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241 Mama Cass Elliot

One of the best voices ever, man or women. Could do pretty harmonies with mamas and papas, or blow the doors off the place. Voice never broke even the slightest. If she was 80 lbs lighter and did modern videos she would be in the top 2 or 3. Anyone not old enough to remember her go back and listen. Check out Grace Slick while your at it. Listen to how people sang without computers helping.

If she was in this era she would be one of the top voices hands down.

Beautiful voice especially on Dream a little dream, I can't believe she way under people like Ke$ha

She was true pure best voice nobody can sing her songs as good as she did!

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242 Anneke van Giersbergen

Her voice can create wonderful art works from any kind of average compositions. Very inspiring. I really envy people who may work with her and I'm feeling 'at home' when listening to her beautiful and impressive voice. She has a key to my soul, no matter what style of music she's doing now or tomorrow...

Shes a substantiation of beauty and love, both her voice and her heart. I don't know better singer from her...

She is someone who touches you with not only her voice, but also with her personality. She sings metal, classic, rock, even does theater.

She is wonderful... Voice excellent... Very nice... Pretty... Is amazing..

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243 Halsey Halsey

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Halsey should at LEAST be in the top 20. If you've never heard of her, GO LOOK HER UP RIGHT NOW. I promise, promise promise, you won't regret it. MUCH better than many mainstream singers of the day.

Seriously! Halsey is amazing! she should at least be in the top 20 and her voice is so beautiful! shes way better than most of the people in the top 10!

Halsey go be #1 now! Halsey is the best singer ever with the best voice ever with meaningful songs. I love Halsey so much she is so talented. Her best songs are Control, Coming Down, and Haunting! - lovefrombadlands

Bitch please Halsey is the best! why 265? listen to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom! its lit

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244 Megan Nicole Megan Nicole Megan Nicole Flores, simply known as Megan Nicole, is an American singer-songwriter and actress and model who debuted on YouTube in 2009.

Why 158? She is the best female singer so fare. Her voice make me feel I'm in heaven. Search for her on YouTube, then you will understand.

Megan Nicole is an amazing singer, when I listen to her voice I almost feel like I'm in heaven, ON EARTH!

Meghan nicole makes covers and origanal songs

245 Dinah Washington V 3 Comments
246 Bonnie Tyler Bonnie Tyler Bonnie Tyler is a Welsh singer. She is known for her distinctive husky voice, resulting from an operation to remove vocal nodules in the mid-1970s.

Bonnie Tyler is simply the best singer of the world. His hoarse voice enchants and invades my mind and my heart, I need to hear your voice as I need air to live. Bonnie is a true gift from God to me. I love Bonnie Tyler forever.

So much power. So much emotion. A total eclipse of the heart. Honestly, it's a heartache if she isn't named one of the best ever

Last but not least bonnie tyler. Awesome power and vocals from the husky singer. Total eclipse of the heart. Was her biggest hit. Great voice.

Seriously? Rank 291? "Total Eclipse of the Heart" tops all those songs by Taylor Swift or whatever.

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247 Annie Haslam

Few people on this list could compare to her. Perhaps Celine Dion and Julie Andrews are somewhat better but that would be it. Most of the rest of these people are inferior singers to Annie.

Renaissance were one of the best bands of the 70s, I'm still a big fan now, Annie has just a beautiful sharp voice I love her.

How could
anyone overlook her bittersweet, crystal clear, five and a half octave voice?... And the former lead singer from the British classic rock band, Renaissance?

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248 Carly Simon

There's simply noone who's voice is so original, who wrote her songs AND performed them. She's completely distinctive and INIMATABLE! Her voice and songs are timeless. RARE these days

You can tell the voters on this list are mostly young. Carly Simon has always been severely underrated, but it doesn't take away from an awesome career.

536? Wow. After a career like hers? No, she's probably not top ten but I would say top hundred at the very least. To have her way down here is inexcusable.

I'd put her somewhere between 37th and 41st place.

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249 Liv Kristine Liv Kristine Liv Kristine Espen├Žs, better known as Liv Kristine, is a singer/songwriter who has performed and composed songs mostly for various subgenres of heavy metal music.

The BEST VOICE! Pure as crystal. The BEST SINGER ever! She's apt to any genre and style from metal to pop, and always sounds natural.

250 Deborah Cox

Deborah has one of the best voices and is so underappreciated

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251 Haifa Wehbe Haifa Wehbe

Who is she?

252 Maria Bethânia

One great singer of the Brazil

253 Hayley Mary
254 Jenn Johnson
255 Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman is an American singer-songwriter, known for her hits "Fast Car" and "Give Me One Reason", along with other singles "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution", "Baby Can I Hold You", "Crossroads", "New Beginning" and "Telling Stories".

This woman is really talented and is severely underrated way down here. "Fast Car" is one of the best songs ever written.

Her voice is magic, she plays a wide range of instruments, she writes her own songs, what more..?

Tracy is unique with a unique blend of music and instruments. Should be in top 20

Hands down should be top ten is probably my #2

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256 Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow Sheryl Suzanne Crow is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Her music incorporates elements of pop, rock, folk, country and blues.

Maybe I missed her on this long list, but, she should definitely be up there w/the biggies

Great voice. Not always crazy about her arrangements, but she should be way higher.

Hey, good voice. What can I say?

I don't understand why she's so low on this list- she's GREAT!

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257 Assala Nasri Assala Nasri Assala is a Syrian musical artist that is known for her strong vocal abilities and powerhouse performances. Assala was born in Damascus, Syria.

What a great singer Wallah she is amazing such as her songs like aktar she should be on and I would like to see more Arabic singers on this list

She is amazing Singer.She famous Singer into southeast I heard his song. She is Singer from middle east Heaven.!.With beautiful face like a nymphs.

258 Emmylou Harris

This lady has the purest, clearest and probably the most entriging sound out there today and for the last 45 years. Emmylou along with dolly parton, linda ronstadt, and judith durham deserve to be in the top ten. You need to look closer at all their accomplishments and overall sales.

...especially duets with Gram Parsons

Voice of an angel,the one and only

259 Anna Vissi

Music Goddess! Great passion!

Great voice with vocal range of 5 octaves. She a singer with great talent who sings pop songs, ballads and rok opera Daimones. Anna Vissi is from those artists who are steps away from their century, a unique Artist with great personality. A Star on Earth!

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260 Brandy Brandy

She is one of the most talented R&B singers that I know...she should be at least in the top 50. She was one of the few young ladies in the early 90's whose sound changed R&B forever.

Brandy is incomparable. Her harmonies and vocal improvisation skills are second to none. The one thing you'll notice when you read the liner notes on her CDs is she very rarely uses background singers. She simply doesn't need them because her ability to harmonize. She is one of the most underrated if not the most underrated female singer in the past 25 years.

Brandy should come in second place after whitney houston.
Her voice is exceptional and gosh she surely does know how to use it. Plus she has excellent ears for music and meaninful music. She is a good role model, at least she doesn't go about flaunting her butt.

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