Females In the Mario Series You Want to Punch In the Face

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21 Marilyn

She is more obese than Wario! & too tall for her age & gender! She should've been the oldest Shadow Siren! & Vivian is actually the (Youngest & Only) Brother of the Shadow Sirens!

Vivian is a hermaphrodite.

A hermaphrodite is someone with 2 genders.

Vivian is not a guy, stop going by the Japanese translation!

22 Tiny Kong Tiny Kong

She is bossy, lanky & has a rivalry with a female person. ):(

Also, Dixie Kong & Tiny Kong both need a brother.

23 Cackletta

She probably has a pear figure.

Also, she alongside Fawful (who could be voiced by PewdiePie) might've actually kidnapped Princess Daisy & Luigi came to the rescue which pissed Peach off.

24 Cosmic Spirit

She needs to wear a 2-piece schoolgirl uniform, like Rosalina herself, please. I prefer that over her blue evening gown.

25 Elder Princess Shroob
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