Best Female Racehorses

The Top Ten

1 Ruffian

This horse was amazing she won every race she finished. She set or equaled a new stakes record every time. Won the triple tiara. Her times stated that she was fast enough to win the triple crown that year if she had ran it. Queen of racing!

I doubt that whom has a brain will vote for her.I felt sorry for the others who have no brain!

Should never have been run in that match but would have won if she didn't break down.

Greatest horse ever. Hands down

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2 Zenyatta

The best, big, fast, strong. Could take on any of the boys and beat them at their own game. One of the greatest closers of all time.

Lost to the greatest female racehorse ever. Classy and knew how to win

Zenyatta won 19 of her 20 starts the one she lost was by a nose.

She was the largest of the lot and showed an unusual personality. She should have been bred to another very large horse to develop a Usaine Bolt type advantage over the smaller competition.

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3 Rachel Alexandra

Won the preakness against the boys! You go girl!

4 Go For Wand

Won the mother goose in 1990

5 Lady's Secret

1986 horse of the year

6 Personal Ensign

First horse in 80 years to retire undefeated

7 Genuine Risk

Second filly to win the derby!

Only female horse to place in all 3 triple crown races
1st in derby
2nd in both in Preakness and Belmont
That feat will never be repeated ever
She really should be 1st 2nd or 3rd on this list

8 Rag to Riches

Won the belmont! First ever filly

No, Ruthless won the first Belmont

9 Winning Colors

Most recent filly to win the derby

10 Ta Wee

The Contenders

11 Kincsem

Great horse.She is unbeaten in all of her 54 races.She is super talent in racing

Kincsem - "my treasure" - is the most succesfull horse in the world, she never lost a race (she ran 54 times! )
Fun fact: her best friend was a black and white cat. If she didn't saw the cat, she didn't race.

12 Gallant Bloom

Won 12 straight until finishing 3rd to Ruffian's dad reviewer and Dike in 1970 Nassau County.

13 Pan Zaneta
14 Ruthless

First filly ever to win the Belmont against the males.

15 Holy Helena

One of the best Canadian racehorse of all time. She won the queens plate and might try to win the triple crown. She is really great and I thinks she's one of the best.

Holy Helena is a great mare and won the queens plate this year. She is so fast she might even try to win the triple crown.

16 Azeri Azeri

Azeri is a amazing horse. She is a hall of famer and her grandsire was Mr. Prospector and he was also a great racehorse.

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