Be honest now, I tried to see if any of these other singers on this list could beat Whitney during her prime. First off I listened to who more of you said was number one, Sarah Bright., well yes her voice is angelic, and opera like, but it is also completely so high that I could never imagine listening to this for more than 2 minutes without turning it off! She sings like an angel, yes, but it's sooo high that it hurts to listen too! Next you list the younger singer, Charice. Again, yes her voice is nice and she may improve over age, but if you go to you tube and listen to her duet with Celine D., she is not even in her league yet. Again not bad, but not pleasant to listen to. Then they throw two singers from Abba on there I guess and they are not anywhere near Whitney's voice. Mariah too high and breathy again. I did enjoy listening to Sarah Geronimo but her voice was too low overall (same with Charice). NOW WHAT I AM HERE TO TELL YOU, NOT ONE OF THESE SINGERS CAN COMPETE WITH WHITNEY! If you don't believe me, go to you tube and listen to Whitney (during her prime) singing "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU." This must be the most perfect song sung by any women of any age! She hits every night, high or low, at the end of it, you actually want to raise your arms up and pretend you are singing, yes it's that great! None of these singers can compete. The only one even close that we have is Celine D. but again she has some wonderful songs and then a few that seem to breathy again. (Obviously they all sing better than me, but that's not the point, we are comparing the best ever of course!). So this is my final chance to convince the unbelievers. You could listen to a Whitney song all night long and never get sick of it. It was never too high or annoying, never to low as to sound like a man, just right! I tell my children that when I die and if I go to heaven, and someday they show up after me, I hope to greet them singing like Whitney Houston did. I am not even her biggest fan, I have some of her songs but since I"m older I've never even bought more than one or two albums of hers. So I am not some crazy super fan here. It is just that OBVIOUS that she is the best and she deserves the credit! So get rid of Sarah "too high for me" Brighman and let Charice grow up first and lets see what she sounds like, so far not that pleasant sounding to me, and maybe stick Celine as number two under Whitney, but seriously there really is no contest. Whitney needs to be at number one or this is a violation of all that is sacred in my opinion! And don't start telling me about how she sounds now, we all get older and voices change, but if we are talking about Whitney singing "the greatest love of all" or "I will always love you" you can not name another song that is up to that level from any singer EVER!!!!!