Top 10 Female Wipeout Roblox Competitors


The Top Ten

1 Awesomemiathegirl (Muffinpower)

Muffinpower has made it to the zone twice so far. In season 1-4 she did not comete. In season 5 A she made it to round two twice, but couldn't move on. In season 5B she got to the zone twice. How well will he do in seson 6 though? - lunatheviper

2 CharlotteXO

Charlotte has gotton to the zone once in season 5A. Unfortunatly, Charotte has quit so there will be no more great performances from her. Charlotte made t through 7 episodes without being eliminated in round one but in all-stars season 5A she didn't even get through round 1. she was the only girl competing in the episode - lunatheviper

3 Habetis

"also moving on is Busboy888 and Hebititis"-Taylorthegreat9000
Habetis made it to round 3 in her one and only episode. Just like Charlotte, it is thought that she has quit, so no more amazing habetis - lunatheviper

4 Rie Komiya (Kitty)

Kitty copeted in season 4, getting a 50/50 chance of getting through round 1. in one episode she got to round 3. Unfortunatly, she was hacked so moved to another account called Rie Komiya. Sadly, she quit in season 5A, at least it is suspected! so no more Rie Komiya that means - lunatheviper

5 seavipersayshi

Seaviper is one of the few contestants who hasn't quit WR. she started in season 5A by getting 19th on the qualifier. Ever since then, she has tried harder and has achieved goals. unfortunatly, she is yet to get past round 2. you can expect moore of sea to come (supposedly as log as sh dosen't suddenly quit) - lunatheviper

6 Coni

Yep, another contestant that quit - lunatheviper

7 pokeballtroy

Although Pokeballtroy/roleplaypokeball/1xthemisticalmeifwa was only a girl for one episode, she/he still won, which is why he is on tis list. he ould be higher if her was a full time girl! - lunatheviper

8 superninjagirl

Superninjagirl has never gotton past round 1 but continues to try. the reason she's on this list is because she is so confident to keep on trying! - lunatheviper

9 abiquail

Abiquail has never been seen on camera so we don't know is she is a boy or a girl, but with a name like abiquail, we assume girl - lunatheviper

10 Zombie sea

Ok, this is a bit cheaty putting sea on the list twice, but it's like a different competitor. so far zombie sea has only appeared in one episode of season 5B, but sea herself said that her zombie side would be returning hopefully is season 6! - lunatheviper

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