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Simone Johanna Maria Simons is a Dutch singer-songwriter. She is the lead vocalist of Dutch symphonic metal band Epica.


She is the best ever! Keep voting for her people! She needs to get to the top of the list! She has the best soprano voice ever!

She is the best mezzo-soprano I have ever heard. She has a powerful, unique and beautiful voice which suits Epica perfectly. She makes every song sound amazing. Besides all of that, she is a true beauty.
She should be placed a way higher in this list, definitely. Her vocal range surprised me a couple of times, in a very good way. She is just... Awesome!

I agree with your list for the most part, but it seems you're ranking newer younger vocalists higher. Many of them use electronic enhancement. The truly talented singers are the ones with natural voices, like Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha, Babs, Tarja, Karen Carpenter, and Ann Wilson. I'm not knocking the younger ones, but some of them are really just dancers who talk their way through songs. Simone has range, dynamic, and control.

Simone Simons a great singer! A magnificent voice! It must necessarily be among the best! I like the songs in her performance. Especially Tides of Time. Thanks to her great...

She have I wonderful voice... And I'm so frustrated to see that she is so at the end... She deserves a higher position. Sorry for the bad English

Her voice is amazing! she's my favorite singer and the best singing, without Simone simons Epica wouldn't be nothing, because her voice is wonderful!

Simone Simons is the sexiest! I like her voice very much. And I hope she will sing a lot of beautiful and great songs. Simone, rock the scene!

Top banana! She almost has it all. She sings anything, metal, opera, pop, you name it. She is also a balm to the eye! Listen to her with Ayreon, MaYaN, and of course Epica.

Simone has the voice of an legend. She is really versatile and her voice is possibly the most beautiful I've ever heard. I've seen her live three times and every single time she suprised me with her unbeatable quality. She keeps progressing and progressing and I can't wait to hear the new Epica album to see how she has progressed again!

Simone has AMAZING voice I mean like seriously (don't you HEAR people) can't believe these fool people that didn't vote for her SHE SHOULD BE THE WINNER (COME ON people) she has a cute voice, cute face, cute everything, she should be first :(

I have only just come across Epica but Simone's voice is truly something special. You can see the classical training at work. Fabulous

Simone is amazing ill put her up against all these other ladies. She not only sings great but rocks it to!

She is extremely versatile and can sing many styles. Her voice is the most beautiful I've ever heard and she just keeps developing. Love Simone :3 - eetuniskanen

She deserves #1 hands down. Her and Tarja Turunen deserve #1 and #2. it upsets me that Kesha is higher than her

She has the voice of an angel.

She should be WAY up there on this list!

She's the choosen one, almost no one can bet she, is there someone in this world that derves nomer trhee I she.

Simone is the best real voice, not only in metal!
Who in this list could stay in competition with her? I'll tell you. NOBODY.
Viel geluck, Simone!

She is just the best of bests of all time <3 She is the best singer that ever existed, indeed. Love her, words weren't made to tell how!