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Tenten is one of those characters in Naruto who was unfortunately put off to the side and wasn't given a chance to truly develop and hone her skills. To me she is one of the most likable, honest, caring, and smart females despite this setback. Anyone can tell that she loves and appreciates her teammates, because of how she gets along with them, and moments with her and lee are comedic pricelessness, but that doesn't completely have anything to do with her.

Anyways, getting back to the first sentence, she really did have potential to be a really REALLY good ninja if she would have picked up an extra skill or two to assist with her weapons mistress thing, which is really cool. I mean think about it; how much better could she be with a barrier jutsu to trap her opponents or some sort of summoning animal (I know this particular one would be a long shot because he was Hiruzen's, but Enma would be perfect because of his turning into a weapon). Even the shuriken shadow clone jutsu ...more

Ten ten is one of the coolest girl character in Naruto. It is said that she is the fastest kunoichi in her age group. And when it comes to moves, she performs the best among other younger girl characters. She's really flexible and has a lot of determination to prove she's as good as anybody can be. Also, she has the best pairing ever in all Naruto couples. She comes along really good with Neji Hyuga. Well, these are some of the fascinating informations about her, despite the mysteries in her full identity and personality since it's rarely stated, but that makes her even more interesting. Maybe we'll see more of her soon. She has lots of great potentials that may add up to the increasing excitement of the anime "Naruto".

She doesn't like other girls. She strong, she never ask for help, she is the strongest kunoichi from konoha. She believe in herself that she can. She believe and she sure that girl can stronger than boy

She should have been the one to train under Tsunade, she should have at leads got a chance to become one of her disciples. She should have been the one to learn how to put poison in her WEAPONS. Weapons are her area of expertise, it would have made her more deadly. She idolized Tsunade, and yet just because she is not the heroin, she wasn't given a chance. Even if she couldn't become stronger like Sakura and surpass Tsunade should't she have at least be given the chance to train under her idol. Her dream was to become a great kunoichi like the sannin Tsunade. If I recall properly those were her exact words. I've always liked Tenten better than Sakura, I mean come on, we all hated Sakura in part one, but Tenten was bearable, she is the ultimate tomboy. Sure she said the way how Sasuke didn't tell Neji his name was cute, but didn't Temari say how Sasuke was a little hottie, and Temari can kick major ass. My point is she didn't turn into a fangirl, her dream was to become a great ninja ...more

Tenten is not like all the other girls in Naruto. I NEVER seen her cry before (Unlike all the other girls) and I think she is the strongest girl out of all her friends. She is also really funny and I like her tom boyish figure. I find it interesting and funny for her love of weapons. All the other girls are really weak and would never stand a chance against her. Ino is always standing there and not doing anything, Sakura is always crying or being a jerk, Hinata was born not to be able to fight (Even Neji admitted it) But Temari is pretty strong. I also think Neji and Tenten are a ADORABLE couple. I also LOVE her hair and her outfit x3

I hate hate, hate, hate, hate, double hate, LOATHE when people make fun of Tenten as being useless just because she gets screwed over with screen time. Speaking of which what, why do Shino and Tenten get practically no screen time after the chunin exams?! Tenten is likable in every way and has the most realistic personality of any of the female characters. And she DOES have a little backstory. In one episode they show how she ended up becoming a weapon master by complete accident as she wanted to be like Tsunade, but just like lee she has bad chakra control and therefore can't use summoning or medical jutsu, not super strength enchanting.
And something no one seems to notice: Tenten is a GENIUS. Not like Shikamaru, I'm talking about her ability to master ANY weapon in a very short time. She mastered that giant spike ball weapon that EVEN THE ONE WHO MADE IT SAID IT WAS USELESS IN COMBAT.

She is amazing. And do you saw one very interesting fact. Many people say that she is useless and weak. But try to type ' Hinata vs. Sakura vs. Ino vs. Tenten, and you will see that more then a half of a people said the winner will be Tenten. I think that too. She has many weapons which is extremely good when you are fighting many enemies.
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Love, Eloise

Tenten is actually my favorite character hands down because I can actually relate to her a lot! A lot of the Naruto girl characters can have pretty crazy personalities but Tenten always seems to be keeping it cool, and that's saying something coming from who is on her squad (minus neji)! She is just so likeable to me!

I really believe that this character had so much potential, but was just sort of thrown away. I loved her personality, and her belief that kunoichi are just as good as shining and are not to be overlooked. When I first started watching Naruto I paid no attention to Tente, but the fact that she wasn't as sensitive as the other girls of the konoha 11, and how she stated that she would become a legend in her own right gradually made her become my favorite character in the series. When someone refers to Team Gain, many people think of Lee and Neji's stories, and think of Tenten as just some random weapon crazed girl. However, she is just as much of a fighter as the rest of her team. I just wish that more people would realize that she is so much stronger than everyone gives her credit for. She is a true jumping.

I don't get how Hinata is everybody's favorite. Just because she has big boobs? She's so weak like the other girls. She always got taken hostage for some reason. Ino stands trying to do something but usually ends up almost killing herself. Sakura is ALWAYS crying. She always stood around with a kunai in her hand acting all dramatic. Tenten however always put up a good fight even though her fights weren't really seen in the anime or manga. In the games the girls would pose all cute and everything when your about to select them but Tenten looks like she's actually ready to fight. People underestimate her just because she never got any attention (Not that she needs attention to show how awesome she is) The girls all would have been better though if the writer wasn't sexist. But Hinatas reaction to Nejis dead sucked. She barely cried and started flirting with Naruto right after. Tenten cried asking Neji why he left while imagining him with a thumbs up. Another reason I hate Hinata is ...more

Tenten is really badass and doesn't let the fact that she is a girl hold her back from being a great shinobi. Even though she's not a very prominent character, she is still really strong, as shown in the show, mainly the fillers, she has more than just kunais and shurikens, but also way more cooler weapons.

Yeah sure she doesn't have any cool jutsu's or anything, but that's just like Rock Lee, he doesn't have any and he's still one of the most loved characters.I also think Tenten is really hot, especially in Shippuden, but also The Last and part 1

I adore Tenten because she's not like the other girls of Konoha. She never had to prove herself in order to be recognized as a formidable kunoichi. All the other girls had to have some sad sap background in order to make them seem stronger.

Tenten is the epitome of a overshadowed background character. She is the most potent out of all the Naruto characters with no background and no family, and she is by all means, very normal. Yet I see so much potential in her design, everything from her being an orphan to her 100% accuracy.With the right situation, Tenten can evolve into something truly remarkable.It is, therefore a pity, that she is not a main character and that Kihimoto seems to have absolutly no future plans to develop her character.

Can control an incredible amount of blades with ease, can summon an ocean and a fire dragon bomb, and has a motif of even though she has a role model, she will become a legend in her own right. Strong, beautiful, and inspirational, Tenten, I don't know what you're talking about. You are already a legend.

Out of all the girls, Tenten's personality is the most realistic and in my opinion, the best. Hinata is too shy and kinda creepy how she stalks Naruto. Sakura and Ino are way to mean and stuck-up. Tenten is strong and not afraid to act tough in front of the "cute" boys.

People judge to much. Tenten is amazing and can be strong in her own way. Not by having to have sad childhoods to make her stronger. She's perfect the way she is.

I love Tenten because she's so caring and very cute and also Neji love's her because she's talented she can throw many Kunai in just seconds unlike Sakura and Ino. Sakura uses strong punches and Ino uses mind transfer they are cool but Tenten is way cooler than them ;-)

I love Tenten because even though she may be somewhat random, she has got the talent of a real Dragon Warrior.

Tenten is surprisingly strong, especially in the videogames. I cannot tell you how many tournaments I have lost because of this girl's damn scrolls.

I also think she's hilarious in the spinoff series, Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals.

But anyways, I do think she stands out and deserves more screen time.

I love her. She's strong, independent, funny, and has a pretty cool character. She needs screen time! She is a tomboy like me which I love! All the other girls suck. Sakura cries for no reason. She never had any problems growing up. She's also annoying, clingy, and sometimes useless. Ino just usually stands there and does nothing. She cried when they were about to kill Saskue. Saskue probably doesn't even know her name! Hinata always gets taken hostage. She's weak and creepy! SHE WATCHES Naruto DO EVERYTHING! Tell me that is not creepy! She's the reason why Nejis dead to. After he died she started flirting with Naruto! WHO DOES THAT?! I also love Nejiten

She is the most beautiful and unique of all! She was underestimated though... I feel bad 4 her :(

Her design is good and she is one of the few character you identify with, the others being too stereotypical.

Love Tenten! I hate it how she was being underrated! She had been strong since the beginning of the series!
Kishi was such an ass for not developed her!
Oh well! His lost! He just lose a long time fan for his uncaring characteristic!

So unfair she's such a good character maybe because people are too obsessed with big assets there are female anime lovers too

I think Tenten should be number one because she is the best not hinata