Top Ten Best Female Volleyball Setters In the Philippines


The Top Ten

1 Julia Melissa Morado (ADMU)

The setter navigates the team to the right direction. Jia has done that successfully for two straight years.

She is not that tall but has very good setting skills and is very intelligent

Effective setter.. The heart of the team

Good luck idol

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2 Kim Fajardo (DLSU)

She deserved the title for Best Setter.

She's got eyes all over her head. And for me the most aggresive setter.

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3 Rubie De Leon (UST)

Well, she deserved it

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4 Rhea Katrina Dimaculangan (UST)
5 Jewel Lai (UP)

She may be young, but I'm telling you this girl will be the next in line for Jia Morado, Kim Fajardo and Rhea Dimaculangan. - crockydyle

6 Jamenea Ferrer (ADMU)
7 Cristina Salak (FEU)
8 Relea Ferina Saet (DLSU)
9 Janet Serafica (AdU)
10 Denise Tan (UST)

The Contenders

11 Gizelle Tan (ADMU)

Additional confidence necessary for her

Smaller version of Morado.

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