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81 Sarakiki-Hadang Festival of Calbayog City

Colourful festival of calbayog city celebrated in the month of september showing the calbayognon's rich culture and is a rituals of offering to god..

82 Tugob Festival, Ormoc City
83 Padul-ong Festival
84 Tagultol Festival of Atimonan, Quezon
85 Kalimudan Festival, Province of Sultan Kudarat
86 Rosquillos Festival of Liloan Cebu V 1 Comment
87 Bisnok Festival of Dumanjug, Cebu
88 Ullalim Festival
89 Talakudong Festival, Tacurong City

You need to be there to appreciate the festival itself. You may not hear it often but this is a budding festival that just needs a boost from media to be world famous. Come visit Tacurong and see what Talakudong is all about. See you!

So amazing festival... With a unique costumes and well-trained festival.. And to the organizer, he/she has a creative mind in organizing that kind of festival... Congrats!.,. :-)


90 Lingganay Festival of Alang-alang, Leyte

This festival was categorized as world class fest. The theme, style, music, transitions and variation was good, they were simple, simply the best. You must watch their performance, you'll be amazed..

You shouid watch this festival during Pintados-Kasadyaan festival, Sinulog festival and Aliwan Festival... They are so good and they have a world class quality!

91 Tinagba Festival of Iriga City

This is celebrated every 11th of February in honor of the feast of the Lady of Lourdes. This is Offering of the First Harvest. The Offering has been the even in the times.

92 Biniray Festival, Romblon, Romblon
93 Mayohan sa Tayabas Festival, Tayabsa, Quezon
94 Kasadyahan Festival of Iloilo
95 Gakit Festival of Angadanan Isabela
96 Bagasumbol Festival - Naval, Biliran Province
97 Tubod Festival, Tuburan, Cebu
98 San Agustin Festival of Valencia City
99 Musikahan sa Tagum Festival

Tagum is the only city with music festival in the Philippines. Musikahan festival organized by our mayor of tagum mayor rey T. Uy. He created this musikahan festival because a lot of festival have similarity like sinulog a street dancing competition and etc. Mayor uy created musikahan because Filipino is a music lover. The city government of tagum created a free musical instrument work shop for the student aged from 7 to 16 years old they can play different kinds of instrument like violin, organ, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, drum, trombone, and etc. They used notes and not wedow. More than five thousand student in tagum now know how to play different kinds of instrument. That is why tagum now have a lot of group band. Our musikahan competition in tagum is now in level up our choral now is an international competition now, we have also rondal awit, drum and lyre competition, marching brass band competition, battle of the band competition, music video competition, and musikahan ...more

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100 Maisan Festival of Batad, Iloilo

It is one of the best festival here in our country,. ,. And they are very proud to their product which God give them,. ,. , congrats

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