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121 Rampada Festival, Lapu-Lapu City
122 Bansaulog Festival, Bansalan, Davao del Sur

-the event or festival were no one can know. Haha

123 Lantawan Festival of Capoocan, Leyte

Come and celebrate with us! We celebrate this festival every november 23 in honor of our patron saint. The holy name of child Jesus! Or the senior santo nino..

Please.. Watch and vote.. You can also watch our video @ YouTube..


124 Basura Festival of Pasay City
125 Kinabayo Festival of Dapitan City

This is the oldest Festival in the Province of Zamboanga del Norte.

126 Hagisan ng Suman Festival, Tayabas, Quezon

The Hagisan ng Suman is one of the main highlights of the event. It is also a form of panata or sacrificial devotion to San Isidro Labrador. Here the visitors get free native cakes. It is a ritual gift that is cooked with great enthusiasm by Tayabenses because during the Hagisan it is an opportunity for them to share their prosperity. Bundles of suman were bundled together and was hung in a pabitin that is made of a special kind of bambboo called bagakay. The pabitin is actually a form of installation art but its purpose does not lie on being exhibited alone. When the procession of San Isidro Labrador passes by, the pabitin must be emptied. Aside from summan, it is also full of banana, mango, buko, pineapple and other summer fruits.

127 Mango Festival, Zambales
128 Lapay Bantigue Festival, Masbate City
129 Kariton Festival-Licab, Nueva Ecija

Every last sunday of March.

130 Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival V 1 Comment
131 Sinukwan Festival
132 Caragan Festival Pampanga

Caragan is the name of the first chieftain of the native Aeta. It is held every third week of February through street dancing. The Aetas lead the presentation showcasing their customs and traditions in their native costumes

133 San Fernando Frog Festival Pampanga
134 Duman Festival Pampanga

( GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD, Longest made duman)
This tradition of pounding and winnowing unripe glutinous rice till it turns to a green delicacy called duman with a sweet and delicious small. This is held every first Saturday

135 Apung Iru Fluvial Festival Pampanga

This is a fluvial parade of the image of St. Peter or the local called Apung Iru starts every June 27 and culminates on June 29. Decorative pagoda is carried and ferried by men along Pampanga river routes. Devoteed are riding in colorfully decorated

136 El Circulo Fernandino City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Is the prestigious social event of the rich in the City of San Fernando. It has been established since 1920 and held every year. It is a night full of luster because of the gorgeous women wearing their most best expensive Jewelries, gowns and ternos.

137 Makatapak Festival Pampanga
138 Ibun-Ebun Festival Candaba, Pampanga
139 Aggao Nac Cagayan, Cagayan Valley V 1 Comment
140 Kiay Kiay Festival Maninang Sapian Capiz
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