Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande-Butera, known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American singer and actress. She was born on June 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. She is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and its spin-off show Sam & Cat. more.


This should be higher man. She had AMAZING VOCALS. And can actually sing Unlike most singers that we hear today. She doesn't need auto tune, which confuses me as why she uses it. Ari is SLAYING right now. She sings FANTASTIC live, she is beautiful and kind and puts on a great show which includes dancing and singing and lots of interaction with her fans which mean the world to her. She has been gifted with their talents and has worked hard her whole life and should get a chance, as she is underestimated. I also HATE people that go 'She can't sing' or 'She isn't singing as well because she damaged her voice or just can't do it.' 1 thing I think people must be death to think she can't sing or has some serious issues going on and 2nd all she has done is change her style of singing as it WAS damaging her voice and it also was more comfortable the way she is singing now. What also fascinates me is her ability to may be thinking what...? Why is that so good, well she does it in ...more

She is so amazing! Ari is like one of my most favorite singers and actresses ever. She should deserve to be in the top 5. I love her voice so much, it's just plainly beautiful. When I first saw her playing the role of 'Cat Valentine' on Victorious, I automatically knew that I would love her in the future. And ever since I have seen the very first show with her on Victorious, I was in love with her (I don't have a crush on her).

She's the reason I'm not suisidal. She always shows her support for what she believes in, not cause she's going to get paid for it. For gay, women and equality right every where. She shows people to respect each other and her music speak to people on multiple levels other than good music. It gives people a reason to wake up, it gives people a reason to smile and when she smiles her fans fell like the day just got brighter. She's not just our everything she's our mom, our saviour, the reason some of us wake up. She stand up to bullies and when her fans were outside her hotel she send down hotchocolate, letters and mittens and scarfs do they don't get home. Her voice give range and her notes and voice is greater then more than half the girls on this list. She makes good music, her own music, not just music someone tells her to make. Love her.

She can sing. Whether you like her or not, she definitely can sing. Listen to "Born This Way/Express Yourself" Live and "Bang Bang BBC Radio" Live. She's been on Broadway to Nickelodeon and has now made two #1 albums. Outstanding voice and such a down-to-earth person. She embraces who she is and is truly talented.

Ariana Grande's voice is powerful especially without auto-tune. She can hit high notes perfectly. Her songs are very popular, and mostly her music got covered by youtubers like Side to Side, Problem and Dangerous Woman etc. Some opinions of the people said that Ariana can be a pop princess. Why not make her like that?

Ariana has one the best artist of the year at the amas has stared as penny in hairspray live has new music in trolls and sing and she is about to start her dangerous women tour she has raised money for charity's and really wants to save dogs she is a trend maker she owns the two piece look and owns chocker cat ears and half up half down look she has one of the highest voices of our generation and is one of the only singers in our generation that has whistle register

I love Ariana grande she is pure awesome. She actually knows what she's doing she's not just saying words she's loving them. I love that she has a little bit of a high voice. I really want to be just like her.

She has 3 songs out.. 2 have been in the top ten. You all just wait. She will rise to the top!

She has a beautiful voice. She has an incredible talent if making her voice as high as she can. It's incredible. She's also not one of those girls that takes fame for granite and uses her body as an amusement like lady gaga or nicki minaj. Although those singers are talented.

I love Ari's music, but she is going down the wrong path. She went from a cute, innocent Nickelodeon star like they all do and now look at her: singing about touching and sex half naked wearing her bra. Um... I'll pass.

Ariana has a voice of an angel, she has vocals that I have never heard before! Her dangerous woman album is so underrated for what is really is. I have been listening to it on repeat for he past week!

Ariana grande is my favourite singer ever and I love her so much. Her voice is just simply perfect and she's super cute. I went to the dangerous woman tour last year and I can't wait to see her again.

She's awesome, incredible, & talented. Ariana I'd the best singer of the top 10. Her hit song Problem is the best summer song, don't you agree, & she's really good @ being Confident...

She is the best singer in the world, she has phenomenal vocals, and amazing songs! I believe she is underrated as she has had many songs in the charts before! I think she is a rising star! She doesn't need auto-tune at all, and just needs to show her real voice in her songs! I am a definite Arinator!

I really love ❤ Ariana Grande's music. I think that haters should stop hating, I think she is nice (I've never met her). My favorite songs that she sang is the way, problem, love me harder, one last time, etc. She is the best and I really want to meet her if its possible.

She is an amazing vocalist and has come so far in her career. She is an amazing role model and is not afraid to say her thoughts. Her vocal range goes quite deep (for a soprano) and her high notes are amazing!

Ariana is an amazing singer and has the best voice ever! She is definitely someone to look up to. The songs that she creates are always a joy to listen to! Ariana deserves to be #1

One of the most best female highest vocal range of modern pop music today.

She is such a role model and a superstar, she has one of the most unique voices there is today and in my opinion I think that she deserves to be on the Top 5 or in first place.

I am a crazy Ariana Grande fan! I know the lyrics to every one of her songs. She should be #1

Great vocalist and her songs always have a catchy beat which always leads to the death of your replay button. One of the greatest voices of our generation.

She's the best vocalist of today. She can sing so well live and she is so natural in front of a crowd. Even if you don't like her voice you can't deny that she has got amazing talent

I think she rules and cat is just so nice and sweet

Love ariana, she is just amazing and beauty inside and OUT, love you ariana, and I wish you the best

I love Ariana grande. She is amazing super talented and the youngest girl on the list with the most powerful voice. Common let's get her to number 1.