Eva Cassidy

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Can't believe ever Cassidy is not on the list, when beyonce and mariah carey made it to top 10. Well if you talk about commercial success then may be this list is justified but if you count talent and purely just the voice you will know what I mean. Just listen to her songs and you will know for yourselves. I suggest songbird, over the rainbow, fields of gold, autumn leaves, imagine and many more.

Quality and quantity should not be confused. Although ever has a limited number of recordings left, the superb quality of her voice and the emotion she knows to communicate are unique and unequaled.
The intimacy of the few visual recordings are so real, moving and unadorned. In fact once you have heard and seen the recordings you really don't care how she is ranked. She will be your reference for any other singer anyway.

I do not understand two things here... how anyone can compare Norah jones to the Amazing Eva Cassidy... and why the hell is she so far down this list... How is this for a BOLD statement...
EVA CASSIDY & KAREN CARPENTER are the two best female vocalists on this list for style, clarity, passion and pure talent!

What a talent. She used her beautiful and powerful voice wonderfully to express the words she was singing. She sang with so much passion and on top of it she had brilliant breath control and lovely, clever phrasing skills which helped her to say what she needed say. She bless me every time I listened to her,

This amazing unknown brought Sting himself to tears when he heard her sing Fields of gold. My wife has this album and let me tell all, even as a musician myself. Her voice is by far the most luminous of anyone I've ever heard. I guess with all respect she left on a high note before the commercial world squeeze her.

Love the comparison between ever and Karen. Both reluctant stars who never understood just how good they really were, both with an effortless ability to inject an incredible amount of raw passion and soul into their performances and both taken far too early.

Ever's recordings live are better than 99% of other female singers who use a recording studio. Her passion, range, sincerity touch the heart of soul of those who have heard her. She fosters tears often listening to her songs. An angel who died far too young!

I like all styles of music, and when you hear ever sing it is truly inspirational. To look at great songstresses such as some of the ones mentioned in the lists above, they do have exceptional talent in their field, but ever transcended many contemporary styles with class.

Ever Cassidy should be MUCH higher on this list. She is an absolutely stunning singer. Her pitch is perfect, her voice sounds always effortless, her phrasing is breath taking. Once you listen to her singing you get goosebumps.

On the other hand there are singers voted higher in this list who can't even sing in tune.

Ever Cassidy died so young... If you want to hear the best, listen to her beautiful voice. Her talented voice can sing all styles of music. I can guarantee if you listen to her you will not be disappointed! She is simply the best.

Ever Cassidy should be right at the top at number one. Absolutely amazing voice! R.I. P ever.

Currently, "singers" are mostly sexy dancers with voice and music definitely secondary. If that is the current preference for "singers", then what can be done? A vote is a vote. However, for wonderful singers who move you like no others, there is no female singer like ever; she is simply the best. The truth is real and no debate can change it.

Her rendition of "Over the Rainbow" is, in my humble opinion, one of the great solo artist recordings of our time. If she had recorded nothing else but this one song, she would still be remembered as one of the great vocalists of our time.

Discovered her only recently, but was blown away by the quality of her singing and the emotion she displayed in every song. Also the range of genres she mastered is extraordinary. Too bad she died young; truly one of the great ones.

So many great voices, none seem to touch me the way ever's does. If you haven't heard ever, take a little time to listen and read her story, absolutely inspiring.

I just found Eva a week ago, and I can't get over her voice. Oh Danny Boy, Fields of Gold, and many more show her powerful and sweet voice even when she is singing softly.

When you hear "Stormy Monday" Live at Blues Alley. You then realise what a great singer we lost. Ever's phrasing and interpretation gives her a top 10 entry at the very least.

Yep. I've listened to her for about 10 years now. I never get over the absolute purity and genuine communication. Mariah and Whitney do not share this ability.

JUST TRY TO LISTEN TO HER VERSIONS : Blues in the night; Cheek to cheek; Little children; Imagine; Over the rainbow; Field of gold; Autumn leaves; Penny to my name; and many more and you will find something extraordinary. For me she is an angel

No one did better covers than Eva. Checkout her Fields of Gold, Over the Rainbow, Autumn Leaves,What a Wonderful World, and Kathy's Song, Imagine. Too bad we lost her so young.

The best female voice the planet has seen, relatively unknown due to early death from cancer. Discovered in UK after her death and rivaled the Beatles and Stones in CD sales. Ranks with Judith Durham as all time best female singer in my humble opinion. Alison Krause also ranks in the top 10.

Amazing Voice. Will never tire of hearing her recordings! Anyone not familiar with her needs to listen!

For me ever Cassidy is the best, without doubt. I can listen to her every day and never get bored of her beautiful voice.

When I saw the title to this list, Eva Cassidy and Karen Carpenter came to mind immediately. I also think k.d. lang has an amazing voice.

I suppose not many have heard of eva. Only lucky ones such as u and me do appreciate her voice. What about Lata mangeskar or Nora Jones