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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


I'm not gonna say her voice is the BEST singers voice, though she does have a strong voice, and it continues to grow with her and it will only continue that growth. She's no Mariah, Whitney or Beyonce; she has a fairly decent vocal range and strength.. She knows her limits, is what I will say. I love her voice, how she sings live is perfection to me! But her lyrics will always be my favourite attribute Taylor has. Forget what she looks like, who she is becoming, what she stands for and definitely throw out the window anything and everything you have heard about her love life - focus on her lyrics. Her lyrics are her driving force for her whole music career; and it has been like this from day 1! Her lyrics are relateable, understandable, consistently brilliant, and the reason millions of people love her and can relate so much. Some of my favourite Taylor lyrics are: "You call me up again just to break me like a promise" - "and you might think I'm bulletproof but I'm not" - "words, how ...more

Taylor Allison Swift is the best person ever alive! How dare you put Katy Perry before Taylor? This is a disgrace! Taylor Swift is the most inspirational person I've ever met and every time she sings, I cry because her lyrics are so emotional and she is a song writing prodigy! She empowers others with her mellifluous voice, and she is the reason my favorite singer is her and my favorite songs are all by her! I hate everyone except for her! Literally, she is the only artist in my music list. I listen to her a gazillion times and I never get tired of listening to them! I COULD WRITE ENDLESS OF HOW PERFECT SHE IS WITH HER BEAUTIFUL FACE AND BLONDE HAIR, IMPECCABLE VOCALS, AMAZING BRAIN, NATURAL INGENUITY, INTERACTION WITH FANS, AND WAY MORE! Seriously,I could write endlessly. Unlike other artists, she doesn't do anything bad and she never will. SHE IS THE BOMB AND QUEEN AND SLAYS THE WORLD AND OTHER SINGERS! I DECLARE FOREVER SWIFTIE AND WILL FOREVER BE ONE! I will eternally adore her ...more

Taylor is one of the best singers of our generation, men and women included! Now, of course some of you are thinking "she only writes songs about boys! " Which is not true. :). Taylor writes songs about love, loss, insecurities, cheaters, bullying, and even wrote a song for a little boy who died of cancer! Taylor is one of the best and most inspirational women of our future. Taylor swift is only 24 and has accomplished so much. I've loved her since I was just a little girl.

She only has 4 albums (as of right now, April 2014) and she has many awards. She is inspirational, beautiful, humble, and America's sweetheart.

Taylor deserves to at least be number 10! There are many other great women, but Taylor should definitely be in the top ten! TAYLOR IS PERFECT! SHE IS INSPIRATIONAL AND AMAZING AND YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR TAY TAY! X


Taylor is the most talented, beautiful, gorgeous, sweet singer. She has a very soothing voice and sings amazing. Her every song tells us a story. Which make a place in our heart. All her songs are just lovely. How can shakira, lady gaga can be placed above her? Love you taylor!

she is very pretty, and she have a very lovely voice
she can be the top 1 of these all singers.. her songs are
the most popular here in the phil... I love all the
songs of taylor, the lyrics are good you say that its likely
what happened to you and your love... :)iloveuTaylor...

Taylor Swift shouldn't be anywhere near this list, and to have her above vocal legends like Etta James and Gladys Knight is a serious slap in the face to these greats. Swift is a mediocre singer at best and is extremely overrated. What a mess this list is. Sometimes it looks like the main groups voting on these lists are preteen girls and middle-aged classic rock fans, who don't listen to anything outside of their respective genres. - Eddiej

Taylor swift is really number 1 singer your just the best! Your beautiful look the best songs yeah! You rock you just make me feel so nice! YOU ARE A PERFECT SINGER you are so talented and I love you no one can ever beat you or put you down I like some female singers but your the best from all I love you!

Alright, so I know a lot of people would deny this, but those are only the people who judge her incorrectly and haven't actually sat down to listen and think about her music- if they did they would have realized how beautiful and meaningful her songs are. Listen to Long Live or Innocent and then come back and tell me both the words and her voice in her songs aren't beautiful. I'm not gonna say she should replace the other amazing women who are/were the music industry, but she definitely deserves a spot in the top ten!

Taylor Swift has not only a beautiful voice which has sold millions of albums, made her several world records and won her hundreds of awards, including seven grammys, she is also a beautiful soul who does so much to try and show her gratitude to her fans. She visits and gifts to those who are gravely ill like people with cancer and always tries her best to leave no fan disappointed, spending 13 hours to sign autographs on June 13th and being the only celebrity to pay attention to the audience at the BRIT Awards.
She sings really well and has actually saved my life with songs she wrote for others. She's an excellent role-model, a class act, never seen drunk, or on drugs, or getting in some random guy's car. The myths of her being with multiple men are false, with only 6 exes and if that's the only thing she gets criticized for, it shows how clean she is.
Her songs come from the heart and can always help someone else. She is so talented in so many ways and I love her with all my ...more

She is like the best singer you ever imagined because she wrote her own lyrics, won so many awards, one of the youngest singer that have ever been, all her songs is an inspiration from her relationships story, she won so many people's heart and made 3 albums!

She's the greatest performer in the world no matter what happened, she is the angel from heaven sent by god! She is fantastic, nobody could win against her... No one... Not even that sarah brightman. She's just popular in her own world! Go for it TAYLOR SWIFT!

For me Taylor Swift is number 1 because she is so beautiful, and I love all of her songs and she is an inspiration, she is very talented, and she is true in every songs I really adore you Taylor Swift I'm your number 1 fans I will adore you Forever and always... For me Taylor Swift is the number 1 best singer ever. She is the best,. I love you Taylor Swift... You are my inspiration... Please support Taylor Swift.

Nice voice, but her popular songs aren't particular creative. Some of her lesser known, older songs are actually pretty deep and felt like they weren't made for money (Innocent, Invisible etc.) but sadly the radio and a so-called fanbase that barely knows most of her songs ruined it. Her voice is pretty average, but made up by good lyrics. If only people would listen to some of them instead of just playing along with the rest of the boring world. At least she isn't a show off, but she still writes too many songs about other people nowadays.

She actually writes her own music, something Rihanna could learn from. I know people constantly bash her for writing too many songs about breakups. Here's a fact for all you Tayters (real term).

These are just a few of the Taylor Swift songs that aren't about breakups:
Tim McGraw
Our Song
Teardrops on My Guitar
You Belong With Me
Sparks Fly
State Of Grace
I Almost Do
The Lucky One
Everything Has Changed
Begin Again
Holy Ground
Shake It Off
Blank Space
Welcome To New York.

So yeah, that's quite a few. One more thing, "Taylor Swift writes too much about love, she's so whiny". At least she hasn't written a song about shaking her butt or a stupid song mocking Ebola... - SwiftLover13

Talyor is the best and should be number 1 yay 1 not 19 I just love all her songs the way she looks and if I had to pick my 10 favorite songs from her 1 would be ALL TO WELL 2 would be ROMAN 3 would be WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER 4 would be STAY STAY STAY 5 would be 22 6 would be I ALMOST DO 7 would be YOU'RE NOT SORRY 8 would be SPEAK NOW 9 would have to be SPARKS FLY 10 would be DEAR JONE that was really hard because I just love love love Taylor and her songs

Taylor Swift... She is Fearless, flawless, awesome, cute, beautiful, and PERFECT. I can't explain how much I love her here. She is truly the best singer in the world.. She deserves to RULE the world! She writes all of her songs that she sings, does awesome hair flips, and has the best concerts. She deserves to be in first place. I know that she will change the world. Love you Taylor!

She Should Be in the top Ten. She is beautiful and she also sings amazing.
she is the best country singer of all time. Her songs are the best, she is really good at writing songs. I am her biggest fan. I love her.

I think that Taylor should be higher. First of all, she doesn't smoke, drink, swear often, or party like other singers of her time because she knows it's wrong. Her songs are all meaningful and amazing, and they encourage her fans (swifties) to be better people. You can relate to Taylor's songs. Taylor is also catching up to all the other legendary singers and bands by winning countless awards. Who agrees with me?

I have seen her live and her voice is really strong. She also has such character on stage and off and always puts on a breathtaking performance. Additionally she has become a talented guitar player! Since the beginning of her career she has gone from country to pop to light rock/punk and keeps switching between them which makes her music very refreshing and magical. Pure talent.

She may not have an amazingly wide vocal range, or impressively low and high notes. But Taylor's voice is so sweet and unique that you can immediately recognize her after listening to her singing for just seconds. Her vocal is continuously improving, with her latest songs showcasing her vocal prowess inside her, which shows us her true inner talent. Go Taylor, you have the voice of a sweetest person in the world. Keep blowing our mind with your talent and beautiful voice!

Taylor Swift is a nice girl, she is open minded. She is really beautiful and she has a nice voice. Usually when you hear her sound on the CD or something her voice is kind of low but when I went to her concert I realized that her voice was really high which sounded AWFULLY AWESOME!
I love her she looks good in anything!
Can't believe she not in the top ten hard to believe!

I think as a ten year old girl that she is a really good singer and she never gives up. She just amazes me

She's an inspiration. She has beauty, brains, voice, attitude, and sense of fashion. No doubt her fans loves her. She don't deserve to be in number ten, she must be NUMBER ONE! VOTE FOR TAYLOR SWIFT!

I can't believe that Taylor Swift is just number eleven when she deserves to be number one! I am a ten year old girl and I have to say, she is an amazing inspiration and role model. She is the reason I took singing lessons and became a great singer! All of the rumors about her aren't true! Besides, she is the most talented person I have ever had the pleasure to listen to! So help make Taylor Swift number one! For a little girl! Taylor Swift! Taylor Swift! TAYLOR SWIFT!

I'm mainly into rap music. Eminem, NWA, Tupac etc. But in terms of raw talent, Taylor Swift is top 10 Singer all time, male or female. She doesn't have as big a voice as Adele or Whitney, but she more than makes up for it in terms of being a pure musician and being able to transitiin from Country music to Pop seamlessly.

She has that rare ability to make people relate to her songs no matter what the age group or gender. And to go along with all of that, she's an amazing performer and people who go to her shows rarely go home disappointed.

In the commercial era of music she is dominant and deserves her place right near the very top of this list