradual improvement nt SUDDEN improvement she is now less feminine a tomboyish attitude very confindent compared to hinata, ino etc who have long hairs, feminine n nt confindent

Sakura's personality is more beautiful, ...more

Plain out awesome. Yes, yes we all know the arguments against her but in all honesty, I find most of her haters to be people who don't recognize growth and improvement. People toss around the same words all the time: Useless, fangirl, bitch, yadda yadda. Sure she was useless in the first part but she really has done more in part 2. I know the age where she whooped Sasori is far gone, but think about it! Can you see ANY other female character in that situation kicking butt as she did!? -tsunade the exception. Furthermore, name a female character who EVER really stands out enough in Naruto that can't ever be called useless.
Also, she isn't a fangirl! Albeit, her choice in love isn't the best at all. In fact I detest with all my heart that she fell for Sasuke, but what she feels for him is clearly love. Crazy stupid love. Ino forgot about him as soon as he left Kohana, and Karin was just a supreme fangirl. For Sakura to still stay after Sasuke after all he has done to her is clearly ...more

I don't hate any girl but seriously I have to agree on this but I don't think that Hinata should be first because of the fact that she has the byakugan and the clan jutsus like every other girl except for Sakura like Ino still relies on her clan's mind transfer jutsu, Hinata relies on the Hyuuga jutus and byakugan, Tenten relies on ninja weapons, Temari relies on her fan, Tayuya relies on her flute and summonings. Hinata while she has the determination lacks the confidence to actually do it. Also you can't just believe that she fell in love with Sasuke she probably used him as a way to stop the bullying. I mean come on! Also she's a lot like me smart, short tempered. Then there is the fact that Naruto and Sakura can actually speak together where as HInata can't even build up the courage to actually talk to him and if she were a little bit like her other self then I would like her more. Sakura also started from the bottom. She was from a merchant clan, Kakashi picked favorites of ...more

People need to stop saying about Sakura. Just because she didn't give very good impression at the first or just because you like other characters. Hell, she managed to impress Hashirama when she activated her white seal. She managed to help defeat Sasori, who is said to be one of the best, and she save a gazillion of people with a quite small amount of chakra. She saved Kankuro from a life-risking poison by Sasori. She was able to detect if the person was real or not with just one small simple word and deceive them, example "Neji". She managed to trick Kiba, who has some great sense of smell, Sai, who was once in Root, Lee, who was taught by Gai. She had a very excellent chakra control, has amazing strength that even Hashirama himself stated that her strength may be more fearsome than Tsunade, she completely slaughtered that whole transformed White Zetsu Army clones with just one single blow, she's a medic-nin yet excel in combat, and not to mention, she had a higher stats ...more

Hm. Let's see.
-Be the strongest girl in the entire series...check.
-Lead everyone to safety during the pain attack...check.
-Save Hinata when she selfishly interferes w/ Naruto's fight w/ Pain, just to say she loves him, when she knows absolutely nothing significant about him. That move made Naruto go kyuubi mode! If Minato hadn't showed up, everyone would be dead.
-Have the most skill, be pretty, selfless, and be on par with Naruto and Sasuke...check.
-Heal the entire ninja alliance during the war...check.
-Heal Naruto during the war...check.
-Save Shikamaru's life by healing him during the war...check.
-Have Ino, Konohamaru, Gamakichi, Jiraiya, Yamoto, Tsunade, Iruka, Kushina, and Minato ask if she was Naruto's girlfriend...check.
-Be the first girl to save Naruto's life...check.
-Be the first girl to slap Naruto back to his senses...check.
-Be the first to cheer Naruto up and openly encourage him...check.
-Put Naruto's feelings above her ...more

No matter what anyone says about Sakura. She is without a doubt one of the best Anime characters out there. She truly shows character development. She is strong willed and smart. Everyone knocks her cause of how she acts with Sasuke but that's her first love guys. Course she is gonna have a weak spot for him.

Sakura should be the top not hinata, she is so nice cute strong intelligent and more... Any guy would be lucky to have her. In other words she is awesome and she rocks!

Sakura Haruno is probably one of the most developed female characters in the Naruto series. Because multiple sides of her personality revealed, it shows that she isn't simply some kind of one-dimensional character. She shows what makes her happy, what makes her angry, what leaves her embarrassed, what makes her sad. She was able to go from finding Naruto annoying, to actually respecting him, to calling out his name for him to return during the Pain saga. She's strong! Unlike Naruto and Sasuke, she didn't come from a clan. She didn't have a special blood trait. She was a regular, normal girl who had to push herself to become stronger. Not because she wanted a boy to like her, but because she wanted to make a difference. Sakura's growth was self-motivated. She's a healing nin who was able to take down a member of the akatsuki. She's healed Naruto on several occasions, and is constantly displaying her worth as a medical ninja. She truly is the disciple of Tsunade.

People insult Sakura so often because she is so obsessed with Sasuke. Now honestly, she's liked him since being a little kid. She seems to try to resist having a weak spot for him, but she just can't help it. As for being useless, she's healed so many people before, and defeated Sasori. She shows great character development, starting off a snob but slowly loosening up and becoming a very good person. Starting out completely shunning Naruto, she begins to get a soft spot for him over time, and eventually obviously cares a lot about him. Punch him she does, but she has a short temper, and that's cool, because it's a flaw (no human being will ever be perfect).

I think people who hate sakura needs to read the manga from the start, not only rely on anime because there are lots of time that anime messed up especially on sakura's character and her looks... And try to focus on sakura's development, situation and feelings and analyze her character so they can understand her.. And I think most people underestimated her abilities, overlooked her contributions, judging her physical appearance, didn't understand her situation and misinterpret her because they just read the manga without looking underneath the underneath and just SEE WHAT THEY ONLY WANT TO SEE most people rrad or watch Naruto for fight scenes, abilities and pairings only, and not the whole story itself... Analyze every situations of all character, know Japanese culture so they may know the characteristics of a TSUNDERE so may know why sakura is acting like that, not only sakura but also kushina, tsunade, karin, ino and some characters' moms... Sakura is not that bad like what people ...more

Most realistic character and much better heroine than Hinata. Because Hinata is typical manga girl, while Sakura shows character development. Honestly, what pisses me off is that Masashi Kishimoto isn't even trying to show her in better light. Also talks about Sakura as if he's the reader and can't do anything to make her better.

Sakura's strong and probably the strongest female out of rookie 9, and she's caring, compassionate and loyal... At first I didn't like her but in shippuden she's been reinvented and is just awesome. And she's not just focused on Sasuke anymore, and has tried to become a better person - shes had the most character development out of all the girls, as to be expected because shes the heroine.. And although I judge less on looks, she's definitely the most beautiful out of rookie 9 too... She has the prettiest face and a nice, slim and not out of proportion (not to be mean, but hinata boobs don't suit her) and I seriously don't understand why hinata is so popular... She's decent looking, but yeah, she's just gaga over naruto, and sakura developed past her fsngirling stage, but for hinata, me and my friends all agree that it's getting old! Anyway, sakura rocks! And yes I agree, hinatas a Mary Sue, but less perfect and more... Milksoppy.

I love Sakura so much becuase 1. She is just like me (which is why most people like her) because she is like a typical girl. I can relate to her really well which makes me like her more. I love how intimate she is about Sasuke. I mean, even when he left the village she just started to love him even more. Also she is great because she believes in herself and is willing to grow not out of self-insecurity but out of taking her helpful criticism and applying it to herself. She is awesome because she has grown so much in jutsu techniques, strenght, chakra control and self-confidence. Inner Sakura is just as awesome because she is Sakura's feelings and thoughts (we all know we think like Inner Sakura sometimes). I like Hinata too but I don't think she will ever be able to surpass Sakura. Hinata is cute and strongly loves Naruto, but she does not grow as much as Sakura does. Hinata is very shy and she has not tried to overcome that. I think Hinata might have a chance (key word "might") have ...more

I'm sick of hearing all the Sakura haters insult her and bully her! I love Sakura, she's very smart, kind, beautiful, incredibly strong.

Sakura is not flat chested! Who says that! Whatever, Hinata has a huge chest and Sakura doesn't have a huge chest. But that doesn't mean she's flat chested. Sakura is not flat chested no matter what.

There is absolutely NO way Hinata is better heroin than Sakura!

You Sakura haters just shut up! a nd go away!

Imagine you are teamed up with Sakura. I'm NOT SAYING THAT WOULD HAPPEN BUT IMAGINE! LISTEN IMAGINE!

You are teamed but with Sakura and she's the only medical ninja in your squad. And you are on a mission and fighting a bad guy. Evryone was knocked out but Sakura, She heals people. Without Sakura you would be dead. SAKURA IS USEFUL. Get your minds straight.

In addition, I would rather be friends with Sakura than Hinata. I mean, Hinata is very nice and so is Sakura but Sakura has something else she is very ...more

Everyone is bashing about Sakura only likes Sasuke for his looks but I don't belive that. It's ture that in naruto, Sakura only liked Sasuke for his looks. But in Shippuden, in the kage summit arcs, we see that Sakura now loves Sasuke as a person and not just his looks. She truly changed. She just doesn't have that feeling for Naruto and we shouldn't force her to like someone she doesn't have feelings for. Naruto is Sakura's best friend and will always be. Sasuke is Sakura's lover and not just because of his looks. She changed, like I said before loves Sasuke more than just his looks. Kishimoto's made it clear enough in the kage summit arc, lets not bother him even more. Sakura don't have feelings for Naruto. The End. And she's not useless, she's not a fighter but she is a healer and her medial jutsu and skill is compareable even to tsunade. Sakura just never really found her strenghth in the series until the war and we can now see that she is a great ninja, not in combat but in ...more

To me, Sakura is the most heroine in Naruto manga ever. I remembered the first time I read Naruto manga is when I bought the shonen jump. I started to read chapter 53 where Rock Lee and Sakura fought three sound ninjas. In this chapter, I felt sad because she is just a normal human. She has no power or special ability; like Sharingan, Hyuuga, Tails power, and other. But she stands up and fight them! She even got injury but she still fight and fight. Never give up because she wanted to protect her friends. And that is where she started my favorite character. I always know she was a weak character and always annoying-crush-on-Sasuke. But despite all that, Sakura practiced and worked so hard to be stronger and braver and to become a better ninja. Even she always support Naruto and saved a lot of people. If Sakura did not exist in Naruto manga, everyone would die. Right now, she can fight equally with Naruto and Sasuke in the war. That is why I like her.