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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American singer and actress, who started out in the popular pop/r&b girl group Destiny's Child. They had multiple top 5 hits such as "No, No, No", "Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Survivor", "Independent Women", "Bootylicious", and "Jumpin', Jumpin" from more.


Beyonce is TRULY the QUEEN OF POP! Many of her criticizers always emphasize that that are many "better singers" than Queen Bey. While it may be true that there are many better belters than the Supreme Beloved Empress of the Universe (e.G. Jennifer Hudson, Jasmine Sullivan, Karen Clark Sheard) and there are a wide number of artist who can slay with jazzy riffs and runs more powerfully than The Queen (e.G. Kim Burrell, Kierra Sheard, Deborah Cox)... What these misguided and musically un-inclined individuals fail to realize is that what makes Beyoncé THE BEST his her overall vocal plasticity! She may not have the vocal range of a Mariah, but the fact that her vocal ability seamlessly spans almost every music genre puts her in a league of her own. Please tell me if any of the aforementioned artists can EXCEL at singing pop, R&B, soul, gospel, jazz, classical, rock, country, and in other languages! NO. They all excel in one or maybe two genres and would be totally lost and disingenuous if ...more

While most of todays pop stars will not have made it in the 60's, 70's, and 80's because they rely too much on their sex appeal and not talent, beyonce is very talented and could be successful in any decade.
Hell, beyonce even slays diana ross, tina turner E.T. C
Beyonce is not the greatest pop star of today, she is the greatest of all time.

While Gaga is more multi-talented with knowing how to play piano also, Beyonce's vocal training is just on another level. Both have amazing voices but Beyonce has a natural technical finesse that Gaga doesn't. However, that's not Gaga's style. Gaga's good at belts and theatrics. Different artists and different styles but both are amazing. Cannot compare them side by side.

This women is just amazing, and I've grown to love her so much over the years. Her concerts are always awesome and entertaining, because she dances really well, and her singing is just jaw dropping live. I think Queen Bey is probably the best entertainer of our generation.

Beyonce is amazing. lady gaga is good too but I still feel that beyonce should top the list. Her songs have everything that a song should have like meaning, awesome tunes, great lyrics etc. You rock Beyonce!

She is the female version of Michael Jackson amazing woman! She has so much respect from male and female fans celeb everyone really! Also have to agree totally timeless her music will never date! Love her

Beyonce is the best! I do like lady gaga, but I still think that Beyonce should be first. Beyonce's songs are so meaningful and they just make my heart melts whenever I listen to them. Try to watch her concerts on youtube, she never failed to entertain the audiences.

I think Beyonce is a very inspirational female artist. Her music is amazing and she is a proud feminist. She knows whats right and she does whats right. She is a very strong woman and she's been through a lot growing up and still now. I love her so much because she inspires me to do the right thing, support what you believe in and to do what you enjoy.

She is Great. She braces the stage with elegance, grace, and uniqueness. I love how poised, and confident she is. Her humble spirit gives you a sense of who she really is underneath the person you see on stage. I see a person who loves the lord, and who knows where all her blessings truly comes from.

Listen to her best performances and watch them, they are so so so so good it is unbelievable! She has talent! Not only is she the best vocal singer of this century going but she is also, the best performer of all time, and put so much energy into performance rather than just money like lady gaga, I love beyonce! Wwo

Best performer ever ciara, rihanna, lady gaga and whoever thinks they are better than beyonce can have a seat... Beyonce has the best vocal voice out there and her songs are not about sex

Beyonce's vocals are mind-blowing, when I saw her live I was just stunned, absolutely amazing. Gaga has nothing on Bee.

oh come on, beyonce should be top! her songs are amazing, I mean who else could give an up beat dance song like single ladies and then make a touching melody like halo.

She has such a powerful voice, and just think, no one in the music industry has a voice like the one and only beyonce Knowles. She is one of the best singers in modern pop music today.

After not really liking the crazy in love stuff 10 years ago, I've grown to admire most of the songs since then. Slow and fast, they are catchy and generally have a great message. Look at "If I were A Boy" for an example of the quality. Singing and performance is always precise and skillful, such that not many can emaulate her; though they try.
There are rock elements in her songs as well, so she has a healthy audience. Other artists like Rihanna dn Lady Gaga use slackness and trashy costumes to cover over the fact that they are not very good singers; I'm not fooled by them!

Great performer, but she isn't an artist. Real artists create their own material... Beyonce doesn't, she just plagiarises everything that's been done before her.

I love beyonce she is very bright and beatiful she can dance sing and she is a inspiration to a lot of people

YES! But I really think that she is better than Lady Gaga;)
HEr voice stronger!

she is pretty and she can really sing I like her song sweet dream it was my first song I got on my ipodnano

Beyonce is better than lady gaga, she has been out longer. Lady gaga will blow over.

She's the most talented, hard working and CONSISTENT pop star of them all. 18 years in and still killing it!

A great singer and dancer, with a very good voice too and some cool curves

A true vocalist unlike Taylor, Katy and Selena Gomez etc and a better performer than Gaga, Pink and mostly her male companions in modern music. Beyoncé is ahead of her time a true class act with insane talent. She's the ultimate triple threat and the next Queen of pop after Madonna.

When I said my mom walked around singing Irreplaceable, I said I loved those memories, not members.

She is the best and will always be remembered and no one will replace her.