Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo City


Artistic freedom should never be used as a license to distort history and culture. That is why Dinagyang Festival became the MOST AWARDED FESTIVAL in the Philippines and one of the HIGHLY ACCLAIMED FESTIVALS INTERNATIONALLY because the festival never failed to put a fine line between respect to culture while being artistically innovative at the same time. In fact, the NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR CULTURE AND THE ARTS has called Dinagyang Festival as the FESTIVAL OF EXCELLENT FOLK CHOREOGRAPHY boosting its image as among the country's most culturally-adept festival.

Dinagyang is the most awarded festival in the country, that's why its called the queen festival of the Philippines, it is a combination of religious, cultural and historical activities which the culmination is on the 4th Sunday of January... Dinagyang is the trendsetter & one of the unique festivals unlike others, they are mostly synonymous with each other. A street dancing of good choreography & style, speed, energy and precision and the drumbeats that could stir you senses to dance and go with the beat... The most awaited contingent and consistent top 5 winners in Aliwan... A world class performance and loads of invitation locally and abroad. A festival with a full package, the beat, the dance, vibrant colors and nice costume and theater as its best.. Dinagyang is the best among the rest!

DINAGYANG is the QUEEN FESTIVAL of the Philippines! WHY?

-Mother of innovation - Dinagyang pipes, riser, majestic props, colorful costumes
-Unbeatable musicality
-Fast-paced movements
-Well-defined story-line
-Multi-awarded Festival of the Philippines
-Most INVITED/TRAVELED Festival of the Philippines
-4 Dimensional performance (front, side or even at the back you will see DINAGYANG tribes' sweeping performances)
-It speaks of the totality of Filipino Culture
-Old yet ever new
-Performances/storylines are BACKED UP WITH STUDIES


It is one of the festivals in the Philippines were everybody loves to participate and be part... You'll surely love the music: noise it brings that make you dance like so crazy!... The food that will feast your eyes and full your stomach... And the warmest smiles and hospitality that only and particularly an original ILONGGO could share for you all! Mabuhay and mga Ilonggo bla! Ha!... :)))

Other festivals are evolving... I don't know why most of them mimic the dinagyang-like dance with the live fast beat and unique drum beats.. even the synchronize dance was mimic. Other festivals should preserve their festival culture, the only true identity of each festivals, not mimic other festivals just to win the title. Dinagyang has its own identity from before till today. Dinagyang may not be the number one, but the best festival, known not just in the Philippines, but to the whole world.

It simply the best. The unique sound of drums very different from the rest in the Philippines. The festival also made some innovation that some festivals in the country only have to copy and not even better. Love the costumes more so their dance routine, so energetic, so lively, so boisterous and fun. Love dancing with them

Dinagyang Festival is not only colorful festival in the country, it is also enjoyable & very energetic Dancers that you will enjoy to watch, Dinagyang Festival is a world Class Festival not only in the Philippines it is very popular to the other country... Visit Iloilo City and Watch Dinagyang Festival and you will see what I mean..

Dinagyang soar high... One of the best known festival all over the world... And I'm proud of all the artists who helped to make this festival succesful... Unique costumes, breathtaking dance steps, world class performance, well-studied storyline... It's dinagyang innovations! VIVA SENIOR STO. NINO!

With its achievements, worldwide recognitions and honor given to the country, no doubt Dinagyang Festival is the festival of all Philippine festivals. Nee I say more? Just come & witness Dinagyang Festival and discover the difference.

Why I voted Dinagyang Festival? Because it is simply amazing! From the drum beats to exciting and energetic dances, it simply WOW's the audience with their spectacular performance. Dinagyang is now the Queen Festival of the Philippines, Best Tourism Event in the Philippines, most invited festival abroad, and a Hall of Famer with 4 straight wins at Aliwan Fiesta, the Philippines festival of festivals. Dinagyang festival is also a pioneer for other festivals in the country. It inspires other festivals to do the same drum beat that Dinagyang does, but Dinagyang beat is different and it is the best. For me Dinagyang Festival best represents the Philippines because of its devotion to Senior Syo. Nino. and by the way, it is during Dinagyang Festival that you can experience the best night life in the country!

Dinagyang is the only festival in the country that can entertain you with it's choreography, drumbeats, ati warrior costumes and of course with the enjoyment that may feel by everyone especially when you are in the streets of iloilo city, dancing in the beat of the drums every last week of january.

Iloilo City is a very livable city and is fast transforming into a modern metropolis. Here you can enjoy life with lots of parks and fast becoming into one of the top tourist destinations of the country. Life is simple yet a modern living in the so called a 'city of love'.

I have witnessed this festival several times and I've been to other festivals as well. The revelry, the history and the grandness of the festival is absolutely stunning. Dinangyang Festival is indeed the best!



There are now words enough to express how great this festival is. It's a religious event that unites both government and private sectors. It's the only festival that's being anticipated for in national level competitions. You just have to see it, to believe it.

Showcase of traditional, cultural and spiritual life specific to a particular locality, mainly the ilonggos, their heritage and ancestors including aetas. Organized and held even without aided support or tribal participation from other regions. Street corners are instantly turned into imaginary show stages complete with superb backdrops, choreography and music. A real festival!

The best... The best tourist event in the Philippines, queen festival of all festival in the Philippines... THE WORLD CLASS FESTIVAL CAN ONLY BE FOUND IN ILOILO...
HALL OF FAME: 2009 Best Tourism Event of the Philippines -ATOP & DOT

The beat & the evolution of choreography is what Dinagyang had showcased for several years and counting... Performance level at its finest..

DINAGYANG -- Mother of Innovation! Most travelled and Invited festival in the COuntry! Multi-awarded festival of the Philippines! Queen of Philippine Festivals!

Dinagyang Festival already made history as the most requested Philippine Festival by the international community to perform in the different major cities of the world... And that's an annual request.

The Queen Festival of the Philippines! Why? Because only Dinagyang Festival has brought out the indigenous' best through innovation from choreography, costumes and music.

Dinagyang was voted as the best Tourism Event for 2006, 2007 and 2008 by the Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines. It is the first festival in the world to get the support of the United Nations for the promotion of the Millennium Development Goals, and cited by the Asian Development Bank as Best Practice on government, private sector & NGO cooperatives.

A very unique and versatile filipino talents in choreographs, costumes and dramas which molded by its rich culture of present and the past...

DINAGYANG FESTIVAL earns two new titles in the United States via the Philippine Independence Day Council Inc. (PIDCI). In all its press releases and introduction spiels, PIDCI highlighted Dinagyang Festival as the PHILIPPINE TOURISM SENSATION and QUEEN OF FESTIVALS! Congratulations DINAGYANG FESTIVAL!