Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande-Butera, known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American singer and actress. She was born on June 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. She is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and its spin-off show Sam & Cat. more.


Are you kidding me, this tiny girl has a HUGE voice, she needs to be in the top 3! She's worked so hard for her success and she's kills it in her live performances, so much so she makes herself sick. The girl has range! A wonderful talented girl, so humble and kind. She's an inspiration.

Ariana Grande should be in the top 10 on this list. She is kind sweet hearted and her voice is so beautiful and she sounds so amazing when she is live. She never has any voice cracks ever and she can hit the high notes on point. And plus she has the most positive attitude ever! And she cares deeply about her fans and she spreads so much positivity to everyone, even the people that don't like her! She is still nice and sweet to the haters. And every song she makes on any album should be a hit single. Vote Ariana and let's get her to the top 10!

You are so wrong, Ariana deserves to be the second greatest artist. Her voice is amazing and has complete control of her voice, and not to mention her music is pitch perfect!. No one can pitch her voice cause its too beautiful. So I suggest you move Ari up the ladder cause she is amazing!. And also not to mention her concert she recently done for the people who were killed in the terrorist attack. Ariana deserves way more credit then to be a 20 on the greatest female artist of all time.

Ariana has a broad vocal ranged voice and she can whistle tone. She is the new Mariah Carey. She is beyond beautiful. She is one of the most cutest and sweetest people in the universe. She writes her own music and has both of her albums platinum. She should be in the top 10. This is a real "Problem" that she isn't. She should be somewhere in the top ten and she is one of the most famous people in the whole world.

Ariana Grande...beautiful and talented. Lately he has had to mature and go through a lot bless her but all through that she tried to stay strong. She has an amazing voice, she can do whistle tones (not as much because it damages her voice) to some low notes (see her preform the song with Meghan trainer and who is fancy - the song is called boys like you - listen to her preforming it live) Also search her other videos on YouTube, many show her low notes. She has a super skill of being able to dance in heels! I'm skill lol. She is so underrated, get her higher guys, sopport!

I must admit I don't know her music at all. I'm just so proud of her for doing the free concert for Manchester after terrorists bombed her first concert there, and all the other artists that joined her. You could see this young lady was shaken and genuinely concerned for everyone's well being. I thought she was very brave, and she is a great role model for everyone. - Ned964

It's like she doesn't even use auto tune her songs are great it's a bummer that people don't recognize her talent opinion is she is better than everyone I mean Mariah Carey is good BUT and this is a big but when she was young she was great but her voice wasn't as strong as it is now but Ariana Grande her voice is strong and she is only 21 and even when she was 17 she had a strong voice.

This girl has the most beautiful voice, and its all completely natural to her! Watching her perform live... Its like all those incredible notes she hits come as easy as 123 to her! Her range is incredible and she gives me goosebumps!

Ariana has been singing since she practically came out of the womb! That girl has been on Broadway, T.V. , a movie, she has two number one albums already and a WORLD WIDE TOUR and she's only 21. And have you heard her voice? It's angelic. Literally an angel. If you sin just buy her album and you will be okay again

She is my favorite singer! Every one of her songs are phenomenal. She deserves a spot in the top ten. Her my everything album is the best album in the world! She's beautiful with and without makeup, inside and outside. She is very kind hearted. I love her so much. Keep making legit songs Ariana!

She has the best voice ever. Armed with 4 octaves 1 semitone as well as a whistle register, this girl can reach notes at the 7th octave! So why is she only at the 60th place?

Ariana is so inspiring and beautiful and cute I just want to be like her when I grow up victorious is my favourite show and she is my ultimate favourite character and singer and actress she is an amazing role model as is Victoria justice she should be first best

She sounds like a chipmunk crossed with a cow on steroids dying. How do people like this stick figure?

Ariana should be number 1! Sometimes I feel like some stars keep their spot just because of "historical-value", like mariah carey, christina aguilera... please.. Ariana is SO much better. She has the TALENT and puts in hard work! Its shameful towards her to place her number 22 please...

Ariana has shown that her range and talent are unbelievable. She has such a good singing technique that she could sing for days and not get tired. The timbre in her voice is so angelical and touching, but at the same time so powerful that it could literally blow the roof off!

Another young female singer who tries to deceive the public by wearing as little as possible to attract attention.

Ariana is a way better vocalist than most of these singers, but to put her below Katy, Taylor, Rihanna, Gaga, Selena, Avril and Britney?! What a joke. She's the best singer of our current generation. She deserves a top 10 place.

Ariana has the highest voice I've ever heard? Have you ever heard a voice like hers? NO! If you don't know her, go to YouTube and search Ariana Grande: Baby I, Lovin' It, Piano... Any song! You'll be blown away! And then come back to this site and Vote Ariana Grande!

I know right I like your comment is like she can't use any low notes - jbella9000

Many singers above her are not even close to Ariana Grande, her voice is unique and amazing. Her music is also really fun to listen and some are for all the audiences and some, well, are not. But she is amazing she should really be higher

I love Ariana! She is such a talented singer. Not many know her but I guarantee she will be a HUGE star in a few years! Her voice is amazing!

She has a large range! Her voice is huge, and one cannot ignore the act that she has a threenoctive range!

She is amazing. A lot of these singers are auto tuned but her voice is so pure. So pleasant. Beautiful. Listen to "baby I" for example or "one last time" her range and high notes are out of this world. She should be in the top ten for sure!

Her voice is so unique, nobody sounds like her. She should have been higher in this list, I can't believe people like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are higher than Ariana, come on people!

I think she should be number 1 because in all of her songs her voice is always sounding very powerful and beautiful to. Especially in her song " One last time"!

Ariana's vocal range is incredible. she can hit some of the highest notes you have ever heard and still make it sound good. I have faith that ariana will find her way to the number one spot one day. her voice is iconic. also not only can she sing amazingly but she's is also a fabulous actress, a great dancer, and a gorgeous person inside and out!