Top Ten Female Rock Climbers of 2015

Women have been doing amazing things in sports for as long as they've been allowed to play - and in many cases even before. Rock climbing is no different. From Lynn Hill beating the boys up The Nose in Yosemite to Ashima Shiraish, a 14 year old, climbing some of the hardest problems and route in the world, women are making their mark in the sport of climbing.

This is a list of the best female rock climbers in the world in 2015. This means that regardless of the time of their individual peaks in climbing, they must currently be climbing in 2015.

The Top Ten

1 Ashima Shiraishi

She sounds amazing and I am toataly inspired

Inspires me everyday

This 14 year old has broken records for hard climbing by such a young adult. She has climbed to within a short reach of the hardest climbs ever put up in the world and has defied the odds by excelling in multiple disciplines of climbing. - Finch

I am 13 years old, a girl, and (not to brag) one of the best climbers at my local gym. Ashima Shiraishi opened my eyes to the world of climbing. But let's be honest, I will never live up to the fantastically high bar she has set.

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2 Sasha Digiulian

"Met with and spoke to Sasha in a Writing class at Columbia in 2016. She has more than drive and passion--she has emotional and physical fortitude to withstand life's tragedies and disappointments. She is THE top choice."

Saw her work on video unreal

Amazing. Super inspiring.

She is the beest!

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3 Lynn Hill

Disagree! She is #1! Maybe the first 2 are best modern gym climbers or outdoor sport climbers but Lynn Hill was the first person ever to free the nose. Also some of her OS in Joshua Tree, go as the first 2 to lead and I believe they would be humble and say um no Lynn is better

While she might not be climbing the hardest climbs of today, she still has notable ascents under her belt. Her history of heightening the bar for climbers, not just women, puts her squarely at the top of this list.
She has both a college education and a background in gymnastics yet still is often touted as one of the best climbers in the world, and in history. - Finch

Lynn Hill is both an amazing climber, and an amazing friend. I admire her undeniable dedication and courage.

4 Daila Ojeda

Once famed by being the love interest of Climbing star Chris Sharma, Daila has made her own name and stepped out from the shadows. She is both a brand ambassador for multiple climbing and clothing companies, and an accomplished climber. Her ascents of some of the hardest routes in the world set her apart from almost every other climber. - Finch

5 Lisa Rands

Known for her bouldering prowess, Lisa began as an aid climber, then switched to a sport climber before finding her true climbing passion. She has climbed some of the hardest routes in the world and bouldered at the top of the sport. - Finch

6 Alex Puccio

As a 9 time National Champion, Alex inspires thousands of women with her immense strength and dedication to her sport. She is incredible and will go down as one of the greats!

Alex specializes in bouldering and regularly competes in competitions all over the world. Between making the cover of magazines for her dedication to fitness as well as her climbing accomplishments, Alex has become an inspiration to both men and women in the climbing world. - Finch

Best, most inspiring climber ever!

Amazing, my idol!

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7 Steph Davis

An incredible rock climber, BASE jumper, and wingsuit flyer, Steph has climbed some of the hardest trad and sport climbs in the world. She also spends her time talking to women and kids and serving as an inspiration to everyone. - Finch

8 Beth Rodden

She is so talented and she is really Expiring to me

Very focused and talented.

The youngest woman to climb 5.14a and one of the only women to climb 5.14c trad, Beth has become known for her hard ascents, groundbreaking new lines, and tireless dedication to her passion of climbing. - Finch

9 Hazel Findlay

Top for sure! Trad is rad!

14 trad? Ok way harder than any sport climb.

Should be higher on the list

She should be on the top five

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10 Margo Hayes

She's great.

I saw her yesterday at my climbing gym and watched her do the speed wall she did it in 12 seconds and later I found out that's not even her best. She's AMAZING!

She should be top 10, her ascent of La Rambla was incredible!

Yes. She should be in the top 10.

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The Contenders

11 Brooke Raboutou

She is a brave rock climber and I really admire her I hope her dteams come true

Your an inspiration to me for rock climbing

The fact that brooke raboutou is so young but can still climb all of the rocks (if not more) that the people on this list can climb makes her amazing.

Geart job keep it going girl you got this you can be the best of all ages I have faith you can do this do think you are going to fail just try try and try hard every moment you get I konw yu can do this

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12 Shauna Coxsey

I've seen Shauna training at my local centre and she's on another planet and the awards she's won says it all really!

She is so good such an amazing climber

Has some of the strongest and smoothest climbing I've ever watched

She's won so many competitions! Her technique is great

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13 Janja Garnbret

On a different level to everyone else. Winner at both lead and bouldering and flashed two 8c's outside.

You have to update your list and put her on top!

She makes it look so easy I think I can do it too...

14 Jacinda Hunter

A mother, nurse, and hard climber all in one. Jacinda boulders V11 and redpoints 5.14b - feats by themselves that defy most climbers. - Finch

15 Brittany Griffith

A master of all disciplines, Brittany can not only "hang" with the boys, but she frequently climbs right past them. Known for her desert traditional climbing skills, she is sponsored by multiple companies and regularly puts up first ascents. - Finch

16 Meagan Martin

She was the first woman to complete the Jumping Spider on Stage 1 in American Ninja Warrior.She's Amazing

Meagan Martin is the most powerful women in ninja warior

Love watching her on ANW, she is so AMAZING‼️‼️‼️

17 Jain Kim

She climbs so gracefully!

Such a role model for young climbers, she has inspired me in so many ways

18 Nina Williams
19 Megan Mascarenas

Saw her climbing while growing up as a kid! She's amazing!

An amazing boulderer so inspiring.

20 Michaela Kierch
21 Akiyo Noguchi

Redefines what climbing technique means, if there ever was a climbing "genius" it would be Akiyo!

22 Laura Rogora

Primo 9a quattordici anni. La via era Grandi Gesti a Sperlonga.

23 Miho Nonaka
24 Angela Eiter

First and only woman to have climbed 9b (5.15b)

25 Kaitlyn (Katie) Mistretta


26 Anna Hall

Really cool

27 Maddy Morris
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