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1 Britgirl

Britgirl is funny, warm-hearted, clever and smart. She has always been my favorite and always will be. Britgirl and PositronWildhawk make a very funny team. Love both of them.

Glad to say she's my favourite member on the site. Her lists were of the kind I had never seen before. And she's a good friend. Britgirl rocks!

Britgirl is the most top tenners of all time She is funny clever, smart, warm-hearted and interesting people I know My message for her: Your'e generious and unique people I know we even know TheTopTens I s a beautiful website to see you

I can't name Britgirl's qualities simply because she has too many of them. She is always nice to be around. I love you Britgirl!

2 Misfire

very good

Should be second ~ Userguy44

Who added me on here? Thank you so much! ✌️❤

3 MontyPython
4 Nonpointed
5 TwilightKitsune

She's a nice person and should be higher on this list, even though she's in the top ten lol. But anyway, good person in general

I don't like her, she hates awesome characters like Rigby, Amy Rose, and Jerry Mouse

Great friend, just don't be rude to her.

Best Female TopTenner in my opinion

6 Irina2932

OK... Britgirl's my favourite, by far, but I don't think she'll have any trouble holding down the top spot. So I'll put a word in for Irina2932, who I think should be in the top five.

She must be way higher! Vote her up!

7 RiverClanRocks

Jared, you flatter me so much! But do I care? No, I don't!

Why wasn't she on the list?

8 SplashMoun10
9 keycha1n

Oh my crabs! I didn't expect to be in the top ten! Thank you! =}

I knew she'd be on here

10 funnyuser

She is funny. laugh out loud

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11 Forever_Smiling13

We will really miss her and her contributions.

Truly a wonderful friend

Should be way higher!

12 Wolftail
13 cosmo

Because you are such an interesting and cool TopTenner. Response to Cosmo.

Why am here twice?

14 MoldySock

I love her work. Hilarious and intriguing. One of the best, in my mind.

She hates bronies like me :(shouldn't be in the top 3.

I like her. She has some very unique and funny lists.
Thank you Jake09 for adding me and to my friend Posthing for your lovely comment. You're my favourite too!

Not to vote for myself, but I'm not sure when I ever said I hated ashduck. One of my best friends is a Brony, I just think it's sort of a sh*t fandom.

15 Ananya

Top 2 really, she is my favorite TopTenner, whenever she isn't on I am heartbroken

Come on she deserve to be on top 10

16 happyhappyjoyjoy

She should've been added here a long time ago.

17 Pikachulover1
18 Dreamformusic
19 Element119
20 Magnolia
21 Heather
22 HollyRolo
23 Catacorn

Catacorn is a really good user I think she should be higher

24 PeachyBlast

She's awesome and deserves top 3 at least

As sweet as her username

25 LizardKing99
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