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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, professionally known by her stage name Katy Perry, was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. ...read more.


I saw Katy be a guest coach on American Idol once, and unlike most singers who just act as cheerleaders and tell the contestants how great they sound or how pretty they look, she actually gave them some advice! What a concept! She pointed out to them that if they make it big, their life would change. They would have far less privacy, see their family far less often, and be away from home for months at a time. To me, this is much more important than whether they look nice in that dress or that sweater. It's obvious Katy is a good person who cared not just about whether the contestants could make it, but to be prepared for what's next if they do. Reality shows could use more coaches/judges like her.

I actually like Katy Perry and think she's very talented but she does not belong in the top 20. From this point on no one in the current top 20, with the exception of Madonna, has been around long enough to be an influence on other artists. Keep in mind this is an ALL-TIME list. This is not who has the current number one single, or sells out stadiums nowadays. That would be a top singer of 2015 list, or something on that order. When you talk about all-time lists, there is a legacy involved, and a whole career to consider. There is also the influence factor, for instance, there seems little doubt that Perry was heavily influenced by Madonna. Yet she's rated ahead of her? Shouldn't be. Very few listed in the top 20 have been around long enough to have been an influence. I would say that would include Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Beyoncé, certainly Aretha and Madonna, and Pink and Avril might be getting close. While others, especially Adele, are really talented, there is a list for them. It ...more

People have some respect for the really good vocalist singers that are here. how are you going to compare whitney, Mariah, celine, aretha, adele with Katy, Taylor, or any other bad vocalist singers now. I'm not saying they are not talented because they are but just entertaining and playing some instruments, but they are not good singers at all. Even Madonna is a bad singer even though she a icon. Just the voice sound nice in the studio version doesn't mean is the real voice; is more effects than lyrics, you should listen to them live and you'll see the difference. So sad the idea of vocalist now a days. Examples of a good vocalist right now: adele, Beyonce, Adriana grande, Christina Aguilera, Lara Fabian, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, sia, pink, Jennifer Hudson, lea Michele and a few more.

Bad vocalist: Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and a lot more!

I am not a person who is really into English songs like there is no song that I could easily like, but Katy Perry is more than awesome! Her voice is so expressive like when I hear any of her songs, they simply touch me. Even if I listen to a specific singer, I may just like 1 or 2 of her songs, but as for Katy Perry, I like most of her songs like rarely you could find any of her songs that is not really nice. The only bad thing about her songs is that many of her music videos are really indecent like Teenage Dream, but the song itself is perfect. Katy Perry should be #1.

More than half of the people up there no body knows! -. - KATY PERRY IS KNOWN AND LOVED WORLD WIDE! She works hard for her stuff! She's sweet and very talented! -. - her songs have reached limits no other songs have reached, she tied the king of pop! She deserves to be in the top five LOVE YOU KATY!

Top 5, whoa there. Calm down. First off, the popularity of Katy's music has nothing to do with her vocal ability. Secondly, Not one katy perry song has reached the limit of "I will always love you" or "respect". Number 3, She never, ever will be on the same level as Michael Jackson. - anewman

What the!
She deserves to be at the top. Who made this list. No one has as unique voice as she does. And she is the first female artist to have 5 singles from one album topping the billboard's hot favorite and second among all right after Michael jackson. She is going to rock the world in future years you just wait and watch her breaking all the records I bet she will.

There are odd choices on lists on this site, and Katy is missing on some (positive ones) in which she should be included. I vote for her here because unlike some people's beliefs she's a fantastic singer with a lot of power, expression, and endurance during year-long exhausting tours, but also a great songwriter and entertainer. She's had a great influence on me artistically, vocally, and in a lot of other aspects.

She's awesome! But she knows that without Her God this could not be possible in her life. It's even going to get better than this. Watch. He taught her, was at her rehearsals, encouraged her. He was there guiding and showing her paths for part of the plan He has for her in this life. To God be the Glory. All the credits.

Katy should be Number 1 in this list! She really is a talented, hardworking women! She is so beautiful both from inside and outside! Katy Perry is my hero, my inspiration, my idol, my life, my world, my everything! I just can't describe how much I love her! KatyCat 4 Ever! Katy really care about her fans and she really love her fans too! Katy is the Light of my life! And she inspired me and saved me from the past and made me stronger! I feeling an really strong connection to her! Nobody will NEVER lose my love and hope to her! - KatyCat

Katy is awesome and is world famous, you should definitely vote for her because her songs have really great things to say in it that reminds you of the memories from the past and not is she not an amazing singer but an awesome person with a very great personality that you could relate. And I really want her to win because she is the best
VOTE 4 KATY! -selena gomez

I don't care what anyone says I will always be a katycat no matter what she is amazing, talented, multi- awarded, beautiful and any kind of colored hair suits her like seriously I have friends who wish to be like her. Also katy perry will always be in my heart every time I felt down and horrible in my life her music always lifts me up again. Wait,... Why is katy perry thirteenth? She is way popular than Amy lee, Sara Brightman, charice ( sorry guys no offense just letting out my opinion) but why are they higher? Bring the real fans hear than you will see who truly comes on top. No one knows who could it be but I will always support katy perry because I am true katycat. So come on vote 4 her.

She is the best singer in the world like seriously she should be number 1 she is a good singer and sexy I mean 27 really these idiots put her here. You rock Katy perry I' ll get to your concert some day sorry about the mean people who say mean stuff because you are the best singer, pretty and you rock everything out I'm your biggest fan ever!

Katy Perry has received numerous awards and nominations; she has been nominated for nine Grammy Awards and was named by Billboard as 2012's Woman of the Year. She has sold 11 million albums and 75 million digital tracks worldwide

Every Singer Gives us Meaningful songs, and sweet Voiceand blah blah blah blah, after all they are singers, but I Prefer KATY PERRY because hell yeah! Her songs can make me feel better,

If I m in Bad mood, no other meaningful songs has effect, and when I Listen to Katy's songs, California gurlz, ET, Hummingbird Heartbeat, Last Friday Night, just listen to the music or watch the vedio, doesn't matter how sad you r, how mad you are, you will always end up laughing!

Some will say she acts awkward, but in the end, acting funny and awkward is the quality that makes me feel good, and that quality, no other singer has got! No other SInger!

I vote for Katy Perry because she's the best entertainer and performer. She has a great personality, is very mature and intelligent with a lot of integrity, a very genuine person, very caring. Little ego, but very thoughtful. Her music is great, the expression in her voice is incredible, she puts on the best live shows ever.

I mean, what's not to say about Katy Perry. She's a great singer, I mean she knows how to sing. And when she doesn't sing that much live she still knows how to sing and when to come in, she represents the next door girl. She's really kind even though she's been famous for a while now. That's with a lot of people though. She is a song writer and she has a lot of good songs. Every song of hers I listen to I love.

I can't believe she's number 80! She should definitely be within at least the top 10! There's not one song of Katy's that I don't absolutely love! What's even better about her is that every song is different and she has the ability to put on an amazing live show!

I think Katy Perry should be in the top ten she is beautiful and smart and the first girl to get five songs in a row! Liked! She has the most amazing clothes heck even my grandma likes Katy I know the other singer in the top tens are good even Whitney was great but I love Katy at least put Katy in the tens at least - Ruben316

There are a # of WELL KNOWN...POPULAR...RICH...SUCCESSFUL...MILLION SELLER artists listed here.
That DOES NOT make them GREAT SINGERS...just great singers of songs. Overall BEST...well...that requires something within the person and absent of marketing, performing, etc. CLose your eyes...listen to actual vocals and you will find some of these ladies are cut from cookie dough... Marketed to success with what amounts to common good voices and LOOKS. But TRUE OUTSTANDING VOCAL ABILITY? NOT! Lol

Katy Perry's the best singer! Her name MUST HAVE BEEN put at the top!
Her voice is stunning, Her songs are wonderful, her style is inspiring,
SHE IS INCREDIBLE, words can't even describe Katy Perry, the most talented singer in the WORLD!

Katy Perry has such a unique voice. Her songs have the most original vocabulary. Her fashion sense is creative and amazing. Plus, Katy tells you to be yourself to not let anyone change who you are. Number 24, SERIOUSLY? I think not

Katy perry is way to amazing to be this low I am her number one fan I went to see her concert I got a Katy perry top and I have an awesome Katy perry frame with heaps of pics she is amazingly awesome she is the best singer

NO NO NO! SHE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! She is my favourite singer and she is best of them all! Her songs such as Firework, Roar, Not like the movies, The one that got away are just incredible! PLEASE VOTE FOR HER!

68? Go hiring Katy! She's one amazing singer half of them above are hardly know? Go KATY WE LOVE YOU! (by the way she is better than half of the people there! )

Katy's different from other singers. Katy actually WORKED for her fame. She wasn't born into it and she didn't beg her parents for a recording deal. She had a rough start, but she got over it and independently continued her career. She's such a inspiration, I'm seriously shocked she's just on #8