Beyonce Knowles

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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American singer and actress, who started out in the popular pop/r&b girl group Destiny's Child. They had multiple top 5 hits such as "No, No, No", "Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Survivor", "Independent Women", "Bootylicious", and "Jumpin', Jumpin" from more.


Her vocal control and sense of melody is from another world, and she never "loose her breath" on stage. Her presence and performances are amazingly astonishing. Between the best female singers, she's probably the best dancer. And if all this were not enough, she has a natural talent to compose superhits. I think we humans needs time to recognise all the talent she has, specially her voice, that is masked by her extraordinary beauty. Despite of her success, she always radiates humility and goodness. So yes, I think Bee is the best female artist from all time, and is a matter of time she were included also in the top of this list hand in hand with her own idol Whitney and with Mariah.

You do not know Beyonce. She depends on auto-tune, copies Tina Turner, Lil kim, Foxy Brown, Vanessa Williams, Mariah Carey and even many foreigners. There are so many lawsuits against her for song theft. Take away her theft of styles and works and you'll have nothing left.. - chipower

So many people mistake Beyonce as one of those artist that can't really sing. But man, they are DDEEAAD wrong. I choose her as the best female singer of all time because of her flawlessness when it comes to vocal technique, because of her extreme speed runs, because of how VERSATILE she is. She can sing anything! Most of the time when does covers she does it tons better than the original. Completely underrated as a singer.

Beyonce is a very talented singer, and she has that one of a kind voice that just stands out in the crowd. Beyonce is an extremely popular singer and is known to be the 4th populist singer in the world I think. The song I like the best is 'Love on Top' it's really catchy but it's hard for me to sing so yeah. She is an amazing singer like all other singers and is also going to be a lovely parent with Jay-z.

QUEEN BEY FOREVER AND ALWAYS! I think she should've been #2. Under Whitney because she has one of the greatest voices you'll ever hear in your life. She keeps it new and fresh. She can dance which many of the other people on this list probably can't. She turns her check to all the haters, where as I would just start a twitter fight. She has a message to her music that supports womens rights. And lets not forget she can do her dancing in heels. Now, you have got to give her props for that! Keep rocking Beyonce.

Singing isn't just reaching the highest note! Singing is more on the way a singer performs his/her song! Beyonce is the best female singer of all time because she can sing beautiful ballads and can manage to sing and perform upbeat songs in which the other choices couldn't! Her live performances are awesome and so exceptional! The voice and the moves are so fantastic! Beyonce rules!

She is just flawless and phenomenally talented with that unique strong voice everyone admires she is beautiful and my number one idol. She is unique no matter how many people want to be her there is only 1 bey and everyone has to admit it boys and girls women and men everyone knows she is number 1most FLAWLESS! Every single song is a hit and perfection and she is gorgeous and I love her music especially crazy in love, irreplaceable, blue and single ladies but to be honest they're all amazing and you can't really compare. Clearly the best female vocalist. BEYONCÉ IS PERFECTION! She woke up like this...

I think the AMA speaks for itself when it comes to Beyonce. To me its not just her looks or her singing. She has been through a lot and still remains humble. Through all the haters and gossipers, she still came out on top! That to me, is a true woman. CONGRATULATIONS beyonce, you deserve it!

Beyonce at 22, bet you have never heard her live, she should be AT LEAST in the top ten. #AreUKiddingMe? Her latest album '4' has one of the best vocals of all time, and she does it even better live, come on people IT'S QUEEN BEY

She is the only female artist in the industry currently still making hit and albums who can sing! She is flawless. She can sing up tempo songs such as 'Single Ladies' and dance at the same time without missing a beat, as well as singing intimate, slow, love songs such as '1+1' just sitting on a piano. She is the best female live performer ALIVE and that is not an overstatement. She should be at least in the top 10

Where do I start? Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter is a beautiful, magnificent, blessed, singer, mother, wife, actress, and performer. Usually called 'Queen Bey' this young woman will leave you stunned if your lucky enough to watch her live, or even on YouTube. Her voice is a God-Given blessing. And you can see how she puts all her heart into her music. She started at fifteen on Destiny's Child as the lead vocalist. That all girls group becoming the most fascinating one in the world. Daughter Blue-Ivy and Hubby Jay-Z are lucky. But no one knew that a little girl from Houston, Texas with a strong voice one day rule the world.

I love her voice so much. I always wished I had her talent and skills. Why do they think she's an illuminati? Even thought she is NOT! They should leave her alone and her talents. She did not make a bargain with the devil to become this amazing women! She was told by her father, Matthew Knowles, to join Destiny's Child and that's what got her famous! Plus her competitions on Talent Shows when she was young. She will always be my favorite singer and her make up is so dazzling!

this woman does her try do her best in what ever she can.All the things that she has accomplish went big.And i want to say keep it up because you makle other people in life (woman) believe that they can make it just by hearing your music.

Beyonce is the best singer of all time.. Her voice is absolutely perfect, and no-one could ever compare. She is also one of the most beautiful singers of all time. I'd put her in as number one any day I'm asked she is absolutely amazing. THERE IS ONLY ONE BEYONCE IN THE WORLD.

Beyonce is the most amazing performer! She is the best for me.. And she must be in the top 1 list.. Where can you find a female performer who can dance very hard and can sing a loud without difficulties in breathing.. She must be the first not sarah brightman. And sarah geronimo is so eww yuck! I don't like her voice.. Beyonce must be 1st..

Beyonce is a talented vocalist and an exceptional performer. I don't think anyone can do what she does live. And she's rated below Britney spears? Hmm... I mean, I love Britney, but, really?

This girl should be in the top 10, her vocals are the most highly regarded vocals I and most of the world have and will ever hear. When I saw this girl live she blew me away with the awesomeness that his her voice. Honestly she is the number 1 singer in my books!

i think she better than x-tina and deserves to be before her on that list....because when in dc she didnt really display her vocal ability, but now we do and she has wowed me more than the the other artists of this generation

For me Beyonce' is the best female singer because of her incredibly powerful voice and HUGE vocal range. Whenever I think of music, I think of Beyonce' because she has made it to the top. Her singing is flawless and soulful and I would love to watch her perform. She is a classic.

Beyonce is just amazing. She has the most strongest and unique voice. She is so sexy and gorgeous that I am jealous of her. Every time I listen to her sing it just makes me shiver because she is good. She is also one of the most kindest people in the world! Love you Beyonce the best singer in the world!

Shes the worlds greatest singer' dancer and actress. She made Booty shaking famous and also inspired many young girls to achieve their dreams. I would say that she is a Woman of substance, even in her Mean video clips like 'Run The World' she brought out elegance in her dance moves and etc. Her Singing is just Amazing. We love you Queen Bee!

Beyonce should be further up! Her voice (not just my opinion) is up there with Mariah and xtina. She is an incredible talent and an incredible performer, songwriter, dancer, actor and businesswoman... Not to mention she is one of the most humble celebrities ever! Her voice is flawless and effortless and much, much, better than Madonna for goodness sake! Not to mention she is insanely beautiful! My idol, queen Bey

Dear Beyonce

I Would like to say that I am so extreme blessed and empowered cause of your powerful vocals that you've got from years I'm like wow
This is the talent that I like the mosst you see that talent of your's make feel extreme powerful because of you hot and sexyness and I've got a powerful feeling about the Queen Bee, That Queen Bee like you is such a multiple good hearted true superstar

Love Monk$

We All known that BEYONCE is already a Queen, DIVA, Superstar, etc. and she is the one and only singer that can sing and dance name it. I agree that whitney will rank as #1 next to her I think 2# Tina Turner then #3 Cindy Lauper, next of course #4 Madonna and QUEEN bey will be the #5 ( here it is! The TOP FIVE Best Female at all time)

Beyonce is a tremendous performer and entertainer and has a voice like no other. She can be soft and sweet, and then she can belt out notes that can blow any Mariah/Whitney combination any day! She's the true diva and a true singer! Just watch the I am... Tour DVD, and you'll be overjoyed

A good singer makes you want to sing along and dance but Beyonce does this and more, she makes you feel the music and you lose yourself whilst watching her. Her voice is legendary and she hasn't stripped to earn fame and knowledge of her gifts, she's kept her integrity and there's no one like her and there never will be. She is the best singer of all time!