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61 Maplewing

A maple color cat with green eyes - Warriorfrenzy101

62 Sparrowflight

Super swift and brown with kind blue eyes - Warriorfrenzy101

63 Briarcloud
64 Ashcloud
65 Ashfoot
66 Squirrelflight
67 Fawncloud

Sweet caring kind med cat

68 Shadowclaw
69 Redheart
70 Sweetpaw
71 Emberstorm

This is my deputies name.

72 Lilystep
73 Oliveleaf

Love this name! Light brown she-cat with darker stripes.

She could be sisters with Hollyleaf.

Vote for Oliveleaf to be first! She deserves it.

Yay finally a good name!

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74 Snowdapple

Beautiful name, surprising it hasn't made the top ten.


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75 Fawnleap

I used this name in a fanfic once. It is a really good name for a she-cat.

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76 Ambershine V 2 Comments
77 Smokeshade

Fierce dark gray tabby she cat with soft blue eyes

78 Sugarleaf

Slender tortoiseshell and white she cat with amber eyes

Looks exactly like Spottedleaf

79 Sparrowwing
80 Waterlily

Light green eyes sounds creepy.

Her mate is wildwind her kits are cloverstep( golden-brown green eyes), mellowtail ( cream-golden light blue eyes), icy wind ( light gray and white light blue eyes), fawnfur ( light brown white speckles on back white underbelly and tip of tail light green eyes)waterlily is creamy brown and white and with light green eyes

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