Christina Aguilera

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Christina MarĂ­a Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for songs such as "Beautiful", "Genie In A Bottle", "Fighter", "Hurt", "Dirrty", "Your Body", "Lady Marmalade", "Reflection", "I Turn To You", "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" "What A Girl Wants" and more.


Christina Aguilera is truly the greatest female singer of our time, with the ability to command total attention on stage and manipulate the emotions of listeners with her powerful and touching voice, Christina's vocal range and unique tonality of her voice easily lift her to the position of the greatest female singer of today. Move over mariah, simply trilling and belting with no feeling isn't enough to win my vote. You may have an amazing voice but Christina's expression and emotional style beats you hands down. Whitney is also a beautiful artist!

She is my most favourite singer of all time! Been listening to her music ever since I was really little. I still listen to the songs from her album Stripped to this day and it is what has helped me through some hard times. Her lyrics are so meaningful and truly touch me to the core. Not to mention she her amazing voice. Her voice is one of the most talented I have heard and surpasses the voices of many other artists. Her voice is so strong and through some of her songs, you can definitely feel her pain. She's one of the singers who has always made me get chills down my back whenever I hear her song.


Christina aguilera is THE BEST VOCALIST ON THE EARTH! She has worked with elton john, herbie hancock, etta james, and many legends! Celine dion said she is the best vocalist. I adore her, and can't wait for her new album, Bionic! - markok22

Oh, I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself, oh, oh, oh.
If I had just one more day
I would tell you how much that I've missed you since you've been away...

What a awesome song by "Christina Aguilera" I listen this song hundred of time and still listen almost every day..I have no word for "Christina Aguilera" she is just "AwEsOmE"...! - Aman_Sharma121

Incredibly talented voice! Her ability has transcended so many different types of music. She can collaborate with the best of them and with the worst of them and the songs are nothing but perfection because of her talent. She has sung with the likes of Andre Bocelli, Nelly, Madonna, etc. Now talk about different styles of music. This list has her underrated. Her voice appeals to a bigger crowd as a result. She doesn't just play what some might consider bubble gum music. She isn't confined to a single box. Everyone that is listed above only does one style of music.

There are a lot of people who criticize Christina Aguilera for her technique. Some criticize her for her melisma-filled runs. The way I personally see it is as singing full force with everything you possibly have. Christina Aguilera does not sing without feeling what she is singing. She grew up listening to her favorite artist, Etta James. To blues singers like Etta, there is no "technique" to singing. You sing how you feel. Blues singers do all kinds of runs with trills, squeals, and even screams. People do not seem to understand this. She can sing calm and collected, with little melisma and runs, but that is not what singing is to her. I feel her emotion in every word she says, and that, to me, makes a great singer.

I don't care if Christina Aguilera swears to fight for some great singer on 'The Voice U. S' because that is just who she is and she is what fights to make everything the best as she can. She ain't the kind of person that like after 3 tries quits, she just does it until she gets it right and that is what makes her singing great and just because there is rumors or like her album sales go down, there isn't a reason to not vote for Christina Aguilera. Her voice is FANTABULOUS and beats all the other singers. So vote for Christina!

This girl has the looks she has the voice of an angel and no one can surpass her strength and charisma she was born on earth to sing, there no doubt about that. She is the best of all times, I love you Christina and don't you ever give it up.

Christina Aguilera has one of the greatest voices of all time. Her ability to improvise and interpret her music is nearly unparalleled. Her voice transcends. She constantly amazes me. Her lives performances are breath-taking; often times, they surpass her studio recordings. Most pop artists cannot do that. Her range, her execution, her performance, everything is sublime.

Christina Aguilera is my queen. Apart from being beautiful, She is the voice of our generation.
She's my inspiration and my idol. She's writes songs that her fans can relate to. The songs that I can relate to are 'I'm Ok' and 'Oh Mother'
She's getting a lot of st because of her weight... You know what? I have gained weight too and she loves her body and that has inspired me to love mine too.
She really is a LEGEND... LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

Christina Aguilera has the most amazing voice compared to all the other female singers to date. Her ability to control her vocals from singing the highest notes or whistles I believe they call it with no hesitation or putting her finger in her ear like Mariah Carey, who now unlike Christina relies on dubbed tapped vocals playing as she tries to actually sing live and making herself look like a fool like the day she sang on good morning America with her raspy voice to telling a backup singer to please Dahling help a lady down the stairs then trying to fit her bloated body in a dress that was obviously to small for her causing the zipper to brake, I mean seriously Mariah Was so humble when she first hit the music industry but now has more botox and implants than anyone should have. She used to be a pretty girl now she looks foolish and doesn't even come close to the talent of Christina I mean dame that girl can sing from her chest to her throat with ease and her control is amazing not ...more

Christina is one of few singers that actually sounds better live than recorded! Her range is incredible and you can tell she feels each song to the core of her being. Her lyrics are so inspiring. You can definitely tell that Christina's love for singing outweighs any monetary compensation. She would sing no matter what because it makes her feel at home, it's where her heart is:) She's beyond amazing and it my view she's not just the voice of her generation, she is THE VOICE of all time!

Seriously? Ok that Whitney Houston, Celine Dion pass it because the old feel better (I do not), but the voice of the spewing of Mariah Carey and Beyonce does not sing, but screams. Now Mariah and Beyonce go from Christina Aguilera (The Voice Of Generation) is not knowing what is actually voice!

Christina's voice is almost an acquired taste, but just because it is "not for everyone" does not mean that it is any less brilliant. She has such a strong instrument, and she seems to know how to use it. Her technique may not be flawless (every singer has flaws), but since when does that make or break a vocalist? Her range, raw power, and fascinating melisma capabilities only show the physical excellence that is her voice; it is the pure emotion and soul she displays that truly exhibits the fantastic singer she is.

Christina is definitely THE DIVA of her generation! She is very talented and such an amazing vocalists! Very creative and always one step ahead in creating her style of music... Back to Basics is one of my favourite album and very conceptual... You GO CHRISTINA! I Love you!

First of all, it's sad that Nicki Minaj is even on this list, seeing is how she can't even sing, she's a rapper with her voice auto-tuned so she can sing, and second, I believe if an artist uses auto-tune constantly they should not be on this list. Christina Aguilera has a unique and hauntingly beautiful voice, and the diversity of it is incredible. I believe she is the best singer of our generation.

Christina sings with very powerful vocal and she is simply UNMATCHED in her power. She is undoubtedly capable of soprano ranges but she opts for powerful singing instead of high vocal. Some medias also mention that she has Mariah carey's range but she chooses not to use that.

An intelligent and talented artist, Christinas vocal capabilities are outstanding even for the likes of Mariah. She controls the media like the complete professional she is and her radiant star will shine for years thanks to her strong-willed and confident personality. A true superstar!

I was worried when I heard her doing the commercial top 40 stuff when she was first hitting the charts. I never liked what record companies do to make their money using talent like hers. I could hear that talent in every note, and I really wanted her to stand next to the big tune greats- Streisand, Houston, Deon... Now she is.
It takes time for careers to develop and CA's is going to be around for a long time. She can do anything and reach into anyone with the power of her voice. And I predict, like a fine violin or cello, she's only going to get better with time. I can hardly wait.

Christina is, in my opinion, one of the top 5 greatest female singers of all time. She has amazing range and is a powerhouse. This girls got pipes! She is also so young, yet she ranks up with Whitney and Celine who have been doing this a lot longer. Simply amazing!

Christina Aguilera's voice control, and vocal range inspires me to sing. When I have my doubts, I will always look up to her songs and tell myself "if you want to do it, you can do it, because no one can stop you from doing what you can". Because from the way she sings, she sings it with passion, and when she sings, and from what I see, she sings it because she wants to and it is as if no one can stop her from doing it

Can we be honest here? This is not a list of the all-time best singers, at least not in the correct order. Your top 20 is more a list of the top 20 singers of the last twenty years with occasional legends like Aretha sprinkled in because your list would have zero credibility if she were not at least in the top twenty. Barbra Streisand is not in your top 20, nor is Diana Ross or Judy Garland. Your list really starts to lose steam with Aguilera and continues through the top ten. Adele, Katy, Taylor, and Amy Lee have not been around long enough to be in an all-time top ten, and I would say fifty years from now The only one who might would be Adele. Keepin' it real...

She's simply the best! A huge range of notes that she can hit and the thing that I love the most about her music is that her song are fulfiled with emotions and when she performs Xtina really feels rhythm, lyrics and all that kinda stuff. And last but not least she's REAL! For instance Katy Perry, Rihanna and all these "pop-divas" can't sing that well and they are pretending to be someone else E.G. not being honest, natural... And in my opinion that's a pity

I was 8 when I heard her voice and 15 years later she still inspires me, my life would not be the same without Christina I couldn't imagine a day where I don't listen to her music or need it in my life, she is one of the true artist left in the business today, her voice is incredible making you feel every emotion possible, my darkest times in life her voice and music lifted me out of it, fighter forever xxx