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61 Baragatan Festival of Palawan

Such beautiful festival in palawan...

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62 Diyandi Festival - Iligan City
63 Pinyasan Festival of Camarines Norte
64 Naliyagan Festival, Agusan del Sur

A festival that delights viewer with its very colourful MANOBO attire and RITUAL RIVER DANCE.

65 Bantayog Festival, Daet Camarines Norte
66 Bonga Festival of Sibonga Cebu
67 Tobaco Festival of Candon City Ilocos Sur

Nice festival in ilocos!

68 Salakayan Festival of Miagao

A festival showcasing heritage places and culture

69 Manggahan Festival of Guimaras
70 Cagsawa Festival of Daraga, Albay

The best festival ever :))

71 Rodeo de Masbate
72 Kuraldal Festival of Sasmuan Pampanga

Kuraldal Festival is so nice :)))

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73 Kagasangan Festival of Moalboal Cebu

The only festival that promotes preserving our natural resources... The corals reef in particular... Go moalboalanon..

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74 Sanggi Festival of Tabogon Cebu
75 Bayluhay Fetival, San Joaquin, Iloilo

"BAyluhay" is a Kinaray-a word for "Barter". This festival depicts the History of Panay being bartered to a golden salakot and a long golden necklace by the Atis with the Ten Bornean Datus. This festival also showcases the different cultural rituals and practices of the natives of Iloilo, Specifically in the Municipality of San Joaquin. This festival is rich in historical perspectives and cultural extravagance. This also presents how creative the people of San Joaquin are through highlighted dances based on folkloric stories and tradition shown through artistic choreography.

76 Karansa Festival Danao, Cebu
77 Sinigayan Festival, Sagay City
78 T'boli Festival
79 Singkaban Festival of Bulacan

A must see festival of Bulacan it showcases the colorful arts of the province where the main hilights is the streetdance and fireworks competition so come and be amaze of what Bulacan can show,

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80 Penafrancia Festival of Naga City, CamSur

The only festival in Philippines with distinct identity, not like the other festival, the concept of celebrations are almost the same.

One of the most awaited festival in the region which is celebrated on the third week of September where devotees shout Viva la Virgen & Viva el Dino Rostro.

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