Miley Cyrus

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Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Miley Cyrus's voice is contralto. She became a teen idol starring as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana in 2006. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus also starred in the show.


This is ridiculous. I don't know why miley is at 41.. She should be in the top 20 at least! What a wonderful singing voice she has.. Just breathtakingly beautiful. Even her old Hannah Montana songs still haunt me. They are just stuck in my head.
Come on guys. This is ridiculous. She should be higher on the list.

Miley'S voice is like that of a nightingale. She has a good singing talent and also a good dressing sense. Plus she is a real beauty with brown curly hairs and blue eyes. When her albums were released they were on the top of billboard list. And if anyone of you wants to test her singing talent you can listen her song party in the USA. Miley is my idol and always will be.

Best OF THE BESTS as my friend said, her songs are meaningful, except of that, It has the best feelings & passion... She is a free girl since she's born... But she's here, because she's not being with Jews (better to say the backstage guys, Freemasons &... ) when she understood her good & her bad, she released can't be tamed album. Robot & Liberty walk is completely against these groups when they saw she's not going her way, they involved her with Liam Hemsworth & some of their agents, (as Miley's friends) took her to have a creepy little salvia bong & this is it. She is now smoky... But what about Selena, huh? Most of her songs in the "when the sun goes down" album starts with "you" & "it". Isn't it a Sign?! So, my comment will be removed in some minutes. Because all of the internet is in their hands.

Miley is a terrible singer and has no right WHATSOEVER to be at place 53 let alone on the actual list. She adds NOTHING to contemporary music and is a perverted spoilt white girl who has drowned any possible musical talents in self desire and arrogance.

I LOVE Miley Cyrus. Her songs are so pure, natural and very passion. I also feel that her songs are very, very, very, very meaningful. She has the best of both worlds! Miley really shows that life's what you make it. She should be in the top ten. I AM ALSO HER BIGGEST FAN!

Miley really shows that life's what you make it, and her voice is as perfect as maple syrup! Saying I love her is kind of bad but she SHOULD be in the top 10, and now questioning about it!

She is the best singer of her generation. I don't know why she is underestimated. She is one in a million, a very talented person. She has a very good vocal range, she sings passionately and has never done a lip-synch. She is a great performer and I just love her as a singer. She has a lot more to show the world.

As of April 2011, She had Sold over 40 Million Records just in 4 years... Making her the Best selling teen of all time, Puting Britney Spears at #2 - SmoothCriminal

Miley gives so much through her music and she deserves to win in these. Every song of Miley is a story and we can find very inspiring words that we can use to help in our lives like The Climb is

I really like miley the best! From the start of being her hannah montana 'till now.. She's so unique and like her powerful voice' and wait... Shes so pretty I truly like her beauty...

She has a beautiful voice and unique. I just love every thing about her. From her music, her look, her voice, her opinion of life and the fact that she loves gay, she support gay wedding. She don't care what people say behind her back, she just be herself.

What the actual heck? 62? This is outrageous! Selena Gomez can barely even sing, she ends up using insane amount of technology to make her sound somewhere acceptable, her vocals are honestly beautiful. I also like her songs The Climb, I Adore You, Wrecking Ball, Malibu and Younger Now.


Miley should have been at the top. She's just so cool and also a brilliant singer and guitar player. BUT we want the previous hannah Montana back. We love you Miley and the your show on Disney Channel was an all time favourite.

She is number 1 on my list. She is very talented, confident, and has her own style. Her voice on the other hand is pure, natural and passionate. I hope she will be in 1 of the top ten best singers, and a better singer than Taylor Swift.

Miley is only 18 years old and very successful singer in very small age very great miley cyrus has best voice and great talent I love you miley good luck for your success

Yeah man at least its top 35 she's only 17 but she'll be much higher because she still has about 70 years ahead of her I bet she'll be the Queen of Pop up there with Madonna and Michael Jackson - SmoothCriminal

miley is the best singer ever.. born superstar indeed.. her voice quality is very rare, and her songs are the best.

She has a strong, good ranged and recognizable voice. People don't appreciate her voice enough. She is far better than Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez has a terribly weak and annoying voice, just compare miley and selena live and you will instantly see the difference.

She has sold over 21 million albums worldwide... and she's only like 18... GOTTA BE PROUD OF HER... I know I am - SmoothCriminal

Miley has a great voice and an impressive range in my opinion. There is something about her voice. I don't know if raspy is the right word for it, but whatever it is reminds me of Tanya Tucker's voice. There is just something great about it.

Why is Demi the Disney star that gets praised? She can't sing at all. But Miley gets the hate? Why? She's actually a really talented singer, her live performances are pretty damn good, way better than Demi, Selena, and Zendaya combined. Miley can actually sing.

Selena lady gaga Ariana is above Miley... This is disgusting. Miley is way better than all above.. Her voice is unique and even her her songs are meaningful.. Nobody can sing her songs like her.. Vote for Miley.. - smiler

She is so cool I think shes the best singer. You get the best of both worlds

She is just awesome...

Miley rocks... see the energy in" Party in the USA"...

Miley should be at no.1.
She is amazing with one the most beautiful voices of all time