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501 Amanda Perez V 1 Comment
502 Stacie Orrico
503 Kym Marsh

English Singer Kym Marsh has a beautiful voice if you buy her album 'Standing tall' you will hear her belt and control her voice like no other english singer in my opinion. She might not be a Whitney (who's my favourite singer), but she definately deserves a mention on this list. I saw her live and her voice gave me shivers.

504 Jaya Ramsey

She is my favorite

505 Amy Grant

She is so awsome.her voice is so good words cant really describe.I Love her and her songs. she is great!

Amy is my latest music obsession, I'm taking back to the 80's and 90's with her! She be within the first page!

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506 Francoise Hardy
507 Yvonne Elliman
508 Melissa Manchester
509 Lorraine Ellison

Her recording of "Stay with me" is the best recording of all time - no-one has ever sung that or any other song better. The old DJ John Peel tried time and again to get people to recognize her talent.

510 Sarah Bettens
511 Miriam Makeba

She died two months ago, on stage, singing her favorite song. With out a doubt my favorite singer of all time. Shear power. No doubt, any living singer on this list would put her above themselves, and, given the talent on this list, that's saying a lot.

512 Chi Coltrane

I can't believe Chi hasn't made the list yet!
Chi could bring the house down with her power - and she could also make you feel caressed by her voice...
The blackest voice a blond girl ever had!

513 Ji Sun

Former lead singer of the south Korean band "Loveholic". How could anyone forget her? Her voice is amazing!

514 Jane Olivor

She has without a doubt the most incredible voice ever! If you've never heard of her, or ever heard her sing you have to take the time to listen. You will not be disappointed. She's unbelievable.

I saw her in concert and she has a voice that compares to a bird singing her music is fantastic and she is still performing to this very day!

Saw her twice in concert, she even shook my hand twice! Because I was in the front row!

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515 Chinmayi Sripada
516 Wynonna Judd Wynonna Judd
517 Amy MacDonald Amy MacDonald
518 Lauren Alaina
519 Pinkan Mambo
520 Noor Jehan

Expressions Queen!

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