Lady Gaga

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is the first female artist to ever since Cher to get nominated by the Grammys and Emmys . In 2013, during her era on Artpop, she was chosen to perform in a concert from iTunes . more.


Lady Gaga dominates the pop industry within the female lead section. What is great is it is cool and smashing, real and charming. Other artists might gain in a different way but the talents can be seen apart as well. Lady Gaga is epic and victorious as another might mention. Some artists have way more grit and offensive against clients aside from music and Lady Gaga just is not one of those. Lady Gaga has an awesome store to go with the musical topics in the songs which is a correct direction to improve what can and possible need to, Lady Gaga maintains a clean image and some of the songs are pure genius. Lady Gaga should be proud in the 'Modern' music scene to be held in such high regard. Indeed a new wave of musician and with the job at hand complete one might ponder the mysteries of where the music would shift in the future. It could be different, or it could be the veterans still awesome as always. Either way fair and interesting, good judgement of music is simply just as it is. ...more - iliescu

The complete package indeed. For those who have followed her trajectory from the beginning, and were intrigued enough to search for her pre-Gaga public appearances, the realization that Gaga possessed far more talent than simple fare such as 'Just Dance' put on display, were not at all surprised by her recent showcasing of outstanding vocal abilities (ex., Oscar 2015 tribute to 'The Sound of Music') as just about everyone in the mainstream audience appeared to be. In an age where lip syncing & auto-tune is the sad expectation, it is beyond refreshing that a true artist exists who can command the stage and truly deliver the goods. In this aspect Gaga bares a tight similarity with her gender opposite, Prince, whose premature demise makes her presence on the world stage all the more precious. And in the best tradition of ground breaking artists, Gaga wields her power with integrity and wisdom, seeking to uplift those who may feel outcast and powerless in a world where truth is rarely ...more

Lady Gaga maintains the first few slots of or in this category of music. The worst feeling honestly could get and really is just inert, which is not bad either. The songs of Lady Gaga are more 'Epic musical Victory' oriented than 'Lesson to Teach' which gives a good balance between artists and diversifies a distinct portfolio or careers. It is interesting, also is a 6 Grammy award winner sometime around 2020 circa as well as not even middle thirties in these recent days. Good job Lady Gaga! Despite having less there is more done in a way. There is much positive that can be thought of when the name props up of 'Lady Gaga'. Which again is all the same good for modernism with the first place Lady Gaga.. - iliescu

Momma Monster ALL THE WAY! How can you not love her?! <3 She is inspirational and has the fashion, heart, love, and everything a person needs! SHE'S A GAGA GODDESS! (^_^)

When I grow I wanna be just like her. She is my idol, she taught me that its ok to be unique and different! She taught me that everyone is beautiful and to think of your flaws as blessings from God. I love her because she's an advocate and activist for just about everything! I think out of every celebrity she cares most about her fans (Little Monsters). She makes connections with them like no one else:) I love Lady Gaga (;

Lady GaGa personifies music in my opinion... she has a voice that covers every genre' and she's a caring and giving person as well. Of course she has chosen to use props... as have many prior to her. The props aren't what makes her voice ring true loudly and clearly... the props are for entertainment purposes! As a 68 year old woman who loves pretty much ALL music... I'm happy I've lived ong enough to vote for Lady GaGa!

Lady Gaga is basically the master at every genre. Yes, you name it, and she will be able to sing it. She can sing pop, dance, electronic, jazz, country, rock, metal...etc. There is basically nothing in this world that she can't sing! And she has one of the greatest voices of all time. She can sing and dance, while holding the mic on her hands, and wearing heels all at the same time! There is basically nothing in this world that she can't do! She should be crowned as the goddess of music.

She deserves to remain at the very top! She is by far the most versatile, talented, skillful, entertaining,artistic, and creative Artist of our generation. Even above Madonna! She has star power, iconic songs, videos, and performances on top of her unlimited talent! She also always changes it up and adds something new to the table. She also is indeed the most genuine, passionate and devoted to her craft then her peers. There will never be any mainstream artist with the uniqueness Gaga has. She will go down in history as one of the biggest legends of all time! She has everything to be classified as one! - TuneGod92

Lady Gaga, the ultimate pop singer of today, tomorrow, and little bit of yesterday! They say she ripped off Madonna. I think compared to Lady Gaga, Madonna is a speck of dust under Mother Monster's fingernails. She inspires me and thousands, heck, millions of people all all over the world. She teaches us we are all beautiful, because we were born this way.

I do think Beyonce has an absolutely stunning voice, but she is too perfect. It can't possibly be all real. Gaga is a "monster". She sings about everything wrong and is not afraid to do things that everyone else wouldn't dare do. I don't even like pop music, but Lady Gaga is seriously cool. She is extremely interesting and different. I love it.

Well, where to start. She is so inspirational to many people around the world. She even has her own charity! Gaga is a very unique person and doesn't care what people think of her. She has her own style and doesn't copy off all the other celebrities. So yeah. That's why I voted for her. Go Mother Monster! I'll forever be a Little Monster x

Lady GaGa's voice is polymorphic unlike other artists. During the past few years (her early years) there has been a constant manipulation on how she uses her voice. From the sweet sounding tunes of THE FAME, to the darker polish of THE FAME MONSTER, and finally, to the roller-coaster ride of vocal styles in BORN THIS WAY

Gaga taught me that it's okay to be different, and I shouldn't be ashamed to show the world who I really am. I love you, Gaga!

Mother Monster! Her crazy antics, costume, hair and makeup has changed pop music as it was. She stands out because not only is she crazy in all she does, she can actually sing amazingly. With her strong beliefs and trend setting hits, this woman, in all its definition, is a true star. Not just a singer, but a performer.

One of the most amazing artists the word has ever seen. Her artistry includes her musicianship (years and years of voice and piano lessons), her linguistic prowess in songwriting, as well as visual creativity for music videos and fashion sense. And she is so incredibly nice and down to earth.

I think she is really different from every other popstar, she takes her audiences to another level of entertainment. she is damm talented, sings beautifully live and has unique songs and style.

i love telephone, bad romance, eheh, poker face, alejendro in her music.

I think lady gaga is the best I even named my guinea pig after her and theres this girl in my class that looks just like her. she deserves to be at the top and lots of people say that beyonce deseves to be at the top but gaga is #1 no dought. she is the only pop queen. f. y. I she DIDNT copy madonna!

She definitely has the best voice of the singers of today... Ignore the strange clothes, and you will hear a powerful voice compared to Justin Bieber etc. She also shows that it IS alright to be different, and not a generic American blond-haired blue-eyed "innocent" Taylor Swift.

She is the QUEEN. She writes ALL of her own music, unlike Beyonce. She sings, dances, acts, and she can play piano to boot! She even learned piano BY EAR at 4 years old and was accepted into JULLIARD! Nothing ANY of the other people on this list have done. She has a KILLER vocal talent. She can sing Pop, Broadway, Jazz, and many other styles of music. not to mention her outfits (which she designs most of), are artistic, just like her, and are also ICONIC!

Lady Gaga sucks. She's a psychopath. In "Applause," she has makeup all over her face and this weird black suit that covers all her body but her ugly face. She WOULD be pretty, if she stopped wearing weird clothes... Wearing ugly makeup... AND HER CRAZY HAIR. Her songs SUCK, not to mention. By the way Lady Gaga, you say, "I live for the applause." WELL, NOBODY APPLAUDS YOU! Why is she number 2? You must've been drunk when you voted her.

Lady Gaga is an amazing artist. She can do so many things with her voice. She's not predictable. Her music doesn't sound the same as previous albums like other musicians intend to do. She mashes things up and she can bring more to the world than anybody else.

Lady GAGA rocks! I am a little monster and she is my idoL! I LOVE her outfits they are rocking! I love the vibrato in her voice! My favorite song by her is BORN THIS WAY! IT IS AWESOME! I LOVE her! Lady gaga rocks and I bet I am her favorite little monster!

When you heard her name it will blow your mind. Lady Gaga is a female equivalent of Michael Jackson. She dream big and work really hard for it. She is very addictive, since I've known Lady Gaga I cannot keep my eyes away from her. The more you see her the more you want to follow her work, her life as a normal person. Lady Gaga is a legend of the 21st century. Keep up the good work. Love you!

Lady Gaga is not only a vocal phenomenon, but also shows tremendous potential to succeed as a world wide cultural icon that will go down in history as an artist that breeds pure compassion with her song-writing, fashion, technology, and artistry.

Why Lady GaGa?
Because she has changed people's lives.
She is not just a great performer but a great human being as well.
Each of her songs have a meaning not like other performers who only sing about love, sex and money.
Love you mother monster