Best Female Pretty Little Liars Characters


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1 Spencer

Spencer is totally messed up. Yes, so she is funny and smart, but really? She had drug additions like three times, she tried to not admit it, literally accused Ezra of something he wasn't even close to doing and she was completely out of control for the majority of the series. She needs a whack in the head to get back into place, seriously

The girls wouldn't know anything about-A if it wasn't for Spencer! She figured out that Mona, Toby and Ezra were -A (even though Toby was a double agent and Ezra was just writing a book).

Smart, funny, loyal, brave... Do I really have to say anything else. Spencer is the best!

I used to hate Spencer because she always seemed to be extremely opinionated about everything but honestly, I now see that makes her one of the best. Troian has created a very complex character that's so interesting to watch. Probably the most badass character out there'

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2 Hanna

I love how when Alison is explaining what happened the night she disappeared Hanna decides it's the perfect time to go get cookies. She has has the best set of priorities

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3 Aria

She truly had the brains and bravery to do a lot of what she did, I mean she was a great liar, which really helped and she really knew how to sneak around, which helped her when she was grounded and stuff, Aria deserves a lot more credit than she has

Artsy, smArt, best liAr, may be A in the show. She is brilliAnt if she is A And is mATure.

Just as Spencer said: "you are so tiny and I love you"

Smart, funny, great style

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4 Alison

Totally! There would be no show at all without Ali. She deserves to be number one.

She is very beautiful and mysterious

Unique and mysterious. definitely a troubled soul,but not a bad person. She has such an addictive personality,it's easy to see why people get obsessed with her!

5 Emily

Emily is the best! Sexy, sweet, lovely, sassy and she is more fighter than other girls as alison, mona or paige.

She developed the most throughout the seasons.

So amazing love's herself for who she is

Come on this girl rock.

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6 Mona

I love Mona. She's very underrated

Why are Aria and Hanna before her?

7 Jenna
8 Maya
9 Melissa
10 Ashely Marin

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11 Isabel
12 Paige

Is so, sweet to emily

I think Paige Is a very sesentive Character. 1 ( she is scared of Alison )2 she wants to know more about Alison's and Emily's Baby. She has a felling for Emily. She cares for Emily, when she showed up In the Hastings house when the back yard was a crime seane. She loves Emily a bit too much., but Emily likes Paige, they get on when they road that bike down that road. Her Dad cares for her. You have seen Pages Dad with Ezra. Remember that time when Pages Dad said to MR fits : My daughter is not getting any opportunitytes. He Raised his voice. - Sorry for the bad English- From- Caady

13 Pam
14 Ella
15 Meredith
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