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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


Taylor swift is the best female singer. She uses her complete emotion in her songs and all of her songs are strong and she really no the teensge feelings of a girl and that makes her special and she have to be in the first rank

Taylor Swift all the way! She has Talent. But why is Lady Gaga on this list? Actually, why does she even HAVE a career in music?! She is so disturbing. Taylor, on the other hand, is original, able, young, with a beautiful voice, and is sure up for great musical achievements. - TheSudhanva

Taylor Swift is most modern, and brand new. The authenticity in the musical art that is wielded is done so very well. The fame and constant media shadow the real talent in music somewhat it seems. The sound and musical taste is quite good and pristine. A good thing to listen to most because of the professional nature and the smart behind the subtle disguise of simplicity. It is a good purchase one of the artist many albums. Deserves first place in this opinion but anyhow the drive is awesome with Swift can imagine as well. Good job to the success of Taylor Swift in music that is complete, bet now it is nothing more need unless it is the demand of Swift to do. Well made music, very smart too! - iliescu

An excellent songwriter! I love how she tries to avoid conflict, and is not afraid to take risks with her music. Her songs are extremely relatable and well-written. Her vocals are so underrated, for her voice is so smooth and peaceful! She has a great relationship with her fans which I strongly admire. She is also famous because of talent and intelligence; she isn't famous for stripping down in front of a camera, as it seems as if that is all someone needs to do in order to receive fame and fortune. She always keeps things classy! People get upset and annoyed with Taylor because they claim that she dates all the time but can never keep her relationships going... NEWSFLASH: there are a ton of people who date a lot and struggle with relationships. She's human.

Taylor is the very best, this site means nothing she's #1 at sales and awards and everything. She has 10 grammys 2 of them being the highest honor 'album of the year'. She has probably the biggest following fan base inthe world. She plays 4 instruments, writes most of her music and I personally think she gets hate because she gets everything when she is at a show all the awards, all the praise and all the sales and that leaves nothing to other artists. Taylor writes about her lover life, but guess who does it even more? Ed sheeran, Bruno mars, Adele, maroon 5 etc. And I really think it's unfair that she gets crap for that. She has an angelic voice that no one can replicate, and got famous not because of wearing revealing clothes and so on, it's because she was sweet, talented and unbelievably polite and well-spoken. I hope the best for her, but it doesn't get much better than this, she's literally the best right now.

Taylor writes her own music. She writes stories about her life along with others. She is the only celebrity that could be recognized anywhere around the wold. The only artist to sell over 1 million copies in the first week 3 consecutive times. She's the only recipient of the Dick Clark's Award, second winner of the Pinnacle Award, youngest recipient of Album of the Year, and if awards are not enough she actually cares about her fans. She talks to us. She sends us gifts and talks to us. We are her fans, but it feels like we are her friends. No other celebrity of her magnitude does this. She stands strong even after the media and fellow artist have tried to take her down, because they don't have the same success as her.

I always say that she should have been at #1. Her songs are perfect, her voice is perfect, she looks awesome and her songs have, meanings. Many people blame her latest album Reputation but as she herself says look what you made her do! This album is different with others but it is still full of meaning and beautiful things. When many people heard her previous albums they said oh it's so bad and... But still they blame her for her album. As she sang Don't blame me please don't blame her. She is still an INNOCENT in this situation. Hope you liked it. Bye. Hope to see her #1

I like Taylor because she doesn't go too overboard. Look at Lady Gaga in "Applause." She has makeup all over her face and she's wearing this weird black suit. Taylor is original and she speaks for all teenage girls. In her song "Mean" she sings about bullying. Which, a lot of girls go through. In "Blank Space" she's describing not JUST HER RELATIONSHIPS but other girls' as well. In "Shake It Off" she talks about how no matter what others say, she doesn't care. That's a good message! You should vote Taylor! At least get her in the top 5!

I honestly can not give this woman enough praise. Throughout her ten years in the music industry, she has remained business savvy, an incredible songwriter and a phenomenal performer. She has stayed strong throughout every piece of hatred spat at her through bitter mouths that have nothing better to do and has remained an inspiration. I can imagine myself talking to any future children or grandchildren with pride that I was lucky enough to live in an age with Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is the most evolved female singer out there. Her albums demonstrate an incredible journey through maturity, ensuring that her songs don't all have the same guidelines as seen in many other pop songs. Her lyrics may not be the most complex, but are definitely the most relatable, as can be seen in songs such as All Too Well and New Romantics. Her vocal range is also incredibly impressive, and she puts on fantastic live shows that is the ideal stadium concert.

Her songs have meaning, melody, talent and style. Other singers use bribery, makeup and bodacious clothes without talent just to be the best. Or rap in tune which isn't even pure talent! And, yes she does know how music feels. Very well spotted, guys!

Her qualities? Talented? Check. Sense of style? Check. Beautiful? Check. Decent? Check. Witty? Check. Caring? Check. Daring? Check. FLAWLESS? Check... And that, everyone, is why she has more exes than any other modern singer of today. Calvin Harris called her a liar? Who cares, Calvin! You and Kanye West are both the same despicable characters who choose ridiculous tunes and singers like Rihanna whose voice isn't even GOOD, let alone talented. (What is the matter with them... and why on earth are their songs so popular?)

I'm a true Swiftie, and listen to/sing her songs everyday but that doesn't mean that I hate Katy Perry (and her fans the Katycats)... sure she's okay. Why? Why the heck did I call her OK?! Because of her ...more

Shows more class and divine or religious faith in good music for career. With a brand new Taylor Swift album or song can feel it has importance to continue and listen. Fame might tarnish more than the sound quality by the artist so that should be addressed at some point might turn else place due to the vast media archive might sway one to another's tune. One of the best artists of the modern age, yeah probably true though. - iliescu

She is so inspirational and when I see the hate towards her it makes me mad. She expresses her feelings through her music and that means a lot to not only me but millions of people throughout the world. She is amazing and magical is just extraordinary. It's hard to find people like her in the world and when I'm sad I listen to her and she gets my mind of certain things. I love her so much

Taylor has had the biggest affect on pop lyrics and perception on the pop industry, not to mention she's had an amazing rise in her career. I'm surprised that she only has 7% as Taylor deserves more as she writes and performs her own songs. If you don't agree with me, just listen to 10 minutes of her music and you will completely change your mind!

I love Taylor swift! I admire how she writes her songs about things that have happened to her, and unlike others, I don't groan and say "Another song about one of her exes!? " I just enjoy it. Cause talent like her's isn't going to come around every day. Might as well make the most of it while it lasts, cause who knows what kind of artists we'll have in the future!

To all you swifties, on't get me wrong or hate on this, I like Taylor Swift. He music is great, but the love song cliche and the breakup stuff is just not as compelling as it used to be. I feel like that is the only way she gets by on the charts. I support her and her career, but the shad she throws at people is just not acceptable. Tay could sky rocket if she offered up some new material instead of sticking to what she has now and spending time dissing stars and haters.

She isn't afraid to be herself and express her feelings throughout music. She has helped me by singing shake it off and has inspired many people. I don't know why Katy Perry is ranked higher because Taylor obviously has more skill. I even watched a whose a better singer and Taylor won. To all those people who voted Katy Perry TAYLOR IS THE BEST! Just saying!

Taylor Swift is the best. Her red lips and Smokey eyes are gorgeous. Most of all, she has a great voice! She really has a good attitude and inspires little girls like my self. She really puts all her passion and effort in her singing. With and without auto tune her voice is beautiful. I really like your new album called Reputation.

Her music is great and so catchy! She sings them with such meaning. She can sing simple country songs but make them sound so beautiful! She isn't afraid of what she sings, and Taylor is a good role model! Her talent is amazing and so is her hard work in making the songs. Some of her songs are usually underrated and ignored but they are actually wonderful like 'Wonderland', 'Safe and Sound', 'Our Song' and more! Her emotion in her songs are immense which make the song more charming!

Her songs are awesome I just love her songs. Taylor if you go on this I just want to say you are cool, you are my Favourite singer in THE WORLD! You should be at of the list NOT LADY GA GA. You know what songs suit you. Like why would they put you at the bottom of the top ten. if I was you Taylor I would say NO FAIR. I just love Taylor. well if I could vote heaps I would try to get you at the of the list. by the way I always listen to you on the radio and you tube. BUT MY BROTHERS DON'T LIKE TAYLOR when ever her songs come on they say mum can you change the channel. thank you Taylor for giving me an awesome life

Taylor Swift should be at the very top. She always turns out great songs without looking stupid or having to dress weird to get attention. She is finally in the genre that she belongs in and I used to dislike her. But when I heard her in the pop genre she is even better. I really admire her and she is honest, doesn't try to hurt anyone. Also, Rebe McEntire has a lot of great opinion about her and that should make her number #1 on any chart!

Taylor swift is amazing and has lots of talent but is simply not as good as lady gaga and Katy Perry, they are simply the best of the best and while Taylor is pretty good, there are others that are better.

Taylor and Katy are my favorite singers. But why is Taylor rated so low?!... She deserves better. She has to be at least in the TOP FIVE... Guys, please vote for Taylor... She IS the BEST. Her songs are so good that'll make you float in the air.

Taylor Swift is kind, sweet and has a clear voice-not to mention that she is extremely good in songwriting! She is the only singer I've seen who writes her love experiences and feelings into her song. Therefore, please vote for taylor swift!

She is the best singer ever if it was my choice I would put lady gaga would be near the bottom of the list. Taylor Swift uses a lot of feelings and still makes it up beat like... You belong with me, love story, 15, 22 she has things that can match my day but... I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!