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381 Julianne Regan

Julianne is one of the best singers from the late 80's - early 90's and she inspired many of todays gothic / symphonic rock female artists. Everyone praises Amy Lee for her unique style when in fact she copied it from Julianne.

382 P!nk P!nk Alecia Beth Moore known professionally as P!NK, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress.

Love pink my favourite song is like a pill love that song but I love some of her new ones she is bringin out to

P! nk is 369 she is amazing my favorite song is just give me a reason

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383 Ronnie Spector

As lead vocalist with The Ronettes, solo or collaborating with Joey Ramone, Misfits, Eddie Money, The Raveonettes, etc, she is one of the greatest female singers of all time. Her 2006 album was rightfully titled 'Last of the Rock Stars'.

384 Sarah Wayne Callies
385 Samantha Jade
386 Nawal El Kuwaitia Nawal El Kuwaitia Nawal El Kuwaitia is a well-known female singer and musical icon in the Middle East. Nawal studied at the Music Institute in Kuwait. She is known as Shaikhat Al Tarab (The Queen of Classic Music) and Qaitharat Al Khaleej (Harp of Khaliji Song).

Nawal is the best

387 Sherine Sherine Sherine Ahmed Abdel Wahhab, mononymously known as Sherine, is an Egyptian singer and actress. Sherine was born in 1980 in Cairo, Egypt. She is one of the four coaches in the the Arabic version of The Voice. Nicknamed the Queen of feelings, she serves as one of the jury members.
388 Marina and The Diamonds Marina and The Diamonds Marina Lambrini Diamandis, better known by her stage name "Marina and The Diamonds", is a Welsh singer-songwriter. Born in Bryn Mawr and raised in nearby Pandy, she moved to London as a teenager in order to achieve her dream of being a singer. She's known for her unique style of writing, and impersonating more. V 1 Comment
389 Pia Mia V 2 Comments
390 Mirka Krivankova
391 Iva Bittova
392 Shweta Mohan
393 Bhavatharini
394 Iryna Bilyk

Iryna is amazing! Such as her country. God bless Ukraine! - Alexandr

395 Aria Tesolin

Up and coming singer, that has such a very powerful voice. She's already deserves to be on this list, and she's only just getting started!

The most amazing and beautiful voice I have every heard! HANDS DOWN THE BEST SUCH CLASS!

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396 Tammy Wynette

Tammy was the "First Lady of Country Music" because she was the first woman singer to sell a million copies of an album. She actually sold more than five million copies of Stand By Your Man! She was also known as the heroin of heartbreak because of her troubled life and that little tear drop in her voice.

Tammy is so unique among female country singers... what a sweet voice! when I listen to her singing "stand by your man" it always brings back memories of more innocent times.

Tammy had a great sound and at a concert I attended stayed after show to sign autograph photos, one of the greatest in country music.

can never forget the legends.

397 Ruslana Ruslana

Powerful and exotic voice. Beautiful and exciting songs. She is the Ukranian pop diva that is Ruslana.

The most amazing singer in the world. She is a diva indeed! She rocks the stage and the audience never want to let her leave the stage after she sings! She has an unique style in her songs based on some ancient rhythm from the Carpathian Mountains. She is definitely one of the best singers in the world!

Powerful voice which can destroy mountains - Alexandr

398 Tina Arena

What a fantastic singer. Listen to her belt out a cover of "Call Me" or one of her own compositions such as "Heaven Help My Heart". It is spine tingling. Add to that she also sings in French. What an artist!

LISTEN to "Burn" or "Chains" and you'll be swept away. Research more about her and her songs. That's just the beginning!

Tina has an incredible voice. Listen to her and you will be hooked.
She can belt out an up tempo number or caress your soul with a heart wrenching ballad.

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399 Giorgia Fumanti

I saw her live, she serenaded me, and fell in love. The most beautiful, powerful and well controlled voice by far. Buy her CD, you won't regret it... I had to. The only others even close are Celine Dion and Sara Brightman. All the women ranked above her don't have the whole package. Take for examples, Sarah McLachlan: Sweet voice but not very powerful or as well controlled. Christina Aguillera: Powerful and well controlled, but not as sweet. Don't get me wrong, I love these ladies too, especially because they have amazing song writing abilities too, but pure singing, they can't compare with my lovely, the one, the only Giorgia Fumanti.

Giorgia Fumanti is certainly one of the most amazing singers I have ever heard. I saw her perform at the Royal Albert Hall and her voice touched all. Gor her Cd From My Heart at the time, simple fantastic and her new one just released Elysium even better.

Her new Cd "From My Heart" is amazing showing off her immense talents and singing from Her Heart with such passion and love. I have seen her in Concert, too, and think she will soon be known to everybody as one of the greatest singers of all time. - Penguin

I saw her for the first time at the Hampton Court Festival... Was blown away. Ordered her album From My Heart and it is a gem... Just ordered her new CD Elysium... Even stronger... I am surprised that I had never heard of her before... She is also stunningly beautiful and classy...

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400 Mika Nakashima

I heard many people who said that she is skinny and what's the matter with that. she is beautiful and have an amazing voice. - ronluna

beautiful singer and voice, one of the greatest singers in japan in terms of pop, rock - ronluna

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