Top Ten Best Female Volleyball Liberos In the Philippines


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1 Dawn Nicole Macandili (DLSU)

Because she is deserving to become a best liberos in the philippines...

Best LIBERO I've ever seen in my life! Dawn Macandili is the best! For me, no one can replace her! She deserves to become the one of the BEST LIBEROS HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES! She is the "DAWN OF DEFENSE"

She deserves to be the light of Dawn.

Dawn is so very amazing when it comes receiving or digging in! whoa you're so great

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2 Dennise Michelle Lazaro (ADMU)

She does her job well whether ailing or healthy. Smart and gutsy saves to give her team one more play at the ball.

She is really extraordinary...

She looks for the right spot to receive the ball and can read players really well.

She's very smart!

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3 Lizlee Ann Gata-Pantone (AdU)

Her awards and plums says it all. Nothing can beat her. No one can ever achieve her feat. The Queen Libero. - crockydyle

She really is the Queen Libero. Her digs and receives are just flawless.

She is the Ultimate Queen Libero. Intelligent and efficient without putting extra effort, she can pass the ball perfectly.


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4 Jennylyn Reyes (NU)

You're the one jen.great diggings and receiving.she is the best libero today in the pH.

5 Melissa Gohing (DLSU)

Not a fan but she always do her job especially by saving the ball.

She's dying for the ball..

6 Angelique Beatrice Dionela (UPHSD)

The Queen Libero of the NCAA - crockydyle

Cuteness to the NAX

She's the best Libero for me. Even though she has the smallest height, the strength, toughest, courage and a team player I idolized her. Let's also add the cuteness <3 of her. Go Jheck Dionela. lab lab XOXO. -

7 Sheila Mae Pineda (AdU)

Originally a spiker, but when Coach Nes transformed her into a libero, she never failed her team to give them a good and high first ball. - crockydyle

Spiker turned libero. Yeah

8 Christine Agno (FEU)

She is the best for me

Number 1

The most friendly and agressive libero!

9 Sharmaine Miles Peñano (DLSU)
10 Kathleen Arado (UE)

The UAAP S77 ROY's team may not won a single match in the league, but it did not serve as a hindrance for her to showcase her talent and efforts in digging and receiving. Even with a a 0-14 drought, she still proved that she's a threat to other teams. - crockydyle

The Contenders

11 Mary Jane Pepito (SSC-R)
12 Stephanie Gabriel (ADMU)


13 Fatima General (NU)
14 Dancel Dusaran (UST)
15 Thang Ponce (AdU)
16 Angelica Vasquez (AdU)

UAAP Best Receiver Awardee..


17 Eunice Galang (AU)
18 Ella Cosadio (MDC)


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1. Lizlee Ann Gata-Pantone (AdU)
2. Sharmaine Miles Peñano (DLSU)
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1. Lizlee Ann Gata-Pantone (AdU)
2. Sharmaine Miles Peñano (DLSU)
3. Jennylyn Reyes (NU)
1. Lizlee Ann Gata-Pantone (AdU)
2. Dennise Michelle Lazaro (ADMU)
3. Jennylyn Reyes (NU)

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