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Perrie Louis Edwards is an English singer and a member of Little Mix who won the X Factor 2011. She is known for her strong and deep voice who inspired everyone during Little Mix's X Factor performances and during their Salute Tour. In Little Mix's songs: Move, Turn Your Face, Good Enough, Secret Love more.


Perrie has actually been able to hit whistle notes now and even though it wasn't in a live performance she has held a note longer than Demi's record. She has a powerful voice both chest and head. She hits the high ntes with ease and the lower notes as if they were a second nature. I respect Demi and her voice but when you actually hear Perrie Edwards sing, she has a larger vocal range and a more experienced voice than Demi.

Perrie is one of my favourite singers (and Little Mix) mainly for the reason that mostly with groups, the singers only sound good when they are together because the work off of eachothers harmonies. However, Perrie proves this wrong because she has such a beautiful, powerful voice which is quite uncommon in groups. Her voice also has amazing range. She makes an incredible impact on the group and without her in Little Mix, the songs that they produce would never be as popular as they are. I think that she definitely has the potential to be a soloist (not saying that I want her to leave Little Mix) she just has the voice of a successful soloist. The only reason Perrie was merged into a group was because when she had auditioned for X factor she didn't have enough strength in her voice until she was mentored and learnt how to reach her full potential. However, I don't want Perrie to leave Little Mix because they are all so amazing together. This is just an overview on my opinion of Perrie.

I have quiet seen lots of vocal fails or different artists but never actually saw one of Perrie. Perrie's voice is phenomenal; deep, thick, powerful and soulful! On the X Factor days before Perrie had her tonsils removed, she actually sounded like Christina Aguilera, she actually did. And when happened to sing Beautiful by Christina herself, she actually gave me shivers of how deep and rich her voice was. And even when Perrie had her tonsils removal surgery, she never fails to impress me even though she had just lost 75% of the deepness and richness her voice had before her tonsils were removed. Perrie's highnotes are haunting, her riffs and runs are flawless, she knows how to express and deliver emotions(Pain and Power) and she didn't completely lose her vocal power after having her tonsils removed. Definitely deserves to be number one! I'm actually tired of seeing Jackie Evancho or Mariah Carey top the vocal lists. - xXLittleQueensXx

Perrie's voice can go from high to low to back high again. Her voice is powerful no matter what note she brings to the table.

People don't understand she is capable of so much. Yeah she isn't known for a whistle note, but damn she could hit some high notes and manages to make her voice extremely low. She's the all around singer. I honestly think if she gave it her all she could someday hit notes she didn't know she could. There's so much more in her and I don't think she realizes it. And what makes her voice even better is she doesn't sound out of breath. She's flawless when she sings.

Perrie has one of the strongest female voices of our generation. She can't hit whistle tones with ease and can show her contralto side like it's as easy as speaking. Her voice has a richness to it that is rare. Though her voice got higher in pitch after having her tonsils removed, it is still incredibly deep. She can hold notes to no end, giving me and any person listening shivers

Amazing vocal range, this one. Her voice has changed since the removal of her tonsils but it remains as beautiful. Don't know how people say she can't hit whistle tones when she's never even done them so you can't really judge something you've never heard. Based on the incredible note from one of Little Mix's song from their second album, About The Boy. I'm 99% positive this girl can hit any note given to her.

Perrie's a pretty cool woman; I know you've been through a lot and that as the insults of the haters of it, but nonetheless, I know she's a strong girl. Therefore, she is a great role model. I admire very much! How not to vote for? One of my most beautiful blondes I have known fair in 2011, where Rhythm Mix was formed, although now his beautiful group with the other girls, which also admire; named Little Mix. I do not know, oh, I'm so excited to see how she's grown, I'm... very excited. My baby, my beautiful princess, I love her. I'm from Argentina, Perrie, I wish I could meet you. xx

She had a unique and incomparable voice before her tonsillectomy, her voice low, deep and very powerful, its heyday was in the era of her album "DNA", showed the greatness of his voice, 2011 and 2012 were the years of his best voice, now his voice is not very important as he lost his "touch" that made her special, no doubt, still singing well, but before her tonsillectomy she was the best singer I have known, I hope her old voice of 2011 -2012 come back again.

How can I out into words how much I love Perrie's voice. She honestly deserves the number 1 spot. Little Mix is a strong vocal girl group as it is, which makes me happy that the other girls are on this list. Perrie Edward's is honestly one of the most strongest, vocalist of our times. Able to sing opera notes as easy as drinking water. She doesn't have to try hard to sing any note thrown her way. She doesn't have to yell for anyone to hear her. I loved her voice before her tonsils were removed but now I love her voice even more. Like Jade mentioned in an article, it's clearer, but a lot stronger. I mean, F.U. and You Gotta Not, she is not holding back any notes. Perrie is the s***. Her voice is the voice of our generation. Her voice is very very inspiring.

She genuinely is an amazing singer with a strong head on her shoulders. her range is completely breath taking and when she sings you can see the passion she has inside her for this art. she belts the notes so easily. she's an all around amazing person and a beautiful woman, for someone so young she knows what she's doing, and she is also who I will be naming my daughter after because of her drive, integrity, inspiration, love, calmness, and fruitfulness. she deserves to be #1 in more ways than one.

She's a great singer with very powerful vocals just listen to "about the boy" or "good enough" the live version. Mind blowing. I feel that Perrie and little mix as a whole are very underrated and sorry to say this but they're way better than lots of top artists right now but too bad they're in a terrible record label. A talent like perrie's or little mix should be at the top of the charts not being compared to 5H or 1D I'm sorry theses girls are over the top the new Destiny's child.

Perrie is such a powerhouse! One if the best singers in our generation, only 21 (which means she can still improve her voice) and already topping the list! She was branded the lead singer of her group Little Mix (Though refused out if modesty). Can hit high notes really easily even though live and can reach low notes as good. She is such a treasure and a talent to be cherished!

Perrie is incredible. She has a powerful chest voice that can go up to an A above High C (or A5) and she can sing up to a B5, and I bet she can go higher in both her chest voice and head voice. She's a powerful singer, I don't really understand how the X Factor judges put her in a group. I bet she would have been great as a solo artist. But with that, Little Mix wouldn't be the same without her...

Perrie has a very powerful voice. She can hit high and low notes. She clearly had talent when she entered the X Factor and had her tonsils, but when they were removed, her voice wasn't as heavy and made her a better singer. In the song, "About the Boy", Perrie hits unimaginable high notes. in an Instagram video she posted of her singing, she enters a 6th octave which shows her talent. This isn't even her trying. In the song "Little Me" by Little Mix, Perrie hits her famous high note which gives you shiver.

Perrie has such a strong and powerful voice, yes. But what about Leigh Anne? I mean, her voice is beautiful too and I don't really understand why is she on 136 place? It's not like Perrie doesn't deserve the first place, no. It's just not fair that Jade, Jesy and Leigh Anne are unappreciated.

Anyway, I think Christina Aguilera deserves the first place.

Perrie's voice is extremely strong. She can hit several low notes, extremely high notes, and also does great on harmonies and belts. Perrie's voice could never be mistaken, and that is one of the reasons she is in Little Mix. Her voice is also a delightful combination of a strong voice and a blender, so rarely found.

Absolutely in love with her voice. She can slay ANY high or low note. I really hate that Little Mix is so underrated. They deserve nothing but the best. I have no idea how Perrie got put in a group with a voice like hers, but she defiantly has an amazing voice. Amazing.

Perrie's voice is out of this world! She hits those high notes so effortlessly. She's got the voice of an angel! Not only that, but her low notes are crazy & spine tingling! I feel honoured to have listened to Perrie, Jesy, Leigh & Jade sing live 3 times now! It's an unforgettable experience!

Perrie has a beautiful and powerful voice! She can hit notes that lots of singers could never. In every single lives she amazes us with the beautiful sound that her voice is. I think she deserves more than anyone to win this because that will make her realize that she has more talent that she thinks!

I really love Perrie, every lady in this page has an amazing voice, and have they more experience, but Perrie with a little experience has a great voice, her high notes are incredible and perfect! When she sings in live her voice and notes are perfect, there is not an error, Perrie deserves to win.

Perrie has such a powerful voice and is the only singer I know who can sound better live than recorded. She hits high notes, low notes all notes. When she's dancing, you can tell she's not lip syncing but still sounds amazing. She can sing sad, relaxed, happy, lively everything. Her harmonies in Change Your Life, Wings, Little Me, Word Up, DNA and loads others are what I love most about the songs. Also, she's a really nice, humble person.
Love ya Perrie!

All I'm saying is listen to her crazily high note in about the boy, and watch her best vocal moments on YouTube. I swear to god shes one of the most talented female vocalists of this generation and little mixes harmonies blow everyone else out of the water

Perrie is amazing and fabulous as well as her energetic angelic voice. She completely know how to get the crowd pumped up. Her vocals from songs like Power, About the Boy, Down and Dirty, Lightning, Love me or Leave me and many many more out stand her out of all other female singers

Perrie is an EXCELLENT singer. She can hit great high notes but low notes too. She has a very strong and deep voice. She and her band Little Mix deserves more attention and respect!