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41 La Torta Festival of Argao Cebu
42 Panaad sa Negros Festival

Its fun and amazing because all rural and urban sites of negros occidental... Competed in the same event... I like most the festival dances competition and Lin ay sang negros.

Panaad sa negros! Festivals of all festivals.. can't wait to see our sinulog de kabankalan performs.. x

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43 Haladaya Festival of Daanbantayan, Cebu
44 Haw-as Festival of Dumangas, Iloilo City
45 Kadaugan sa Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City
46 Hermosa Festival of Zamboanga City
47 Halad Inasal Festival of Talisay City, Cebu
48 Hinatdan Festival of Ginatilan, Cebu
49 Kalilangan, Gensan

Proud to be generals! Love tuna!

This the culture you watch out.

Difinitely! One of the most glamorous kind of festival at all...


50 Magayon Festival of Albay

Magayon literally means beautiful. And the Magayon Festival promises just that, a beautiful event.

Celebrating life and lights of the people of Bicol, Magayon festival builds up the excitement for the locals and the tourists alike. This month long festivities, which will start on April 10 and will end on May 10, will showcase the beauty and the talents of the south.

With such events like, Mutya at Ginoo ng Magayon, concerts from various artists, the Magayon Festival Legend Showdown (street dancing competition), Karwahe sa Magayon (float competition), Hot-Aw sa Kaonan (eating contest), and so much more, the festival promises fun and culture at the same time.

The festivities will be held at heart of Albay, which offers the scenic view of the world famous Mayon Volcano. The beauty of the place is sure to set the mood for the aptly named festival.

Did you know:

The Magayon Festival got its name from the tragic and legendary tale of its most famous ...more

It should be at least the on the second spot after sinulog...

The premiere festival of bicolanos

One of the best festival on EARTH! Celebrating the merry-making of ALBAYANOS thru the majestic beauty of world renowned MAYON VOLCANO.

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51 Palawod Festival of Bantayan Island

Wow na wow The term palawod means to go out to the sea to fish. Fishing is a very important activity in Bantayan given that the municipality is considered as one of Cebu's fishing centers.

The festival aims to show the public the life of a fishing community through dances and colorful costumes.

Vote for PALAWOD FESTIVAL OF BANTAYAN ISLAND... The dance of the fisherman, and festival of the seas... Viva Sr. San Pedro and Sr. San Pablo! Tara na! Mag-Palawod na kita!

I love palawod festival... It is a colorful and attractive if you watch it, please vote palawod guys,.

Palawod festival is the best.

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52 Pamulinawen Festival of Laoag City

Festivals for the romantics and in love

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53 Kagay-an Festival of Cagayan de Oro City

The pyro festival is mind boggling as well as fascinating. This year's festival is the busiest and the prices are have been augmented because the number of contingents this year are more than twice compared last year. Furthermore, the mouth watering lechon can be seen in almost every table within the city. Accordingly, the tradition of inviting family and friends to a feast wasn't neglected at the same time elbow to elbow can be seen in almost every corner.

The Kagay-An Festival is celebrated in honor of St. Augustine and it gets better and better every year! Know Cagayan de Oro's history and culture thru the "Kagay-An Street Dancing Competition". Be amazed by the colorful and energetic performances of the different schools in the "PE Rhythmic Dance Competition". If you're hungry, check out the mouth-watering dishes at the "Kumbira - A Culinary Show/Competition". Want to see floats and lovely ladies dancing their way through the city streets? Then watch the Civic Military Parade! Have a picnic with your family while watching the "Pyro Festival" at the SM Grounds. Rodeos, Horse Riding, Fun Runs, Ms. Kagay-an Pageant, Fluvial Parade... There's so much in store for you! So what are you waiting for? ALI NAMO SA CDO!

I really love kagay-an festival... I enjoyed so much :) esp the people.. nothing can compare

Nice festival

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54 Tuna Festival of General Santos City

The tuna capital of the Philippines.


I love tuna festival in genSan!

55 Sandugo Festival of Tagbilaran City

Being as the first international treaty of friendship bet white and brown race.


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56 Moriones Festival of Marinduque

I love watching moriones festival in marinduque. They wear elegant costume that portray being a soldier. Their having a competition,.. And its really great to watch it..

THE TRADEMARK OF PINOYS! I considered Moriones Festival as a unique festive here in the Philippines, proudly presenting the masks of Morions / the soldier "LONGHINO" who then belived in CHRIST after His blood dropped in one of Longhino's eye and he turned in of sight. GREAT THING left after all.

57 Tinalak Festival Province of South Cotabato

. Among the festivals here in the Philippines.. We can conclude that t'nalak festival of south cotabato is the prestigeous festival at all times..

58 Higantes Festival of Angono, Rizal
59 Bambanti Festival

Scarecrow or Bambanti is the festival of the queen of the north the province of Isabela... One of the most beautiful festival here in the philippines... Joined by different municipalities and cities in the province, halikana't tuklasin and hiwaga ng ISABELA! AGBIAG TI ISABELA! AGBIAG! AGBIAG! AGBIAG!

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60 Pattaradday Festival of Santiago City Isabela
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