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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer and songwriter. Graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, Adele was given a recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace the same year. She is best known with her international hit singles more.


I don't know how Adele is SO low on the list. I have been a fan of hers ever since she came out with Hometown Glory and then Chasing Pavements. Adele has the most original and unique voice in YEARS. She brings back what music truly is; something to be appreciated by the ears. She is one of the few artists that sounds BETTER than the recordings and each live performance she does is different than the others, because she varies them and adds different stylistic devices. She writes her songs and puts all her honest emotions in it (she doesn't sing about banging people, which is why so many people can connect to her music. Adele is gorgeous and she has a really laid back personality, and when you watch her lives, you can tell she truly appreciates all the support her fans are giving her, because she always gets so emotional. Just watch any of her live concerts and you'll see. She always gets teary eyed when the audience sings "Someone Like You" or "Rolling in the Deep" back to her. She is ...more

Adele deserves to be in the top 3, at least. I personally prefer Adele over Whitney Houston, although I cannot disagree with Whitney being #1 on the list. Adele should be #1 or #2, though. But nope, half of these people I have never even heard of and they're higher up than Adele? How is this possible? Adele just might be the best singer I have ever heard and deserves to be further up on the list than that... I am going to pray that these idiotic people can determine who the best singer really is - not half these other people. I'd also like to comment that Beyonce should be much higher up on this list also. I love her, too. =) Adele and Beyonce are remarkable vocalists.

I think Adele should be number 2 or at least number 3 on this list! She is the best singer in the Whole world! The best singer of my generation! She's soulful, and have one hell of a powerful voice, she reaches people in her songs, and can make you feel like you're not the only one who goes through bad stuff. I Love You Adele! (Cough cough- The first person's comment on here, You obviously have no idea what talent is, if you think that Lady Gaga, Hillary Duff, & Kesha are good singers! LMFAO I'm guessing you're like 10. Haha No offense but, thank god you're not a judge, because Adele is said to be one of the greatest singers of her/ my generation) If anyone has a hard time believing that, listen to her live, YouTube her. Bet it'll prove you wrong.

"Amazing" has lost its meaning long ago in the music industry but Adele, I think, deserves to be called that... She is a magnificent, powerful singer with feeling swimming through her voice, playing beautifully like a harp, like Leona Lewis and former X Factor contestant Ella Henderson and as a songwriter, Adele, like rising star Ella, can write about anything and her song would still have a powerful quality.
While being unbelievably talented, Adele has flaws in her range because she's an alto and can't go to the real heights that Whitney, Leona, Ella and Mariah can go to... But the reason I voted for Adele was because she's in a class of her own when it comes to making songs that people will remember and truly feel forever and ever!

Adele is an extraordinary singer with personality and class. She writes her own music with such emotion and creativity that no-one can top. Not only do her songs emotionally wreck me, but her elegant and unique voice adds to the already amazing piece of art. Adele not only can reach notes that no other vocalist can reach, but she can portray those notes in such a manner that only a few select artists can do. She does not deserve to be in the #7 spot. Her newest album, "25" broke records with over 8 million copies sold. She has made history in the music industry and deserves to be over ALL artists.

Why is Adele number 98? She has a great voice! All her songs are the top songs... when rolling in deep came out, it was number 1 after a few weeks... and is still in the top 100 in December 2011. After a week that Someone like you was out, it was number 1 and it still is in December 2011, witch is for 4 months! It beat the world record of the longest time at number 1 in the US passing Hot n' Cold by Katy Perry, witch was for 3,5 months. Adele shouldn't here, IT SHOULD BE AT NUMBER 1!

I've heard a great many female singers in my long lifetime. Celine owns "Oh Holy Night." Her rendition of that song brings me to tears. But Adele -- well, that woman is in a league all her own. No female singer has ever so consistently goose-bumped me like this one does. And when she sings what she writes -- from that wounded part of her soul, I am spellbound. Adele is a gift. May she be granted a long life because I am sick to death of burying great talent at the height of their career. RIP Janis. You too were magnificent and you, too, "took another little piece of my heart" with you.

Adele? People you got it wrong. She should be up there. Her voice is just pure, and you don't hear something this beautiful everyday. She got attitude in her voice, happiness, and some hurt. She can definitely sing. She has something and people sing's her songs but they can't get the right note. Her note's in her songs are just not normal. They are fantastic. I love most singers, but Adele is definitely one of my favorites.

Lady Gaga and some Asian singers above Adele? This list is ridiculous! Adele saved the music world from a bunch of weirdos like (Lady Gaga) and auto tune singers. She should be Number 1! You stupid people!

Breathtaking and minblowing talent and voice, strength, genuineness, humbleness, beauty, grace, charm, humor...And all that gathered in a single person...That's quite insane!...To sum up, if there was a single angel on this earth, for sure Adèle, you'd be the one! I love you.

This list is a massive joke! Adele at 112, below some of the unknown singers I never heard of! As everyone already know, 2011 is Adele's year no doubt. She gave the world what could possibly be one of the best songs of the century "SOMEONE LIKE YOU". Adele should be there on TOP!

Adele is the ONE OF THE ONLY good singers in today's American/ British music. No offense, but the rest of the crap is autotuned, all about sex, partying, drinking, smoking, and other things I would never do in a million years. This woman is AMAZING!

Her voice holds so much passion and emotion. I love her ability to make her tone so raw and honest, but at the same time wonderfully practiced and true to the message of her song. Beautiful, beautiful, with amazing discipline over her voice. And, I forgot to mention, a genius of putting together songs that tug at your heart.

Adele has to be the best singer ever, she has the best voice I've ever heard of AND she writes all of her songs (a lot better than some of the above). If you listen to turning tables, rolling in the deep or make you feel my love you'll want her first on this list.

She shouldn't even be in the top 20, honestly, take away the marketing of being emotional (sad lyrics, grey dark stage background and outfits) you're left with basic vocals.

Her music is 1 dimensional, she hasn't branched out anywhere, it's ridiculous to assume she is anywhere near the likes of MC or Whitney.

This list clearly isn't about talent and it's funny how everyone has to talk about how much she's sold and wards to try and sway you.. YOU CAN'T MENTION TALENT BECAUSE SHE HAS NONE. JUST PURE MARKETING OF BEING EMOTIONAL.

Adele is a force that can't be reckoned with. Her voice is so unique and powerful and nothing else compares! I am such a fan of Adele and I hope to see her much much higher on this list because she definitely deserves to be!

I'm not one of Adele fans but seriously this is ridiculous that she is below these people and that is why I personally hate these type rankings, it's stupid and everyone just randomly vote his/her favorite person.
At least respect her as the pros who are giving her grammy s and other awards from time to time.

I think Adele has some of the most powerful vocals ever, and is one of the best living female singers, in my opinion her and Sia are both just outstanding. She has written one of the most successful albums ever and is overall an astounding singer. Rolling in the deep is one of my all-time favorites, and Someone like you is very touching. I'm on team Adele!

Man this really sucks. East or west adele is the best. She is the pure voice among all time list of best female singers. She doesn't need stage appearance. Visual effects, or much instruments. Its just her & her heavenly voice. Make no mistake she is the best

Adele is the best singer EVER! She definitely deserves 1,2 or 3. Her voice is so beautiful and powerful and deep and high... It's everything. You know how everyone has their signature voice talent. (Ariana Grande=high, victoria justice=holding a long note...) Adele has all of those talents. She's like a 100000000 in 1.

Adele is way more amazing than anything else out there, she definitely deserves number one. Plus her lyrics are unique and powerful, honestly she is better than Carey and Dion. I can't believe that she isn't in the top three at least. The intensity of her music is beyond almost everyone.

Beautiful and powerful voice, impressive vocal balanced, and is in my opinion one of the best singer. All of her songs are really well written, and just listen to her voice singing them is unbelieveable. Deserves to be at least top 10. Seeing her ranked as 11th just don't make me satisfied

This woman at least deserves top 5. Not only has she successfully debuted many back to back top of the chart love songs, but her song choices always have a special meaning contending to her own life. Isn't that what being an artist is about? Being able to express your emotions into a beautifully written piece is what truly adresses the quality of a singer.

Pure, natural talent with a personality to match. So nice that she doesn't feel the need to rush out albums one after the other and can enjoy life as well. The next ones gonna be amazing. Another Grammy in waiting. Singer/songwriters like Adele only come along once a lifetime. Embrace the voice and the music.

Adele has an absolutely amazing voice. She is undoubtedly top 3. I actually would put her at 3 behind Houston and Dion. It will be a long while till we get another Houston or Dion, those ladies were a treat to listen to but Adele can give them a run. She should be in the top 3 on any list, she is bliss to the ears.