Top 10 Best Fetishes

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1 Feet

Feet fetish is the best

What this list?

I have a massive foot fetish and I hate myself for it.

Have a slave for feet licking

2 Bondage

Godzilla713 and logbed's favorites sections (warning for moar mature filter artz.)

Farting bondage for me! Yes forever and ever until death takes me!

Love bondage

Ummm... Yeah. I like reading stories and looking at pics with people bondaged and tickled. I'm very weird that way.

3 Spanking

Should be in the top ten

Eh... I'm not telling.

This is my fetish /TTT/

4 Leather

Yes I love it

5 Asphyxiation

Ah yes, chocking someone! Fun for the whole family

6 Memes

This should be #1

The dank ones

This fetish turns me on so bad

Shrek fans has some issues.

7 Biting/Teeth

You mean biting as in nibbling ears or biting the neck sexually? because this is something my boyfriend said he wanted to do with me

8 Muscle
9 Tickling

I love tickling. I was being tickled by doctor when I was kid.

I love tickling and especially being tickled. Tickling is just the sexiest!

Best fetish by far! I love being tickled.

Tickling is the coolest fetish EVER!

10 Diapers

The cringe is real

Just admit you're a pedophile and move on with it.

*Drinks lots of bleach*

This is cringe. I don't like this.

The Newcomers

? Breasts

How is this not on here?

The Contenders

11 Farting

What is wrong with you people

Animated James lol

The *bleep* is wrong with people these days?

I'm ok with this...but, only if you leave it out of things I become envoled with

12 Peeing

Peeing? That is just weird, creepy, and extremely gross! Who submits these things to the list?!

Better than scat lol

Some people like me search up this stuff to laugh, but others... I don't know

The best

13 Vore

I want to go inside Muriel's brain and look at her bestiality-with-Courage memories too

*Loads a gun with bullets, puts it in my mouth and pulls the trigger*

I really want peter griffin from family guy to vore me

Actually, vore is imaginary. so, it's technically not.

14 Strapons
15 Brains

Ew, go away Xander, with your disgusting fetishes!

This is a stupid fetish

Especially those of the Undertale cast (MMM MMM MMM)

Lammy's and Muriel's are still by far the sexiest though

16 Colors

How is this fetishes?

17 Nose-Picking

How the hell is this good? It's gross. If you wamt to do this, do it private.

How the heck is this the best? You know everything (even bacteria which are animals and nose hair) gets into your mouth when you eat it! And bacteria are LIVING ANIMALS that make you sick.

How is this number 1?

Honestly, this has got to be the most disturbing and gross list on this website. Your tastes are more questionable than those of what I was criticized for on my hottest fictional MILF's list.

18 Pregnancy

Since when was pregnancy a fetish?

19 Butts

Can you move this to #1? Scat is a disgusting fetish, so this should be #1

Move this to #1, furry butts are way better than Nicki Minaj's butt

This isn't even a fetish. It's rather normal, unless you're so into butts that you start liking farting and scat.

This is the best fetish out of all of them, I love furry butts, especially when they're inflated or fat

20 Anime

How is in the hell, is this is a fetish?

I'm Master Roshi and I approve this message

21 Scat

This list is so disgusting! Who would make a list like this? Only someone really gross and disturbing would!

How the hell is poop even remotely sexy?

That remains me of an episode of "My Strange Addiction". It was a guy that liked to put his feces on his genitals and then proceed to touch himself... Literally the weirdest and most disturbing thing ever.

I don't know how people are into this - weird childhood events, I guess? For me, just thinking of feces can trigger my gag reflex

22 Hypnosis

Sissy hypno all the way

This is why I frequently browse DeviantART. I love seeing cute girls get hypnotized (examples: Karen Gillan, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry... Not to mention all the hot Disney and Nick actresses.) This is what I masturbate to at night.

23 Voice

Some voices are really sexy...

This is a normal fetish not unusual

Thom Yorke's, you mean?

24 Inflation Art

Please be respectful of other people's fetishes. I actually have this one but used to hate it.

NO! Umbreon and Espeon suck and they're always getting turned into fat ugly balloons

Not quite as bad as vore, but still disgusting through and through.

In the right situation it is good and if it is done well

25 Fat

Being fat is NOT attractive... it's disgusting that it's glorified as being attractive.

Some people find it attractive. The whole world doesn't revolve around you. - aj2005


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