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Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.


From the 90'S PHENOMENAL ERA of the Vocal Trinity (Mariah-Whitney-Celine) so far Celine Sustains her vocal supremacy IN 21st Century.. Naming the Best Selling Female Artist of all time by WMA, Performer of the new Millennium, Thousand Awards from different Award giving bodies and Continuous appraisal awards to My Heart Will Go on (until now its being recognized as the MOST AWARDED SONG OF ALL TIME), mOST influential Singer in the World besides Madonna, One of the Highest paid entertainer, She has been described as a reigning "Queen of Pop" for her influence over the record industry during the 1990s, and her last recognition CELINE DION VOTED AMERICA'S FAVORITE SINGER/MUSICIAN -The results are in and Celine Dion has been named America's favorite singer by a new Harris Poll released May 6, 2010. In great company U2 followed in second place, Elvis Presley and the Beatles tied for third and Tim McGraw charted fifth. Rounding out the top ten, Lady Gaga finished in sixth place, George ...more

sarah is a very good singer and a very good female tv personlaity that can be a perfect role model to rhe youths nowadays... she has the voice that can mim ic other artists and by presenting it in a way that everyone can be captivated. she has dis soulful / strong / emotional / dramatic / rocking / operatic / rnb / pop voice that is a plus factor in being a very talented artist... she can belt, rap, rock, sway and groove that proves that at her age, 18. she is a certified hitmaker and a very versatile artist.. she is truly the one and only multimedia superstar of this generation.. tha one and only popstar princess of the philippines.. brava..!!!

At 14, she has captured millions of hearts of Filipinos by winning one of the most prestigious search in the country. Young yet powerful. Sweet yet dangerous. But she never let her fellow singers be overshadowed by her sheer presence and talent. Ive never seen such a talent for a long time since Sharon and Regine. Im sure she will go a long way for she's just starting. Cant wait to see her to bloom more and be more mature with her craft. Just watched her concert here in Dubai, and its just pure magic. I've been so enchanted that im not talking while shes singing. Go sarah! Captivate more hearts with your pure voice and music. I love you! -

For me, she is a role model to because of her attitude. The basis for the having the most popular singer does not depend how nice the voice is or how well she performed but also the characteristics of the person that inspires other people and how he/she made other people happy. In other words, your talent is worthless without the heart. Sarah Geronimo is the perfect example. She's not only a good performer but a good person w/ a good heart, and for me, that HEART, really matters. She puts her heart everything she does!

Sarah Geronimo is popular in everywhere in the world as she has concerts in Los Angeles, San Jose, Chicago, Dallas Texas and in Florida. In Japan, Korea, Dubai, England, Saudi Arabia and many more countries. She has to be better the the no. 4 where she could out sing Charice any where in the World. As for acting has many movies that are sold all over the World. I think if she goes to Hollywood she could become the next Selena. Presently she has her own Show Sarah G. Which is played through the world.

Sarah is a good influence among children and/or adolescents. She's probably the best person to endorse products or political candidates because of her very wholesome image. She's simply a filipina role model fit for the entire universe. Her captivating voice just encloses doors. It seems like every song she sings doesn't stop playing in my mind. Even the worst song for me is already one of my favorites just because she sang it! She IS truly irresistible. - manie

sarah geronimo is ma popular singer here in the philippines. she has been my grate idol in singing when I was 7 yers old and uptil now I'am 15 years old. she's the ultimate performer of all time here in the philippines she has sold out concert over 3 continent. she's stays humble and he never forget god to thnk him for such a talet god gave her I love you sarah and your the best! GODBLESS! more carere in life!

Sarah Geronimo is one of the finest Filipino artist in the Philippines. She is Amazing, she has the full package (a singer, dancer, actress) she deserves to be performing in the international music scene... Every release of her songs in the Philippines automatically tops on charts and radio requests... Proud of her and proud to be filipina... It's more fun in the Philippines and it's more talented here in the Philippines..

SARAH...has a very good talent that she share to a million people.even here in abroad people love her..she is humble..i love her lot..keep up the good work SARAH.i am ur friend here in oregon U.S.A..i alway's watch ur show LITTLEBIG SUPERSTAR..IN the filipino channel...GOD BLESS U ALWAY'S!!!!

For me Sarah Geronimo is the best singer of all time.. She not only good in singing, dancing, acting but as well as a very good daughter a noble daughter that no matter how they called love is powerful when it comes to her parents happines she never mind her self first. Indeed what she is showing to the public is very good example of a celebrity to be watch.. You will learn a lot from her.. She is number one. Simple Sarah G deserves to be called number one.

Sarah Geronimo can sing almost all different genres of Songs and can even Dance like a pro dancer and can even perform them simultaneously... That's Sarah G... Very talented professional... Can do hosting, box office queen in her films and very charming in person... And one more... A Goddess, sexy and pretty lady... That's her.

I couldn't agree more. Her voice connect with your emotion as if she is narrating the real story of your own experience. She can belt and hit high notes with grace, because most singers here in the Philippines belts when they sing (in the Philippines when you belt your a star) but they just do it for the sake of "just belting"... He can control her voice and dance with her songs like a diva. But, despite of those qualities, she remained humble and respectful.

Sarah Geronimo has this certain charisma while singing. She is the ultimate pop diva of her generation. But she's not just a good good good singer. She's a total performer with her dancing prowess. She also has this very Filipina personality. She did not Malign any artist, she is just what she is. Everyone - a child, teenager, adult - would certainly want to be her fan. Promise!

A total performer and definitely a good hearted person. So many people just adore her.
Only one to have filled concert venues consistently. Wows everyone with her all out performances. Can sing and dance amazingly at the same time. A superb actress with perfect timing.
She really is the ONE.

I like this woman, because she is not only a good performer but a very humble person.. She has the "ATTITUDE".. She has all the emotions when singing.. She dances gracefully that you will regret if you miss to see her in one of her shows and concerts.. She is NUMBER ONE in the hearts of FILIPINO people..

I love her because she is so talented ever.
She is my idol since I was 5 yrs old. Her voice can really touch the broken hearted person. Shes very talented. I solute her for that. Shes a good singer, dancer, actress, and she is kind.
Shes awesome I love her so much.
May God shower her more blessings and opportunities.

She's a GOOD actress I must say, in her Very young age she was able to reach the top with her rugs-to-riches life. Her voice fits with ANY kind of song, she's the top endorser of the Philippines and she's humble.
She can sing, and 2 months ago she had voice lesson overseas on a place where beyonce and other artist were trained.

She's one of the Best performer of her generation in Philippines... Every time she perform the audience goes wild bco'z of her talent. Her beauty is so explainable... Except of her talent, name it! Singing, dancing, acting, hosting what else? Her beauty is not only for outside look but specially for her having a good heart a good daughter to her parents and good sister to her siblings... A REALLY GOOD FRIEND TO EVERY ONE... That's SARAH GERONIMO!

Sarah is the best! I'm sure you'll love the way she sings, she act, she dance, the way she smile.. Everything about her! Her voice is simply amazing! She sings from the heart and any song fits her voice..! She is beautiful in and out! She is very versatile and a perfect role model for us especially for the kids! - sarahbea

This singer from the Philippines evolved from a simple girl to a certified pop superstar. Not like other singers who mellow as years pass, Sarah continuously reinvents herself not only to gain popularity nut also to please her fans and her family who continues to be the main reasons why she strives hard.

She's becoming the Philippine's most sought after singer/actress. Despite her enormous popularity, she still remains humble and remembers to thank God for her talent. Sarah Geronimo's songs hold the record in MYX (an mtv-like channel in the Philippines). At only 14 years old, her first album, Popstar: A Dream Come True, reached sextuple platinum. Her sophomore album, Sweet Sixteen, reached 2x platinum. Finally, her third and most current album, BECOMING, reached Gold status in just one week and achieved Platinum status in one month. Her concerts around the world are often sold-out. There's just too much to say about this popstar princess. - annacamille

She is the original popstar for the filipinos of the filipinos and by the filipinos. She is beautiful, she is very versatile she can sing beyond her range, though sh had admitted she is not like regine who can reach the highest with a goddess like voice. Sarah has a voice comparably greater to any other artists in the Philippines. Charice is not beautiful, less height and of course not loved by the filipinos even her chasters antagonizes her. Well charice sings like a diva with a thrombone on her throat but sarah G. Sings with the heart beauty and with a flute on her voicebox. She deserves morethan charice had achieved. Sarah is the christina aguilera of the Philippines for having a very unique voice of apopstar and an amazing prowess of a diva.

She is the most popular in the Philippines many kid are idolize with her and many people who wants to performing her on stage many endorsement and blocbuster hit... A platinum albums... Many tours in Philippines and other country many awards, sarah geronimo is my fave singer in the whole world.. She's the best and many people was expecting more to her..

Why is she at number 6? She should be at number 2 at least!
Oh Dear, if you want a REAL SINGER, she is the one!
She never needed any backing for her to be famous!
Humility Beauty Talent Everything Nice and Awesome = Sarah!
She is a gift from God!
She is one in a TRILLION!

She deserve in the #1 spot
Better than charice
Better than all singer...
Sold out 4 major concerts a 2x box office queen, and a 3 box office movie in 3 major movie...
She can rap, belt, dance, sing... She deserve in the 1st spot...
And she's #1 singer in the Philippines... A kind hearted girl...