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181 Julie Andrews Julie Andrews Dame Julia "Julie" Elizabeth Andrews is an English film and stage actress, singer, author, theatre director and dancer.

Surely she should be in the top five if not number 1!
Her vocal ability is phenomenal, the purity and clarity are amazing, her Strength and poise wonderful and fully controlled, her vocal "gymnastics"!, she always sounds amazing and she sings with feeling and emotion. She is Truly amazing!

Julie Andrews is by far the best female singer of all time in my opinion! She could hit four octave notes at the age of ten, she is the youngest person ever asked to sing before the queen and her voice holds pure class and beauty none of the above are anywhere near as good as Julie Andrews in my opinion.

Seriously. Her voice is crystal clear. Try listening to some of her songs - I'd recommend something from The Sound of Music. She is just phenomenal. Surprised she's not in the list at all.

She's such a legend I don't know why she's so far back in the list though. Her career has been very interesting and in the sound of music well what can you say!

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182 Ailee Ailee Amy Lee (born May 30, 1989), better known by her stage name Ailee, is an American singer based in South Korea. She is signed to YMC Entertainment in South Korea and Warner Music in Japan. more.

A new debut in South Korea, she has been garnering attention with her YouTube covers of hit songs and her brilliant cover of Beyonce's Halo
I know that she is definitely better than Selena Gomez (I'm her fan though)

Her vocals are amazing!

This list is so stupid, seriously, katty perry, kesha, selena, ariana, hillary aalmost every western singer is below her, she should be at least in the top six

An amazing singer, so talented. love her so much. - YOUnique253

183 Bebe Rexha Bebe Rexha

She's better than at least 200 singers listed above her... She's new though and yeah it will take some time to get recognition for what she's worth

Her voice is extremely unique. Why exactly is she 214th place, may I ask?

She is awesome and I don't know why she isn't super famous right now! Bebe you are my favourite pop singer

Seriously Bebe reXha at 184 th! I think that on this list most of the singers uses auto tune except some like Ellie goulding, Demi lovato, pink,lady gaga & Bebe Rexha.She's got pure voice,she can reach high notes,she can sing any kind of songs, then Why the F is she so low?

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184 Tinashe Tinashe Tinashe Jorgenson Kachingwe, known professionally as Tinashe, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and former model.

She is awesome,good looking,talented,good singer and many more. Her voice is the best. I listen to her songs all the time. I know lots of her songs of by heart.

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185 Bessie Smith

The first and the greatest - her voice, her life, everything - if you don't know her, check her out - awesome

Since we are talking about OF ALL TIME, I was shocked to find Bessie Smith way down at number 188!

WAY too many young people voting for "of all time" whose memories don't go back very far...

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186 Lisa Fischer
187 Jaci Velasquez
188 Gemma Hayes
189 Rye Rye

I accidentualy clicked to vote this don't even know who rye rye is just ignore my accidental vote

190 Lisa Johansson
191 Cerys Matthews
192 Beth Orton
193 Alexis Jordan Alexis Jordan Alexis Jordan is an American singer and actress from Columbia, South Carolina. Jordan rose to fame as a contestant on the first season of America's Got Talent in 2006. After being eliminated from the show, she began to upload cover songs to YouTube, which received millions of views.

Are you serious Alexis Jordan at 194? She was the best singer of 2010. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

194 Marie Fredriksson Marie Fredriksson Gun-Marie Fredriksson, known as Marie Fredriksson is a Swedish pop singer-songwriter and pianist, best known for forming one half of the pop rock duo Roxette, which she created together with Per Gessle in 1986. She and Gessle achieved international success from the late 1980s to the early 1990s with more.

The best voice in the world ever! She can sing like an angel and at the same time, she can rock! She is very talented. A great singer, songwriter, live performer and piano player. Nobody can compare to her. You can feel she has the music in her blood. The best one!

Strong woman, ever stronger voice. Just listen to her live, and you'll quickly notice she doesn't need lots of record fixing to make her sound excellent.

She's simply amazing, and an inspiration to any younger singer. She should be on the top of this list. There's something unique about her voice and how she has recovered after her brain cancer it's a miracle! And I think that it's the passion she puts into her singing which makes it possible. She is talented, could reach the highest notes, she's charismatic and on top of all that she's one of the few people who remind you that if you work hard you can reach the sky.

Just listen to her vocals in "THE RAIN", she's fabulous.

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195 Judith Durham (The Seekers)

Judith Durham is not going to win this kind of poll, because she is from a different era, doesn't do music videos, or use autotune. But greatness should be greatness, no matter what era or what field. And Judith had, and still has, one of the absolutely most beautiful voices I have ever heard in all of recorded music. Not only is her pitch and tone perfect, she is absolutely lovely to listen to, because her voice is so warm and unembellished by showy effects. Every song she has ever sung, she sings with understanding of the lyrics and of the emotional meaning behind them. She could have been a light opera star in the '20's, a jazz legend in the '30's, a big band singer in the '40's, a multimillion selling female singer in the '50's. She came of age in the '60's, so she was a folk/pop sensation, to fit the times. I would urge those who Peruse this poll to actually sit down and listen to her sing "I'll Never Find Another You," or "The Carnival is Over," or even "Danny Boy," and you will ...more

I just can't believe Judith Durham is this far down on this list. She is probably the most accomplished and versatile singer in this list... She should at least be in the top 5. I can only attribute this to youth and teenage listeners. To have a list like this is unfair because to many are not fair or open minded and you have to be to do this kind of thing... I will not knock any of the singers here because they are all good in their own right but none of them have the veratility or sound of Judith Durham... - moparmtn

Judith Durham has a clarity, strength and range of voice that is matched by few. She began singing in the "folk song" era, but she did not have negative songs. She also presented inspirational performances with songs such as "Amazing Grace"! If you dont' know this wonderfual lady, please visit her on You Tube and listen to a couple of songs, either individual or with Judith as lead singer of "The Seekers. "

Should be within the top ten ever. A superb warm voice with so much special timbre. Pitch and tone perfect. It is shocking to see Britney Spears and several others ahead of Judith Durham on this list here. The list does not work properly.

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196 Melanie Martinez Melanie Martinez Melanie Adele Martinez is an American singer and songwriter. Melanie Martinez auditioned for the American television vocal talent show The Voice and became a member of Team Adam.

*stabs everything* WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE? LEMME HELP YOU UP. Melanie's songs are unique. She is a true vocalist. Her songs are eerie, but sweet. Her voice makes me think of an melodic angel singing, but entering the dark and singing her heart out, too guide her way out of the darkness. Revealing too everyone her harmonious singing talent. She's weird, which means different, which means unique. Her child-like songs and her vocal skills blow me away.

Melanie Martinez is by far the most unique and special singer to ever exist! Every one of her songs and covers are amazing and I can't fault anything about her because she is so amazing and adorable!

Melanie Martinez is a rare kind of singer. She always has a touch of gentleness and always puts meaning in her songs. Think about it, all of her songs have a special story behind it, whether it goes along with her past or her album. Her style is so unique and cute. You will only experience a singer like her once in a couple thousand years.

She is my favorite singer. I love every song that I've heard from her and she is the most unique, amazing singer and her lyrics, written by her, are just so great. Melanie is so much better than "hot" stars like Demi Levato and all the other untalented idiots. People today don't know what awesome music they have been missing out on by listening to Miley Cyrus and others instead of Melanie Martinez. I can't wait for her second album!

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197 Brenda Lee Brenda Lee Brenda Mae Tarpley, known as Brenda Lee, is an American performer and the top-charting solo female vocalist of the 1960s.

Brenda started out in 1956 with her song "Jambalaya" and was only 12 at that time. Over the years she made herself the queen of ballads. Nobody can sing ballads like her


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198 Bonnie Raitt Bonnie Raitt

I'm surprised to see her outside the 100 rating... She has had a great deal of excellent music and has an undeniable unique voice. She rocks..

Still one of the best out there

199 Shirley Manson Shirley Manson Shirley Ann Manson is a Scottish-born singer, songwriter and actress. She is the lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Garbage.

What a voice! Can't believe that nobody remember her til now!

Me encanta es tan sexy, su musica me fascina!

200 Paloma Faith Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith is one of my favourite female singers at the moment, she is so immensely talented with one of the most beautiful and compelling voices around. She makes pales other more commercially successful female singers like Rihanna who has only an average voice. Her 2012 album 'Fall To Grace' is near to perfection! A must listen.

Amazing voice, should be much higher.

So amazing! Has to get big in the US!

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