Top Ten Best Female Volleyball Spikers/Attackers In the Philippines


The Top Ten

1 Alyssa Valdez (ADMU)

In terms of attacking, no one can beat this girl. Leading the national team to greater heights, Alyssa Valdez have proved her worth for Phlippine volleyball. Because of her vicious and deadly spikes, she was called "The Phenom of Philippine Volleyball". - crockydyle

D best. She really ha this powerful attack like those of a veteran

The phenom... shes really a good player

Number 1 attacker the phenom..

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2 Victonara Galang (DLSU)

It is difficult to defend against Ara because she faces a different direction from her target whenever she attacks. She has a big arsenal of kills and she will always be able to find the shot that she needs to take in order to get the point.

More than A style of Spiking, A Bang with it

Ara galang can do more style of spiking

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3 Alyja Daphne Santiago (NU)

Best attacker and best blocker

She was so amazing girl she deserves to be best attacker and best blocker

Super height girl n a verygood player plus a strong contender

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4 Aleona Denise Santiago (NU)

Oh my god dim din all her powerful attacks

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5 Aiza Maizo-Pontillas (UST)

The leftie spiker has always been reliable every time sets are given to her. Her attacks are very difficult to block and are very efficient and reliable. - crockydyle

Can spike whatever set the setter gave to her... Can be a libero as well

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6 Jovelyn Gonzaga (CCP)

Very strong lefty attacker

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7 Gretchel Soltones (SSC-R)
8 Nicole Tiamzon (UP)
9 Stephanie Mercado (DLSU)
10 Honey Royse Tubino (UPHSD)

The Contenders

11 Rachelle Anne Daquis (FEU)

Until now her skills are still there and she became more powerful

Until now she is good in playing volleyball

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12 Kim Kiana Dy (DLSU)

Has the skills and when she gets older she can become very deadly middle hitter

13 Angela Benting (AdU)
14 Ma. Angeli Tabaquero (UST)
15 Ennajie Laure (UST)
16 Suzanne Roces (UE)
17 Ma. Paulina Soriano (AdU)

Not so tall but very efficient. My idol

18 Maika Ortiz (UST)
19 Jessica Galanza (AdU)
20 Rosemarie Vargas (FEU)
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1. Alyssa Valdez (ADMU)
2. Aiza Maizo-Pontillas (UST)
3. Alyja Daphne Santiago (NU)
1. Alyssa Valdez (ADMU)
2. Aleona Denise Santiago (NU)
3. Jovelyn Gonzaga (CCP)
1. Aiza Maizo-Pontillas (UST)
2. Alyja Daphne Santiago (NU)
3. Alyssa Valdez (ADMU)



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