best female singers

This is an interesting list because there are some names I'm not familiar with. It's a shame we don't have more international shows on American TV. To be the best , you have to have more than just a great voice, you must move an audience. And most of these women can do that. Was Joan Baez on the list? How about Doris Day? Connie Francis was marvelous. Judy Garland was exciting to watch and listen to. Perhaps we should separate the technical quality from the actual performances. Those with a four-octave range voice have better equipment to work with,obviously, andmay have an edge in interpretation of a song. How about Nana Mouscouri? Perhaps it needs to be in categories. Patsy Cline will always be the top country singer for me. And there are lots of great ones there. The song arrangements have a lot to do with listening ability also. Rock singers; I'd go with Ann Wilson. Pop singers-Streisand, Carey, Faltskog, and many other good ones. Jazz singers-who beats Ella? superb! High brow music- Certainly Brightman is amazing R&B; Houston, Aguilera, also both great at Pop. Celine Dion is wonderful; so is Faith Hill; Perry and Cyrus are just getting started. so is Underwood. You need a computer to tally all this up, and the list would probably be over one hundred to get the best of the best listed.


HOw about Petula Clark, Katarina Valente, Rosemary Clooney, etc, etc. Aretha? - visitor

Lady gaga
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
and maybe Rhianna
Arvile is a loser who just wants to "lose control" - visitor

#1 lady gags
#2 Shakira
#3 mariah carrie

ps I don't care about speling golady gaga!! - visitor

how about shakira mariah carry lady gaga avril lavine
I don't no every one the the lists but I still think that the people I have herd of and like their music I thinthey can't be beat I still can't decide whos better though
- visitor

whitney and mariah are great singers - visitor

Billie Jo Spears should be ranked a lot higher then 419. - CVISCO

MADONNA! She's the queen, I love her! PEACE - visitor

where the hell is deborah harry? - visitor

Deborah henry is miss malaysia she is not the singer - visitor

amy lee - visitor

Dolores O'Riordan - visitor

Karen Carpenter wipes the floor with all of the above. - visitor

Karen carpenter is in a league all her own, followed distantly with the rest of this list, many that has no qualities to be on the list of the BEST FEMALE SINGERS. - visitor

Rihanna and Avril lavigne are the best singers in my sight... Incredibely beautiful voice that touches the soul... - visitor

Utada hikaru :) - visitor

In my opinion

2-Amy lee
3-Sarah mclahlan
4-Celine dion
5-Sarah Brightman
6-Loreena mckenitt
8-Dolores o riordan
9- Mariah carey
10- Laura Pausini
- p277

I'd rank ever Cassidy on the top of the list. If you haven't heard her sing, please do yourself a favor, and go listen her on youtube :) - visitor

Ever Cassidy should be way up there on the top. Kaji Meiko has also very beautiful voice, Shura no Hana is one of her best songs. Ofc music taste is a matter of opinion ;) - visitor

Taylor swift - visitor

Of course Whitney Houston. I love you! - visitor

Whitney houston... The best - visitor

Karen Carpenter, indeed in a league of her own. her singing is flawless, effortless, pure quality, pure gold, simply divine. - visitor

Avril is #1 singer and songwriter. - Cornflakes