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Words can't describe how amazing her voice is! Honestly she is incredibly amazing both studio and live. She sounds better live which is really hard to find in this generation of pop music. Some so called "super pop stars" sound horrible both studio and live. Let me example be Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez they both can't sing but still get more recognition and awards then Demi it's not fair! But back to it Demi Lovato has the best voice of ALL time she is unbelievable! She can belt like no other!

She deserves to be number one! She is such an amazing singer, fantastic live vocals and her voice is just so powerful but it's also in control. She's an amazing singer and deserves even more credit for what she does! Knowing she is such a young artist and already blowing minds! Hitting high notes, low notes, middle key, holding notes.. Everybody loves her and her voice, she truly deserves number one! So proud of you demi

Demi Lovato makes you feel like you're the one with the power, she makes you feel great about yourself and has some of the most popular songs that people listen to. Her voice flows gracefully with the beat and scarcely ever messes up with high and low notes. Her songs, and voice are great and together they make a joyous harmony that people seem to always enjoy. If you don't recognize how wonderfully powerful her voice is, you must have bees in your brain! SHES AMAZING!

What joke is this? Obviously Demi overcomes all these other voices! The vocal range it is impressive for someone who is only 22 years old. One need not be a fan to realize that the high notes that Demi makes are very difficult to make and Demi can do this easily. All competitors here are very talented but you can not ignore the voice of Demi is incredibly powerful and with each album, she's just getting better and her voice too.

Demi has an amazing voice. The passion she sings with, is brilliant. Its tough to sing with so much vocal power, hold the notes so long, and still manage to express emotions so beautifully. Demi is indeed, one of the most powerful, talented singers. She's inspirational, has saved millions of lives through her songs and her story. A true artist. Hats off.

Demi! The most beautiful human being excluding my family of course... She has such a powerful voice, chills every time I hear it! God bless this wonderful person! Thank you God for letting me have someone like Demi in my life, she helped in so many situations. I love her! She has the most beautiful voice to me

Demi posesses a unique and powerful voice; her ability to express her emotions and feelings through the way in which she sings is what makes her stand out against many artists. She has a wide vocal range that enables her to effectively hit very low notes as well as high notes too.

Demi deserves to be #1. In this generation, she's outsinging all her peers. Her voice is incomparable and powerful. She puts so much emotion and passion in her music, in the studio and in live. And the good thing is, she's even better in live performance. Her voice is pleasing to my ears and her entire music actually shows her amazing talent.

In terms of "power" she should definitely be in front of Mariah Carey. While Mariah has range, she is a Light Soprano. Light Sopranos aren't know for power, but for their ease of high notes. Demi is a Mezzo-Soprano, mezzos are known for their power! This pretty much sums it up...

She is the most perfect person in the world. She has an amazing voice. She is so talented and when you say talent like PURE TALENT. She must be in number 1. She is inspirational and even her songs too. Every word in her lyrics is meaningful. She makes sure that she writes her songs with pain, meaningful, inspirational that would make you cry.

Demi is only 21 and yet she manages to be this awesome singer, compared to other older singers. She's also a big inspiration to young girls. She's a rock star.

Demi Lovato has an amazing voice. She can sing lows and highs and she her voice is so unique and natural. She as an amazing talent in singing and I think she should also be a top ten

She just has a great voice and her low notes are just so low and the high notes are really high! I mean some people could only do so low or so high but this girl could do both and keep that note steady for a long time!

Demi is just incredible! Not just anyone can do what she does on stage. Most artists can jump and dance and do whatever, but not every singer can be so open and vulnerable like she is. She has saved so many lives and deserves to be known more. I find her underrated. God bless her. She has a powerhouse voice

Her live voice is so much better then many artists that say they can sing, but use auto tune. Demi has repeatedly shown everyone that she can sing. Yes, she can have her bad days like everyone else, but most of her performances are spot on. She is my idol.

I think Demi must be number 1 with Mariah Carey they both are amazing so it's a tie you never know she might belt all the notes Mariah Carey
She may even be able to belt the whistle register

Demi has a strong voice nowadays because every performance she perform, everyone will gonna surprise 'cause she discover a new technique of singing... And I'm so inspired of her.. ;')

Demi isn't #3 level. She's good but #3? I don't think so. She doesn't have a very powerful voice like everyone thinks. She actually screams most of her high notes, and she strains a lot. Not as much as Christina, who is somehow also up here, but she still does.

Demi easily has one of the best voices in the business. She can go from having a soulful tone to being a pop princess with the change of a beat.

Demi's voice is by far the best voice I have ever heard. She always surprises me with her amazing vocals and her singing gives me chills.

Demi is just unreal, she has a really powerful voice, its just wonderful to see the high notes she can reach.

I think that demi lovato sing's really good. And she put's a lot of heat into it

Demi has the most powerful voice and a big hearth

She have most strong voice I ever heard in my live!

She's the best! No words to explain her talent