Celine Dion

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CĂ©line Marie Claudette Dion is a Canadian singer and businesswoman. She is best known for her song "My Heart Will Go On", which is the main theme of the 1997 film Titanic, which was the first film to gross $1 billion at the box office.


I don't understand why people prefer Whitney Houston over Celine Dion. I would assume it is because Whitney Houston made a bigger influence on the media than Celine Dion did, very much like Christina Aguilera. Please don't judge a voice through a bias perspective. Whitney Houston, in terms of vocal perfections lacks compare to Celine. Her mouth is always moving up and down in order to support her voice's vibrato and projection. People would assume she is a great singer because of her "Soul" style, once again, like Christina. Her "Soul" riffs and runs won her audiences' heart. Although, Whitney does have a more powerful projection than Celine does, but people are usually born with that type of voice.

Celine maintained and improved her voice through all these years, where as Mariah, Christina, and Whitney have not. Other things rely on growls, withe riffs, and any other vocal technique that draws them away from having to prolong a crisp sustain tone. Celine excels in vocal ...more

All the high notes and pitches are under her hands! She has a superb voice that can make you stand up and amazed. Her voice brings emotions to lyrics in her songs.. - hayreanmarjon

She got the ability to chill me to the bone. I'm never all by myself because her voice always accompanied and even haunted me in every second I breathe. She has the crystal clear voice that made you can completely listen to the lyrics, which are fortunately put into beautiful words. Her range definitely amazed me, I never got tired or bored by her voice, but instead each day I'm entertained. Her emotions are flowing swiftly through every note she hits, makes me wanna break down and cry because of the glory. She had the most amazing talent, power, stamina, control. Not only that, even though performing live on stage not one of her voice are changed! She made no mistake, and she got the charm and beauty as an angel as well when she performed. Her songs are the most powerful and heartshaking ballads that never get old. She is very classy and classic, and every song she have sung became the best ones in the world. No one in the list could compare to her unique gift, she had the superb, ...more

Not only is Celine Dion the best female singer of all time, but she has been active in the show business for more than 25 years. Unlike Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, her fame, talent and her worldwide success hasn't messed her up in the head! Don't want to take away their talent, but Houston and Carey have had severe problems (drugs, depression, crazy husbands, divorces). Celine has stayed true to who she is and has been living a quiet life far from problems, scandals and bad press.

Why she is at no.09. She should be always number one. She is the best female singer of all time. Her songs are very good.. Some are sweet.. Overall her songs are excellent... Her song 'to love you more, that's the way it is, the power of love, I love you, my heart will go on, I surrender, Immortality, if we could start over, it's all coming back to me now' are the best songs of every time.. Her voice is very strong... Sometimes sweet and sometimes.. She is very good when she does a rising voice... I like her very much... More than I can say and more than others.. Thanks you for the musics... My Celine

Celine Dion must be number one! She has the most beautiful, elegant, superb, controlled voice I've ever heard! She handles perfectly every single high/low note and pitch! It's unfair to be judged worse than Mariah Carey and if you don't believe me hear the DIVAS LIVE IN LAS VEGAS! If you hear Mariah in "My all" you think that she gonna die on stage with asthma! If you hear Celine in all of the songs that she sing it's like you hear the recorden in studio songs! So perfect! Absolutely BEST!

Simply put... class. Sure, she will never gain the sane amount of recognition for her runs, melismas or artistry comparing to Whitney or Mariah. But, she was never interested in those kind of vocals. She never needed to! Just sustaining a note... crisp and clear, pitch perfect, was more powerful than any of the other trinity members. Now, at the age of 46 she is able to execuute the same notes she was known for. She transitions into head and chest fluently without any break and is able to belt A5s effortlessly and add a lyrical effect... which showcases perfect breath control. Above all this she always portrayed respect and humility to fellow singers. Never regarding herself as a better singer than her peers. That is a diva! Not only the voice, but the attitude! Not one scandal to be spoken of yet she was recently revealed to be the 8th richest musician in the world and she isn't even part of the mainstream anymore... she truly made her mark in history and should not be taken for just ...more

She should be on the 1. Place?!

She's so amazing. Her voice is the most powerful and special. She is and will ever be the best female singer. Of course the opinions are different but the technique like she sings and all the high notes that she sings are so clear that everyone who knows something about music must say, that she is great.

But for me she's the best of all time and I love her voice so very much that I never will find words to describe it.

She makes me standing up, she makes me cry or laugh and to have such a voice must be a brilliant gift.

And something other... Can anybody tell me, why she's got 4% of the votes like Sarah Geronimo and is on the 7th place?
Anyway, she must be the first!

Celine definitely deserves the #1 top spot. She is an amazing vocalist of her own league and can belt powerful with perfect resonance and pitch. Her voice is just so unique got me since the first time I heard her since then I don't doubt she is the best singer in the world. Incredibly talented and so down to earth dedicated to her family and career with no scandals. Unlike whitney houston which in my opinion certainly does not deserve the top spot because although she qas a good singer she decided to go the wrong path and ruined her life and career with drug abuse. She did not took proper care of her voice which resulted in terrible consequences for her career such as flop albums and becoming debt with sony with tens of millions of dollars. And what I have to say about mariah carey is that she is a pampered Siva who thinks she is the best singer to walk the face of the earth. Well although I personally never liked her because of her attitude which is annoying and overrated nor her ...more

Celine deserves #1! She can sing in French, English, Latin, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese! She also has had two theme songs for 2 movies ("Titanic" and "Up close and Personal", has won heaps of awards, has won heaps of competitions as a child and adult! Celine is also a mother of three boys (NOTE: She had twins, and miscarriages. Celine has sponsored lots of foundations, she is married and she is not the diva a lot of people think she is! She is so giving and she is not selfish. Before she was famous, she was happy with what she had, she got famous the harder way. She also has a powerful voice and has emotion behind it. She is the Queen of Pop. Team Celine all the way!

Celine is without a doubt the best singer of all time. She can bring tears to your eyes or joy to your heart with the songs she sings, she puts so much passion into every song. She has never ending personality, charisma, love for all people. If she ever decided to break into the christian music scene she could help to bring millions of people to the Lord. Everyone loves her. She is the true #1 singer hands down.

Not only does her voice have the power to absolutely destroy mediocre movies about historical tragedies. She also has a degree in magic, making her a certified witch! She is like a cool rogue-like antihero of the musical world, because she makes music to capitalize on our culture instead of enriching it like your clean-cut Aretha Franklins and Beth Gibbonses. But where most antiheroes have a heart of gold, she doesn't even have a soul! That's just the way Celine rolls! Her songs go farther then making you heart melt. They will make your blood boil! She is the most successful female performer today, because she shatters the song charts, the album charts and the eardrums in one fell swoop. I literally cannot think of one negative thing to say about her.

Celine is without a shadow of a doubt the powerhouse of our time. She has given me many happy years through her music and her determination and sincerity is inspiring. Her vocal range and ability is way above anybody else and everything she touches turns to gold and I am so glad she continues to make powerful music. In fact I don't think it's a voice she has its an instrument! Therefore celine should be no1..

There are no words, she can do anything with her voice and she's always ready, you can walk into her in the street and ask her to sing and she will blow you away. She sings with so much emotion, I listen to Celine Dion so much, because she really puts everything into every song, and she really has a song and a album for every music type and mood, I love her too bits. And on top of it all she is SUPER HOT!

Celine should be the number one female artist. I mean Mariah, whitney, sarah brigthman and some others that I haven't even heard of above Celine... Come on people whats wrong with you. I've seen Celine twice in concert and she is fantastic. This lady could sing the phone book and make it sound great and as far as I'm concerned she is the best singer in the world without a shadow of doubt!

Well for me, she is the best singer... Her voice was so amazing and terrible... , she can sing soul, ballad, r&b, rock, diva, etc. She has a different performance that people will not bothered, I like her so much... When you see Celine, and Mariah showdown, oh! Celine more voice than Mariah ... She on over top of pitch and notes than Mariah. She sing different style, so I vote for Celine Dion! Celine Dion you're the best!

Celine Dion is God's gift to everything that is important in this life. She touches so many lives through her music, yes, but her undying devotion to her family, her career, and her fans makes her the single most amazing person on Earth. Her humbling spirit shines down on all that adore her and she touches lives each and everyday. There is no doubt that she is an angel, just listen to her belt those remarkable lyrics and watch her make music history one decade at a time. Celine is one of a kind and is truly a Godsend.

Celine has been my favorite since she released her first single!
She has a beautiful voice, great range and control.
I enjoy listening to Kelly Clarkson, Martina McBride, classic Heart, Christina Aguilera, when she sings normal, she has a beautiful voice too, if she would just sing and stop trying to over sing everything. Leona Lewis, Katherine McPhee, Hayley Williams, Amy Lee, Carrie Underwood and Pat Benatar. Women who can sing a song with passion and sound clear!

celine dion does not require an introduction... she the best female singer with a well well defined vocals which cannot be matched up or bowed down... she is a record breaking best selling female artist. all the high notes and the low ones are tightly clutched in the hands and no one can dare to open it... celine is the best and will remain the best for ever - nomad18

Celine is by far the greatest female vocalist of all time! She sings from the heart and belts out every single note so perfectly that each time she opens her mouth to sing you get goosebumps... Out of all the great singers she's been the most consistent and one of the few who still has THE voice after all those years... For that and much more she deserves the number 1 spot!

This woman should be in the top spot not just because of her music but because of the way she is as a person, she is the only artist who wants to relate to her fans and she has sung in over 25 languages has taken French language music to new heights no other artist has done that... she took a chance to go back to school to learn to speak English her work ethic is unlike any artist she has the energy to keep going she is strong woman who never forgets where she comes from she is still and will always be the little girl from Quebec

Celine according to the Recording Industry Association is number 1 with over 200,000,000 record and 100,000,000 singles sold to date.. That is why at the World Music Awards of 2005 She was honored with a special award to denote her as THE BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME..Head over to U-Tube and check out the Celine Dion 2005 World Music Award...

Celine Dion is a singer's singer! I'm impressed because she can do things I can't vocally! Hitting higher notes while not risking her tonal integrity. Some singers in this list can reach higher notes, but not without sacrificing the tone. To me, trills and runs are over killed often! Which take away from the emotion of a song. Celine gives herself fully to the song and the feeling. Not over doing it yet definitely showing her amazing skills vocally! There has never been another singer who chills me to the bone in the way she does!

She is definitively the best of all the time, because she's got a voice like the world never heard before! Her voice makes people standing up when they're down and she can sing everything. Her voice is something very special and you'll never find a woman who has such a great voice and so a brilliant note spectrum with so a clear sound.
It's great too, like she is always like she is. She always says her opinion and you can see like she loves singing when she does. I think she could be not better like she is, because she's already the best and we can't give an negative thing about her, and that's to be good and to be the best singer ever!

Celine dion is the best singer of all time, specially at her 90's
her singing technique is like magic, no body knows her secret or ever will.
a real legend. And charice Pempengco at number 2, sarah brightman number 1?
laugh out loud ridiculous... I would say 1-whitney,2-celine,3-mariah carey
best singers in history their voices has, stamina/strength/agility "at their prime"