Whitney Houston

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Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012) was an American singer, actress, producer, and model. In 2009, Guinness World Records cited her as the most awarded female act of all time. Houston is one of pop music's best-selling music artists of all-time, with an estimated 170–200 ...read more.


Whitney Houston had it all: Stage presence, 4.5 vocal octave range (1980's) subsiding to 3.5 octaves across the mid-90's, insane phonetic power and control at mid to high chest vocalization, emotion-full diction and a physical beauty that was immensely complemented by her splendid resonance and timbre; all around she became what many people perceived as perfection. Sure, we had amazing singers at the time such as Mariah Carey (5+ vocal octave range due to whistle register), Patti Labelle (3 octaves and a mega-powerful voice), and Rachelle Ferrell (6+ vocal octave range and in my humble opinion the most astounding singer to have walked this earth), but somehow all of these women, to a certain extent, lacked the emotion, the vehemence, and the powerful sheer that Whitney's voice was able to convey. Whitney Houston will be remembered as an anointed gift from nature to all humanity, one that we won't be able to experience anytime soon.

What people seem to not realize is that Whitney had somethings that no one else had. Stage Presence: She commanded every performance making your eyes keep glued to her. Resonance:She might not have a 5 octave vocal range, but her perfect resonation made normal notes on the fifth octave reach an amplified sound that could fill an arena. Moderation: Whitney knew exactly when to go for a mind-blowing high note or keep it simple with a smooth sound. Devotion: Whitney gave so much expressiveness in her voice that it made you feel what she sang, often making us cry, laugh, enrage, or rejoice. In the end, Whitney's voice was smooth and velvety, yet capable of blowing away an incoming storm. Remember: it's not how big your vocal range is and how you demonstrate it, or how long you can sustain a note; it's how you deal with what the Lord has given you and how you carry a message through your voice, implying self-control and knowing how to achieve a better understanding of that message, either ...more

Whitney is a singer beyond compare. She is incomparable, her unique voice and style of singing is so so far different from any other.

Although there are others, but Whitney stands out best. Her old, old tracks sounds better and good than any recent tracks. A singer who can sing even with A, B, C, D and will sound better than other.

I listen to non other than her. Because all her tracks makes sense. People don't like her due to her relationship and drugs accepts. But let's put that aside and talk about her music, her voice, her style, her uniqueness, her good lyrical style.

It is so unfortunate that she is dead. But her music lives on forever. No one in this present world can ever be or get to where she did. My heart really goes to her. She made a choice, but a the person used her.

To the person who plotted her death in switching drugs with a very high dosage. To make it look like suicide. I say to you, some day your time will come. Can people close to her ...more

Okay. Whitney houston could take her voice anywhere she wanted to and make it sound beautiful. She has sold over 170 million records, rubbed shoulders with megastars, been a singer for over 32 years until her death this year. Her version of the 'Star Spangled Banner' came out as a single and sold millions. She appeared in 5 films (The Bodyguard, Waiting To Exhale, The Preachers Wife, Cinderella and Sparkle) and made soundtracks to all of them. She has 13 albums altogether. She lived a life like a queen since 1985. None of the female artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Mary J. Blige, Brandy, Monica etc etc would be in the industry if it wasn't for her. Thank you Whitney. You are the best.

There is a reason why Six-time Grammy Winner Whitney Houston is considered "The Voice"! She set the standard for many female singers to follow including Mariah Carey, Beyonce', and Christina Aguilera. Whitney is the first female singer to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts! She is the only artist to have seven consecutive #1 singles in history surpassing the Beatles. She is also the most awarded female singer in history according to the Guiness Book of World Records. Whitney Houston is in a class by herself no matter what her personal life might have been, her star and influence still shines bright!

Whitney "The Voice, National Treasure, 8th Wonder of the World" Houston is truly incomparable and the standard. She is among a select few (if not the only one) who can captivate you with just their voice. Her power, tone, phrasing, range, and control are unmatched. Her natural ability to know where to put emphasis in a lyric, where to put runs, when to pull back, and how to end a line to bring life and meaning to words and therefore not just sing but tell a story at the same time. That gift is why her voice is the most emotionally based, heartfelt voice the world has ever heard.

Whitney is such a talented person. I would say that she can sing any song at ease. I mean effortless. The technique on the stage was flawless. Her voice is so beautiful. Charice (I'm not racist, I'm Asian), in the other hand, I see that she is over-singing such as in the song "One Moment in Time" right after the bridge she is trying to sing the notes that was not written, well, unlike good improvisation, she pushes her voice too hard and it's sound terrible. She has a great voice also but there's still a lot in technique and she's still young, Maybe she will sing better but SHE IS NOT WHITNEY HOUSTON. Maybe the only reason that Whitney is not number one is her image. Yes, she did drugs but this is still the best anyway.

This woman is the queen. Her head voice is one of the most beautiful sounds to grace this Earth. Her recordings do not even BEGin to do her justice. Go on YouTube and listen to her live and you will see where her magic lied. She never sang a song the same way twice, but she always sang beautifully and passionately.
Her musicianship is beyond compare. Her voice can go from so powerful to so soft and sweet.
I feel so blessed to have heard her voice. She is the best as far as I'm concerned. I've heard better voices, but known quite as special as hers. She was truly born to sing, and for that she is number one.

Whitney Houston is the greatest because martin thinks she has the best selling album of all time the bodyguard she has the best selling debut album by a female artist album Whitney Houston she has the best selling gospel album of all time the preacher's wife. She still holds the record for most awarded female singer. She also has put out less albums then her so called rivals and has still manage to sell almost over 200million albums and singles world wide. She was the first female who had beauty and the VOICE like know other female black or white. Her mobie the bodyguard is the best selling movie by a singer black or white. Her performance of the National anthem was so great it became a single and it sold 1-million copies. If accomplished that is not enough to be the greatest then I don't know who else qualify. Also her lives performances was un earthly and like know other. She is and was the greatest know one can take that from her. She is The VOICE..

Whitney Houston is the most awarded female artist of all time and one of the most influential artist of the era. Every young artists and inspiring artist and even veteran performers dream of having the impact and success that Whitney Houston's career is filled with. From having the biggest debut album of all time, to being the first female artist in history to sell over 10 million copies of all the single album, to having seven consecutive number one single, to The Bodyguard being the biggest selling soundtrack of all time, to being the first female artist to be paid $10 million to start a single movie and a list of your accolades and achievements go on and on. Often imitated but never duplicated; there will never be another Whitney Houston.

Whitney was, indeed, a great vocalist. However, as she neared the end, that changed. I always compare my favorite singer, Donna Summer, to Whitney because many refer to Whitney as "The Voice" when, to me, Donna Summer was and is "The Voice". Even near the end, Donna's voice was like fine wine. Both were great singers, but to me, Donna added just a little extra something to her vocal delivery. If they were both competing on a singing competition show, who knows who would come out on top. Of course, I'd say Donna would because she was for more versatile than Whitney. Whitney had great control and technical vocal technique and she added great feeling and emotion to her presentation, but she always sounded the same. I could say the same about Donna Summer, but Summer also had a way of characterizing her vocal performance, like an actress. That alone pushes her above Whitney, in my book. I can see Donna doing whatever genre American Idol presented to her and it would sound good. Since ...more - zunelander

The first time I heard Whitney Houston sing I thought I'd died and landed in heaven. Celine Dion better, whoever said that doesn't understand quality, but Celine is great, but if a 1-100 rating were to exist, with the higher the number the better the singer, Celine would be 78, Whitney 97. I was glad Barbara Streisand wasn't in the top ten, she's too unnatural, Hollywood all the way and different for no other reason that trying to impart that idea. Whitney is the best ever, she could easily have sung opera and the world of opera would have gotten unhinged, Maria Callas dethroned, and she was not only the best but beautiful, and I fell in love every time I saw or heard her.

Whitney Houston had the most beautiful perfect voice I've ever heard. I've been in the music business for many years. Yes there are many fine singers, but they do not have her power in every range. They cannot Match her soul and feeling. Her untimely death is truly a great tragedy. She was beautiful woman and a wonderful human being, I shall miss her, and I as I am now in my seven decade I don't believe. I shall ever hear. A voice like that again. Thank your Whitney

Whitney is the best female vocalist of all time.. She has been put in the rock n roll hall of fame 5x in a row.. MORE than ANY other female singer. She also won a place in the opera house of magic in Italy. Andrea Bortecili a famous opera singer said that Whitney is one of a kind. And her vocal power cannot be matched.. In or out of the operatic style of vocal expression. No one has ever stated that about n e other singer.. Mariah or Beyonce or Deborah Cox.. Or Aretha F.

"Why are we even having a vote like this, obviously Whitney Houston, never mind the diva attitude, is the Greatest voice of all times. She is the pinickle of what a great voice should sound like. I like Mariah but she doesn't come close, and as far as Beyonce she's good at what she does, but vocally why is she even in this contest. There are three beautiful voices of my generation and that is "Whitney, Mariah and Celine hands done....

When talking about voice control and the quality of voice, Whitney Houston is still be the best! Her beautiful voice as well as her adaptability to sing many types of music can be seen since her first album. Most importantly, many of her songs are still impressive and motivate many famous singers that we know nowadays, such as Mariah Carey, who is also a great singer.

If Patti Labelle said that Whitney Houston is the 8th Wonder of the World, it had to be for a reason. I have heard an array of excellent vocalists throughout my lifetime (Carey, Labelle, Ferrell, Streisand, Zabaleta, Damrau, etc. ) but none of these women have been able to conquer my attention and heart in the same way that Whitney Houston did. Such a shame that it lasted for such short time, but God knows how deluxe were those years, when everybody was able to contemplate her singing LIVE throughout multiple concerts and participation at award events. Those are the years that I'll never erase from my mind.

She's simply the best, The Voice. Just the sound od her rich, creamy, clear tone is enough to stop you in your tracks. Didn't eve need the power high notes, operatic falcettos, and riffs and runs even though she carried them in spades. She never ceases to make best singers lists, even her contemporaries don't. And don't be fooled, Whitney was superior in both chest AND head notes. She didn't need to make a thin airy whistle like a dog like some others, her strong smooth gliding falsetto sounded like bells, bright colorful flashes of sound were superior. Anybody who doesn't at least acknowledge that she was a great singer is either deaf or a jealou hater. And the fact that she was gorgeous, funny, and charismatic as ever only added to her incomperable gift.

The achievements, the voice, the style, the records, the awards.. this woman has done it all. Her voice had the best tone to it I've ever heard from a woman.. and her range is incredible! It doesn't matter what shes been through, she can sing a lot better than most singers today, and when shes on it, she can rip the song apart! Whitney Houston, your without doubt the best female singer of all time.

Every single other artist is totally inspired by whitney houston!! and rightfully so! mariah, christina, celine and if leona Lewis even counts as an artist, which i doubt she does yet, she has allot to do before she counts in my books, but if she is counted in this list then i will also include her, she also looks up to whitney.. i mean c'mon she even sings her songs word for word with no changes! this Women (Whitney Houston) is the Voice and holds the crown no problem and with no question!

"Whitney Houston has the greatest, strongest, and most dynamic voice of all time. "

Frank Gifford, former Monday night football announcer, heard Whitney Houston sing the national anthem at super bowl 2004. He said Whitney Houston was the most electric, strongest, dynamic personality that he had ever seen or interviewed in sports. - MERNE

Whitney rightfully deserves the throne! For me she possesses one of the very best vocals I've ever heard. It is just too sad that she lost her voice in her ordeals in life. Nonetheless, she will be on top of my favorites. I love you Whitney and I always pray for your recovery. You are, so to speak, not just a legend who inspired countless contemporary singers, but, a musical phenomenon and treasure. God bless you always.

I have never heard a voice like Whitney's! Truly a gift from God, Whitney has proven that singing takes more than standing in front of a mic or recording an album. Her vocal ability is the most powerful I've heard and will ever hear in my lifetime. Words can't describe this woman's range. Whitney will go down in history as the greatest female vocalist of all time!

Whitney is the true essence of a Diva. No matter what turmoil she has gone through because of her personality, her record setting musical genius and that golden voice, people will always look at her as a trend setter who has raised the bar so high that many of her records have yet to be broken after 20 years in the business! I look forward to her dominating the Charts again!

She had the power. She had the range. She had the clarity. She had the tone. She had the versatility, melisma, and control. All of these abilities mentioned are what people admire about vocalists. However, she also had a consciousness about the notes she chose while performing. It seemed like Whitney knew which notes to hit and when to hit them to fully deliver the emotional blows to the listener. After all, many people listen to music because it affects them emotionally, correct? She was simply one of the best voices we have ever heard, and perhaps even the best.