Top 10 Female Race Horses of All Time


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1 Ruffian Ruffian

There is or has none other than this dark beauty. She could run 1 1/2 miles at a sprinters pace, and her jockey would have to try his hardest to stop her. Zenyatta? lol, Rachel, lol, none of these newer fillies could have caught her or even hung with her. Look up the mare called Imp. Looks like Ruffian and look at the schedule she had. No, Ruffian is by far the greatest we have or will ever see, the shame is that her sire's line had fragile bones, not to mention she went so very fast and she was HUGE. Just imagine what she would have gone on to do in her later years as a racer, as well as coming from a broodmare of the year (Shenanigans). Look how great her sister (1/2) Laughter was as a broodmare. Horse racing changed forever when we lost her. And never... NEVER... forget what Lucian Lauren (Secretariat's trainer) stated about Ruffian. He never said that about another...

Ruffian was never beaten and was IN FRONT of Foolish Pleasure when she broke her legs. Just to watch her run was so very exciting! What a gorgeous, fantastic lady! Match Races are horrible! We have never had another one since this tragedy!

Ruffian is the best because she was never behind in a race and in her match race against Foolish Pleasure she hit her shoulder in the gate coming out and hit her right front leg but if she hadn't she would have crushed the colt

I love this horse so much! My favourite!

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2 Zenyatta Zenyatta

Would have loved to have seen her come from behind wins. She is so gorgeous love to watch her dance videos. Amazing personality hope to visit her soon.

Wonderful racehorses I got to see Zenyatta do hur stuff live. I am very appreciative of that.

She was unstoppable and amazingly friendly. I own her little sister she's awesome. - Gatsby


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3 Rags to Riches Rags to Riches

This is my girl! When she stumbled out of the gates in the Belmont and still beat Curlin the horse of the year I just loved it. Screamed with with such joy. A girl beat Curlin. But who is the granddaddy of Rags to Riches - non other than Secretariat. Need I say more? She should have been horse of the year in my book. I think she is just wonderful. Love Her!

The win against Curlin was the most exciting race I've witnessed. She was so much smaller and just powered through it for the win. What spirit. Amazing heart.

I love secretariat so

She beat curlin and is a grand daughter to Secretariat😃😃😃

4 Rachel Alexandra Rachel Alexandra

She is my 3rd favorite to zenyatta and black caviar. I know a little more about her. - Gatsby

Strange marking, noble looking horse

I think this is the fillly who won the Kentucky derby and the belmont besting the boys

Rachel won the Kentucky Oaks by about 20 lengths,She beat the boys in the Preakness and again later in the year at Saratoga! Zenyatta as good as a West Coast horse she is NEVER ONE A MAJOR!

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5 Lady's Secret Lady's Secret

Small in stature but not in speed or heart. This little "Iron Lady" was truly Daddy's little girl! Rachel Alexandra is my #2.

Lady secret number 1, zenyatta number 2

Lady's secret last

i love her

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6 Winning Colors Winning Colors

Winning Colors won the Kentucky Derby, not the Triple Crown.

If she won the filly Triple Crown she has Winning Colors!

One of the 3 filly winners of the triple crown. Was the last winner. - Gatsby

7 Genuine Risk Genuine Risk

Gorgeous, don't know anything about her

First of 3 fillys to win the triple crown. - Gatsby

Do you mean the Triple Tiara? No filly has ever won the American Triple Crown.

8 Black Caviar Black Caviar

Please get your information correct...Black Caviar was indeed on of Australia's best ever holding the record for most successive wins until overtaken by the mighty WINX just recently. She won at Royal Ascot running while carrying an injury.
BUT, she never started in ONE Melbourne Cup given she was not a two miler..she specialised in distances around 1400 metres / 7 furlongs. - HectorPascal

I recon Black Caviar should be at least number two she is an amazing race horse and sbe is beautiful. She deserves to be at least second not seven because most of the ones before her I have never even heard of but I have heard of her and that is saying something

Black Caviar most certainly did win 3 Melbourne Cups in a row... in 2015, 2016 & 2017... also 25 wins from 25 starts.

I don't remember her winning 3 Melbourne cups in a row. But she still deserves to be at number 3 under Makibi deaver number 1 and winks number 2

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9 Ta Wee Ta Wee

I like her, has Chinese name!

10 Personal Ensign Personal Ensign

She should be #3 or4

She should NOT be #10

SHE WAS AWESOME! Belmont Winer In 2013. I Watch That Race It Was Graet.Belmont And She Was In The YouTube Video Beeders Cup Ten Greatest Champion.

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11 Winx

26 wins from 26 starts. She's an absolute LEGEND!

Now 27 wins from 27 starts. She's the best in the business.

As well as 29 straight wins from 29 starts, she's won 4 Cox Plate Cups in a row. She's an ABSOLUTE LEGEND!

Best ever would kill anything in the northern hemisphere!

12 Kincsem Kincsem

Though many years ago she must have been something. Look at how many races she had and didn't lose! A true Iron horse.

There's nothing else to say 54 wins in 54 starts? INSANE!

Won races 54 races out of 54 in 5 different countries,including England France and Germany. Newspapers edged with black when she died, parks and museums named after her, all scream greatness.

54 wins of 54 starts

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13 Azeri Azeri

Amazing! I have a horse model just like her!

14 Weekend Surprise Weekend Surprise

Should be higher this mare is great

Greater than whom?

15 Sunline Sunline

Beautiful bay!

That sounds beautiful

16 Makybe Diva Makybe Diva

A true staying champion winning three successive Melbourne Cups (3200 metres / 2 miles). A record that has not been equalled in 157 years of the running of the race. Beat all comers including several European and Japanese Group One winners.
Should be rated much higher on those performances alone. - HectorPascal

Three back to back wins against colts in "the race that stops the nation"...2 miles. Ranked in the top 10

"The race that stops the nation", Makybe Diva won the 2 mile Melbourne Cup 3 times back to back - an absolute ICON. The Melbourne Cup (Australia) attracts horses & jockeys from right around the world to compete in this race on the 1st Tuesday of November every year.

17 Bayakoa Bayakoa

One of the Best!

Grand dam of because Classic winner

18 Eight Bells

Won the Preakness Stakes
Grade I race

19 Goldikova

Come on! Back to back in the breeders cup!

20 Songbird

Good horse! Should be in list - QueenOfRacing

I think #3 for a little while

21 Somethingroyal


Excuse me for saying this, but Secretariat is NOT immortal.
Immortal means living forever, Secretariat did not live forever.

22 Beholder

Very talented skilled horse

23 Imp Imp

LOOK at Imp's schedule. She was the Ruffian of the early days. Look how much she looks like her. No way, just like Ruffian, that Zenyatta or Rachel would have kept up with her.. never. She was an incredible horse, and in those days, they did not have the fancy care they do for horses they do now. Ruffian/Imp #1

24 Gallorette Gallorette
25 Treve

Only one of three (other two were male) to win the Arc twice in a row. The equivalent would be an American mare winning the BBC twice.

26 Miss Woodford Miss Woodford
27 Dance Smartly Dance Smartly

The filly in her time

28 Little Bitty Slew
29 Regret

She was the first filly to win the Derby I think

30 Go for Wand

When at her best, the very best amongst female racehorses.

31 Princess Doreen
32 Landaluce

If she didn't die at age 2, Landaluce would have been the greatest filly ever..

33 Curlin

If you really want to know how great she is search her up

Curlin doesn't belong on this list, he's a stallion

34 Untapable Untapable

She is a awesome racehorse she is fast and speedy and she won the breeders cup's Distaff - rocknrollhorselover

35 Groupie Doll
36 Taris

She is awesome

37 Miesque

Top Grass Filly

38 Sceptre

Deserves to be on this list and well into the top 10. Sceptre was a legendary mare. Winner of not one, not two, but FOUR British Classics (2000 Guineas, 1000 Guineas, Oaks and St Leger and finished fourth in the Derby despite being left at the start) a feat which would be unheard of nowadays. I respect that all of these American horses in the top 10 were all very special but Sceptre is something else. The only horse to win four Classics outright, Sceptre also proved that she could hold her own against the opposite sex multiple times with wins in the St James' Palace Stakes and the Hardwicke Stakes at Royal Ascot as well as the Champion Stakes as a four year old. I was really surprised that this brilliant mare wasn't on this list as she really is one of the best in history. To win the number of races that she did in such a short space of time is the definition of 'courage' and it is likely that we will never see a horse win four classics ever again.

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