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Kelly Clarkson is simply the most versatile, naturally gifted singer of our lifetime. Because of her American Idol past, she is not always taken seriously, and that is a shame -- one only has to listen to her sing live to know this girl has it all -- an uncanny sense of pitch, impeccable control, and an innate sense of the emotion of a song. Go on Youtube and
Listen to her live versions of Up to the Mountain, Why Haven't I Heard From You, Tennessee Waltz, Ave Maria, My Country 'Tis of the, Cryin'... And then name a single other singer who could pull all those off. The answer -- no one.

Kelly is the best American Idol winner. And the first as well. What I like about Kelly is she is real, and she sings very passionatley, from her heart. Not only can she belt out Aretha/soulful tunes like she is a sista, but she can also sing soft rock songs, like on her latest album. I bought all her albums, and the first one she put out didnt' sell as well as the others, but it was amazing her range, and all the different styles she incorporated in each song. I love the fact she has variety in her style, and has a powerful voice, and reach high notes close to mariah's.

Kelly Clarkson is THE one and only American Idol. Forget those other singers, no one will ever compare to first season's winner. Her songs and albums are all amazing and I have yet to hear one that I did not absolutely fall in love with. Her range is spectacular as is her ability to sing many different genres of music. Another thing I like about her is that she is not a spoiled stuck up celebrity diva like many others on the list are.

She should be number 1! How the heck is she 23! She is by far the best singer in the universe! Common! She won the first season of American idol, she has over 18 rocking hits, and get hit a high note like nobody business! Plus, she started her singing career at only the age of 19 and 10 years later she already has a greatest hits CD. How could possibly beat Kelly Clarkson!

Best singer of this generation. Down to earth and a great role model for all of us! She should be in the top 10 for overall best. And she is the best idol winner to date!

Kelly is my inspiration, my idol, talent beyond all that I have seen before. I sing along to her music, listen to it night after night, especially 'If no one will listen'. A song that motivates me and inspires me. The first concert I went to was the Freedom Festival at Fort Hood. I had never felt so alive in my life. Plus, she won, well, at least I think she won American Idol. She made July 4th 2012, the best day of my life, and a day I'll never forget.

I love Kelly. She's not just the best singer, but a very good person, too.

she has the voice of a really old soul singer when i first heard her on the radio i thought she was black bout mid 40 then i so her on tv and there was this really beautiful young woman i think in bout 10 years time people will talk bout her like they do whitney she is my fave singer of all time that voice sends shivers up my spine

What? Kelly is placed below Taylor Swift? Kelly has STUNNING voice control, and a very large vocal range. I would put her up in the top 10 definitely!

Kelly Clarkson should be in the top 5. She can hit super high notes and has amazing songs; they just sound different then other songs do now. Kelly Clarkson likes country and she does a fabulous job of blending pop and country. Everyone can like her music. A lot like Taylor Swift. VOTE KELLY!

Kelly Clarkson is such an underrated singer. To me, she has a wide range, a nice tone, good control, clarity, and a lot of power. One aspect of Kelly's voice that appeals to me is that it is so piercing. Her voice is so sharp. It certainly can capture the full attention of the listener. She has a great voice!

I think Kelly Clarkson is underrated. She has a very strong and awesome voice, and her songs are so deep... Kelly Clarkson should be by now considered one of the greatest singers ever! YOU ARE THE BEST, KELLY!

She deserves to be MUCH higher than this. She has a powerful voice, smooth voice, voice that doesn't need auto tune to help her, she is a great person, has respect, she WON American Idol, Her songs have great messages and etc. She should be number 1 in retrospect. For me, she will always be number 1.

This list is more about popularity than actual singing abilities. Taylor Swift has nice songs, but she shouldn't even be mentioned, as well as britney spears, and katy perry. The Adele, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkon, Christina Aguilera are contemprary singers with real technical abilities and should be placed high on this list. Legends should be in a different list as their style is so much different from today's singers. Aretha Franklin for example is one of the best singers of all time, but that is not to say she has the biggest "range" or is "versatile." All disney singers should not be on this list, period.

So next to Mariah Carey there's no greater vocalist and Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera those are the top three vocalists they can sing anything anytime anyplace and kill it I've seen Kelly Clarkson and concert and she blew me away made me cry made me sing make me dance and filled me with hope

She's below Taylor, Katy, Madonna and Rihanna? Kelly is regarded as one of the most versatile artists ever. Her voice is absolutely gigantic and it could put legends like Aretha into fear. She's so awesome and so influential, so please, get her in the top 10

Beautiful strong, clear voice. Perfect tone. She is amazing to listen to. She needs more good, relevant material to get her back into the spotlight. Show business is so fickle. All the media wants to do is focus on the weight she has gained. Her voice is still one of the finest I have ever heard.

Kelly Clarkson fulfills all my musical needs. I can barely listened to anything else. I actually am obsessed with listening to her... Her voice gives me chills in a good way!

Best singer in the world. Period. Doesn't lip sync and performs live all the time. She proved her singing ability on American Idol and is better than any other idol except maybe Carrie Underwood.

Please, Kelly Clarkson can sing circles around Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, who are only up there because of popularity. Don't say Kelly Clarkson isn't popular, cause that's not true. Kelly Clarkson can sing high notes better than anyone up there.

Can't believe she is at 28, I cannot understand why particular singers are ranked higher. She has such a beautiful voice, so raw and emotional. It is very rare to get a vocalist who can adapt to so many genres, truly gifted woman.

When I was little I loved! Kelly clarkson she was my favorite singer when I was a little girl and I thought she had amazing voice! At 12 years old that is how old I am right now I want to go backstage and take picture with Kelly clarkson ah!

Kelly Clarkson is the best singer. Just listen to Dark Side or Long Shot... And many other awesome songs. She can go high she can go low... She is the best! She should have been in the top ten... At the very least! KELLY CLARKSON IS AMAZING!

Amazing tone and versatility. Passionate and raw. Extremely underrated. Must listen to her idol gives back cover of "Up to the Mountain".

Her radio singles are not doing justice to her vocal ability.

She is getting up on weight but let's not talk about that she is GREAT I love the song heartbeat (this is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it its been so long that I forgot how to turn it up..) it's just so catchy love you!