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461 Sabrina Carpenter Sabrina Carpenter Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She stars as the young version of Chloe Goodwin in The Goodwin Games and as Maya Hart in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World. She plays Jenny Parker in the Disney Channel Original Movie Adventures in Babysitting . (She) more.

Her songs are amazing. She is a young girl with a big future and shiny career. She is impossible to hate. I love all her songs especially on purpose.

Best singer ever, so inspirational. Has such a great voice and pretty.

She sings like an angel


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462 Jess Glynne Jess Glynne V 1 Comment
463 Alessia Cara Alessia Cara

I must say, her music has touched the dark depths of my soul. Seventeen, Wild Things, Stars, Scars To Your Beautiful and My Song have helped me in ways no one will really understand. She is truly underrated. Normally, after songs become popular, they lose their touch and don't sound as good. Not STYB! I agree with Alessia, she needed to get that message out! It has a message everyone needs to know: "You're beautiful, just the way you are." - Heyy7868

One of the best vocalists, great singing with her hit song "Here"

So true to herself

464 Amira Willighagen

She won HOLLAND'S GOT TALENT at the age of nine with a voice like that of a grown- up opera singer! Contributes money to build playgrounds for kids in poor third- world countries :) Perhaps the best child runner in the Netherlands! Her first album went gold quickly! Has sung in several countries on three continents, appearing with a number of famous adult singers and players. Still a modest child, holds her stuffed turtle, but with a tremendous musical career before her!

465 Eneda Tarifa
466 Lauren Jauregui Lauren Jauregui Lauren Jauregui was born on June 27, 1996 and in Miami, Florida. Lauren Jauregui is part of the girl group Fifth Harmony who are known for songs like Worth it, Work From Home, Bo$$, Sledgehammer, and All In My Head (Flex). Two of their music videos (Work From Home and Worth It) have both hit one billion more.

Your perfect Lauren


467 Susan Brooke DeLeary
468 Jennifer Jennings

Check out her song "Nothing Is Certain" on YouTube - Garjen

469 Candice Glover Candice Glover Candice Rickelle Glover is an American R&B singer and actress who won the twelfth season of American Idol.

A visitor of this website actually knows who she is? Oh my god, my life just got better! - DCfnaf

I voted candice because her voice is strong and sweet and she knows how to control it.. unlike other overrated singers whose voices annoy me and make my ears bleed because they oversing and scream a lot as if they try so hard to prove they can hit high notes lol but their voices come out strained and they end up losing it..

470 K.T. Oslin

Her style is unique and so is her voice...she gets my vote!

best inflections and infusion of personality in songs

471 Alison Moyet Alison Moyet Geneviève Alison Jane Moyet is an English singer, songwriter and performer noted for her bluesy contralto voice.

awesome voice, love the song invisible

dark & sultry like velvet with a twist

She has incredible range in her voice unique in so many ways from her solo career to her days with YAZ... I love her voice it is amazingly beautiful and unique...

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472 Harriet Wheeler

She has a voice that can tame the savage beast. Just a gorgeous sound, she certainly deserves to be rated higher than a whole lot of singers presently above her. There must be a lot of people (particularly Philipino's) flooding the place with votes.

Harriet Wheeler, without a doubt, has one of the most incredible voices EVER! She should easily be in the top 10 of all time in my opinion. It's just that 'The Sundays" were never a huge commercial success machine like a Whitney or Beyonce for examples. Her voice has always stirred my soul with every note she belted out with such range, power and command like no other. Truly a unique talent. We miss them so...

I still play all of my Sunday's cd's regularly. Harriet's voice is a real positive mood changer, she takes me to a beautiful and peaceful place every time I hear her sing.

Pure voice - great range - could have done so much more...

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473 Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee

Katherine so far is the best her voice is inccredible and she is indeed very beautiful

She should have won America Idol. As good as most on this list

474 Michelle Branch Michelle Branch Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. During the early 2000s, she released two top-selling albums, The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper.

Beautiful and also amazing at singing... perfect! - hawks12thman

475 Amapola Cabase

AMAPOLA - is labelled Total Performer. She is the concert headliner in the cruising industry that is why people on land seldom see her concerts. When she decides to do her tours on land again, she will be a powerhouse to reckon with. Her talent endures through any genre, any nationality, any venue.

She had always been just one good break away from super stardom.

Had she been born in the USA she would have easily made top ten.

476 Bethany Joy Galeotti

began her carreer on One Tree hill (CW show) but also has a record deal of her own!

477 Melinda Doolittle

i cant even begin to explain how goood melinda is she Rocks and her voice is so incredible.

478 Laurie Anderson
479 Rosemary Clooney

Rosemary Clooney is one of my favorite singers because she sounded so passionate and smooth. Her songs were uplifting whimsical and left you smiling. She is truly a classic

Rosemary had a lot of warmth and heart in her voice and a very mellow tone. She left us with memorable recordings.

People can not appreciate real music these days.

480 Nora Aunor

A Golden Voice, a superstar, an icon of the phil. movie, a great singer.

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