Jackie Evancho

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Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .


So what if Jackie's career has been short thus far? There are many Jackie fans who have heard many of the greats on this list (trust me, they have lived long enough to do so) but they have concluded that Jackie is the best that they have heard and have voted accordingly.

Jackie has less than 1% of the total votes; why would anyone begrudge her that 1% just because she is young?

Voting on "greatness" is inherently subjective - if we were going to judge greatness based on career longevity, or number of records sold, or number of concerts given, or number of tour miles logged, we could just crunch the numbers and give the top prize to the singer with the most impressive stats; and dispense with voting altogether.

Singers like Jackie Evancho and Susan Boyle are the exceptions; they have not followed the conventional career path. That does not make their inclusion on this list invalid. - BobG

Jackie Evancho is extremely super talented youngest female singer of all time and she's definitely deserve with in top #10 her singing and voice control is just awesome she sings like an angel..! - Aman_Sharma121

Jackie is not just a singer she's a phenomenon! Blessed with a miraculously angelic voice from the age of eight, and the sweet personality to go with it, she has sung to full venues all over the USA and all over the world. She has sung for heads of state, including President Obama and the Japanese Royal family, and many other notable dignitaries. One of the top finalists in many competitions, including America's Got Talent at the age of ten, she continues to make more members of her audiences cry tears of joy than any other performer. Who else has been a feature on PBS national T.V. nearly a dozen times, including three (! ) Great Performances special shows of her own, while still a child? She has already sold millions of albums, each of which debuted high on The Rolling Stones charts. She still considers herself a "normal" high school kid, yet she has given herself to raising millions of dollars for good philanthropic causes! A great inspiration and role model for so many young ...more

If this list was for the best known, most popular or most successful singer of all time then Jackie would be way down on the list. But this list is for the BEST female singer of all time and right now she is #1 (hell, she may have been the best when she was 9) and the gap to #2 is widening. I've liked songs from many of the singers on this list, but Jackie is the first singer that I have liked just about every song she sings. Go to one of her concerts and hear her live then you'll understand what is driving all these comments about her voice.

Jackie, youngest singer to go platinum, at age ten, is an angelic youngster with the God-given voice of an angel. Born April 9, 2000, this enchanted child astonished listeners with her full mature voice from the age of eight or nine, proving that "miracles do happen! " Now an enchanting adolescent, she still brings many to tears by the beauty and expression of her singing, while continuing to be an inspiring role model with her polite thoughtful personality and generous philanthropy.

Perhaps the God- given voice of a mature angel coming from an enchanted little girl is more obviously miraculous than coming from an enchanting young lady, but dear Jackie is still going, just as strong and just as angelic as ever, traveling the world in her mid- teens to share her breath- takingly beautiful vocal gift with those in other countries and on other continents. Yes, her recordings and videos are astonishing and wonderful, but still cannot compare with the overwhelming experience of hearing and seeing her live in person!

Angelic Jackie has had the God-given voice of an angel from the time she was eight until now (mid-teens). Such a voice miraculously coming from an enchanted child might have seemed more fascinating than coming from an enchanting teen, but, unlike Peter Pan, Jackie can not help growing up. She was the youngest solo performer to have a platinum album (Age 10) and the youngest to sing at a major league ballgame (Age 9). She is the ONLY solo performer to be featured in THREE PBS T.V. "Great Performances" specials! She, her family, and her Sony team continue to choose beautiful classical crossover songs that bring tears of joy to men and women of all ages, and her concerts, all over the world, are very well attended. She is likely to become a legend in her own time

Her voice in itself is stunning, but the way that she presents her songs, emotionally, is just mindblowing! She alters her voice to fit different types of songs. For example, she sings in a light and cheerful way when singing a happy song, and she has a richer, darker voice when singing more serious songs. The way she carries herself and her emotions throughout the songs are the main reason for why she gets so many standing ovations, and why her audience gets so emotional. On stage, she has this seemingly almost personal connection with the audience. No matter what kind of song she is singing, she nails it every time, and puts her own personal twist to it. Last but not least, she does it all at only 14
Years of age.

Jackie Evancho has, by far, the purist, richest and most beautiful voice EVER. Her vocal instrument creates a sound that transcends any earthly measure and one that will leave you wanting more and more and more. I challenge anyone to listen to her version of Danny Boy (YouTube) without shedding a tear. Absolutely breath taking and beautiful as is every song she sings. And what an endearing and well grounded persona, confident yet humble.

Jackie has perhaps the most beautiful voice in the history of recorded music. And that's not even what she's good at.
What she's good at is making people cry. I have never seen another singer, of any age in any genre from any era, who consistently has so many people in her audiences who are crying.
She's simply stunning.

She is the best singer because of the way she control her angelic voice and the way she perform in that very young age. I don't actually get interested to a classical music but when I watch her in You Tube and hear her voice and the way she sing I get totally interested in listening classical music especially when she is the singer. I actually always listening to her songs before sleeping at night.

Besides the albums and singles that display her excellent interpretations of great songs with that angelic voice, Jackie is making some marvelous videos these days - you can see some of them online - unforgettable

Jackie Evancho below Ariana Grande, a joke, right? Ariana can't sing opera like Miss Evancho

This list is complete and utter trash. Jackie Evancho has more talent and voice than Shakira Christina Cher Miley and especially Grande who can't even hold a note. By the way this is a popularity list since the two best singers Adele and Melissa Etheridge sit No.6 and not even on the list. when you publish a list don't make it a like list make it a talent list. Selena and Bjork would not appear on that list.

Jackie now 16 is expanding and experimenting with new music. Of all the great talent presented on this list I believe Jackie has the most potential for professional growth. I believe her popularity will grow and she will eventually top this list.

Oh my... What a voice and soul, it's just a pleasure listening to her, she has a magnificent voice it's really captivating and angelic! She should be on top, meaning #1! Yes she is young and have a relatively short career but she has talent, charm and is so humble... There will never be someone else like her and good luck finding them, I'm not interested in any other artists and please don't even try comparing!

I don't understand how some of these artists are above her because for me she is the best! She CAN actually sing... Without auto tune! Back in 2010 when she sang with Sarah Brightman, she sang better than Sarah at age 10! Then she released
an album at age 11, going platinum! 2011 also releasing a Christmas album. 2012 Songs From The Silver Screen. 2014 releasing Awakening, best album for me and I was really gob smacked, she is really fantastic and my all time favorite person and artist! 2015 releasing All Of The Stars song and a video, also Safe & Sound and a video. 2016 releasing Writings on The Wall, Coming Home with videos... Releasing Apocalypse (Original song) with a video! She pulls your heart strings, really and she is the artist of this century... Also THE ONLY artist who can make me cry and all of her songs, literally all of them, you can listen to them all! Hope she has a long career ahead of her and continues to make her fans cry tears of joy and peace!

I have listened to many great singers over the years, Garland, Streisand, Andrews.. Those with something special. Voices with inevitability and greatness.
It has been a while since a voice appeared in that category.
But now we have Evancho.
Watch her rise,

Jackie is still in the early stages of her singing career, but she has already won many peoples hearts with her heavenly voice and genuine personality. If she is your type of singer you will never tire of listening to her, there is nothing about her voice that disturbs you, always pure and expressive and spot on.

Someday, Jackie will be ranked in the top ten on this list and many of us will wonder why it did not happen sooner. Jackie is not a "child singer", she is a teenager (15 years old) and the songs from her latest album Awakening show just how much she has developed personally and professionally. - BobG

Jackie Evancho is just beginning her career and perhaps not too many people have heard of her. Jackie Evancho has the most beautiful sound ever. Once you hear this beautiful young lady sing you will buy her records and play them all the time. She has a mesmerizing voice like no other. She's that good.

There are a lot of pretty voices, but if you are looking for perfect pitch, tone and quality, wonderful interpretation and magnificence to the nth degree, there is no other than Jackie Evancho. Add to that her stage presence and charming personality and beauty and you have the whole package.

Jackie has accomplished so much In such a short time. It's truly Amazing. Once you hear his beautiful young lady sing You would just want to buy her recording and play them and it would never get old. She is a Great Singer. - Dreamformusic

An incredible talent! I could not believe my ears when I first heard this young lady sing. She is the youngest person ever to go platinum and did so at age 11. She will bring tears to your eyes unless you are simply not moved by music.

At 13 years of age This fantastic artist has garnered praise from many countries of the world. Her acclaim in the classic crossover community is growing daily. If any pop fans would bother to you tube her, she would be in the top 10 in no time. Give her a look and be amazed. THEN VOTE 1