Top 10 Best Fetishes


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1 Farting

Animated James lol

What is wrong with you people

My darkest secret. Hhh...

I don't know why but I want a girl to sit on my face and fart. - bashed

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2 Feet

Feet fetish is the best

I kinda like feet fetish. - LapisBob

I love all my fetishes

i like dis - top10epic

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3 Nose-Picking

How the heck is this the best? You know everything (even bacteria which are animals and nose hair) gets into your mouth when you eat it! And bacteria are LIVING ANIMALS that make you sick.

How the hell is this good? It's gross. If you wamt to do this, do it private. - Therandom

How is this number 1? - LordOfTheOnionRings

Nose-Picking is the worst fetishes ever I've seen. - LapisBob

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4 Scat

This list is so disgusting! Who would make a list like this? Only someone really gross and disturbing would!

How the hell is poop even remotely sexy?

EWW! Whoever would make a list for this? This one made me want to threw up. - LapisBob

5 Diapers

The cringe is real

I don't mind this - mayamanga



6 Vore

Actually, vore is imaginary. so, it's technically not.

Core lovers are cannibals who should be locked up.

7 Butts

Can you move this to #1? Scat is a disgusting fetish, so this should be #1

This is the best fetish out of all of them, I love furry butts, especially when they're inflated or fat

Move this to #1, furry butts are way better than Nicki Minaj's butt

Insert Baby Got Back here.

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8 Bondage

Ummm... Yeah. I like reading stories and looking at pics with people bondaged and tickled. I'm very weird that way.

9 Pregnancy
10 Hypnosis

This is why I frequently browse DeviantART. I love seeing cute girls get hypnotized (examples: Karen Gillan, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry... Not to mention all the hot Disney and Nick actresses.) This is what I masturbate to at night.

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The Contenders

11 Fat
12 Peeing

Peeing? That is just weird, creepy, and extremely gross! Who submits these things to the list?!

Better than scat lol

I'm neutral over it - mayamanga

The best

13 Memes

The dank ones

This should be #1


14 Inflation Art

Please be respectful of other people's fetishes. I actually have this one but used to hate it.

NO! Umbreon and Espeon suck and they're always getting turned into fat ugly balloons

NOOO NOT MY UMBREON :( sick furries My favourite pokemon ruined by sick furries

15 Babyfur
16 Spanking V 3 Comments
17 Sneezing V 2 Comments
18 Fursuit

This should be #1

19 My Little Pony

The least you could do is choose something to do deity real people

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20 Voice

This is a normal fetish not unusual

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